Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Re-cap

10 Great Weekend Highlights (in no particular order)

1) The weather here is fabulous- like it's actually fall... in September... heavenly! It's even crisp enough that you're cold in the mornings, oh happy day!

2) The Georgia Bulldawgs won a game... and by won, I mean stomped Coastal Carolina so badly that I felt sorry for them. Then I remembered that it was the third game of the season and our first win, and I got over it. But if truth be told, we will wear our red and black on gameday NO MATTER WHAT. Go dawgs.

3) It's Gabe's fall break this week and he got on an airplane BY HIMSELF and flew to San Antonio to see Chad's parents for the week.  He was chomping at the bit on Saturday, I should've booked that 8am flight because waiting until 12:45p to leave this house was torture for him!  Look how proud he is :) (And if you wonder what he's doing while he there- being spoiled rotten, that's what!)

4) Jack looks like this when he doesn't have clothes. That right there is a highlight in itself. (But excuse the super wet diaper, he was about the be stripped for bath time!)

5) Max's brain continues to amaze me. We were at breakfast on Saturday morning and he took one look at his bendy straw and told me it looked like a telescope. How does he even know what a telescope is?? I'm not one for looking at the stars, let's be honest.

He also wanted me to watch him play tennis and after watching the U.S. Open with Uncle E-yi over the past couple weeks, he noticed (ON HIS OWN) that they dribble before serving and he incorporated it into his own game in our living room.


Pretty much!

6) On Saturday night, we went to a wonderful wedding, sans kids.  My dear friend and roommate from college, Hannah, married Elliot on Saturday night and oh it brought joy to my heart.  I've been looking forward to her wedding for a while- they have the sweetest love story, and several years and several twists and turns later, they sealed the deal, til death do them part. It was gorgeous, they were so happy, and it included a rockin' dance party. And really, I do still just love weddings, especially when God is worshiped and made famous through the couple. Sadly, she moved to Minneapolis yesterday so that she could actually live with her new husband and they are on staff with Campus Outreach. So naturally, I will just have to fly to visit here (but not when there is 30485 feet of snow- because really, snow does indeed get old after a couple inches.)

7) Yesterday, we went to the lake to celebrate my friend Trisha's 30th birthday... we orginally thought it would include bathing suits and sun tans, in typical Georgia form, but please refer to #1.  So it included wonderful deck sitting, friendly chatting, a lovely breeze, and a super game of four square-- love! AND I love Trisha- she's the most fun, most sweet, most caring, most you can count on her no matter what person ever. You should want to be her friend-- but just know that she does have 10,000 friends so it may take some time to get on her social calendar :)

8) I ate cake. Twice. (Wedding and birthday) and I'm still down 4lbs. I also had 2 great runs- wahoo. And my mom encouraged me by saying that I'm building muscle now, so I'm probably getting tighter/ more toned, even though the number on the scale isn't dropping like it did last week. But I did eat cake, twice, and I LOVED it both times!

9) I did my first side by side of Max and Jack at the same age in the same outfit on the same blanket-- the results are riveting! (Max is on the left, Jack is on the right)

They both have disdain for tummy time...

They both like showing off their double chins...
And they're both happier just hanging out :)

The consensus? Max is my clone, attitude and all and Jack is Chad's clone (except for the head size).

10) Way back when, in February, when we found out that Jack was indeed a Jack and not a Luci, we went shopping and found a precious outfit that he got to wear for the first time this weekend (refer to #1)

(So in hindsight, most of the highlights from this weekend are just pictures of my kids, but when you're cute, you're cute-- there's just not a lot to be done about it.)

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