Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jesus Loves Me

This post is twofold- one is the sweetest story I can ever tell.  And the second part is soliciting some suggestions--

First off, I've been singing two songs to my Max since he was born- the first being "You are my sunshine" which is his song, according to me.  When he was tiny, I would sing it to him, especially when he was crying and having a hard time calming down.  I remember doing it a lot in the car. And Gabe would help by leaning over his car seat, and whispering the words of the song in baby Max's ear.  Gabe will still start to sing that song if Max gets really upset :) I also sang it to him every night, along with 'Jesus Loves Me'. If I was too tired or just needing to get Max in his bed, then 'Jesus Loves Me' would be my prayer over Max.  If I had enough energy to pray over him, then I would end with Jesus Loves Me. But, within the last 6-8 months, I've mostly dropped the "You are my sunshine"- probably because that little man won't have anything to do with being rocked, and I just sing "Jesus Loves Me". We call it 'our' song and Max will show me "Mommy's spot" on his pillow and he always asks me to sing "our song" after we finish reading. Honestly, I thought it was all a ploy to put off bedtime a little longer.  He has never shown any signs of knowing the song or understanding the song or even caring about the song- but if anything, I want him to know about Jesus' love for him, so I keep singing. And singing.

On Monday, after a particularly trying day, following a particularly trying weekend, we were driving home from small group at 9pm and I was EXHAUSTED!  Chad was in his truck and I was driving both boys who were both on the verge of breaking down and losing it completely. So I plugged in my phone to the speakers and turned on Christy Nockels "Jesus Loves Me"- mainly because I needed some peace and quiet and I needed to be reminded that Jesus loved me!  I was also hoping that it would take away Max's need to whine and talk and discuss every big truck and motorcycle on our drive home- selfish, I know.

Within seconds of the song starting, the sweetest little voice I've ever heard began singing all the words- the bedtime song wasn't just a ploy, instead, he had been soaking it all in for the last 24 months. Max knew and sang every word. And I sobbed.  I'm talking big huge tears running down my face. They were the happiest tears I've cried in a long time! He has never shown any interest in singing before- none- but all of a sudden Max was singing every word. He knew it- that truth was hidden in his heart.  I'm telling you, this was my favorite parenting moment thus far! And when we got home and Chad was helping us unload, I told him what had happened and he began to quiz Max on the song, singing a word or two and pausing for Max to fill in the blank- and he knew every blank.

Needless to say, we will continue singing this song every night and I will sing it over Jack and any other kids that God blesses us with until they won't listen to my singing anymore!

And speaking of songs, I can't figure out a song that is to Jack what "You are my sunshine" is to Max. I want a song that's sweet, and full of love, for when he's upset, for when we're rocking and bouncing.  Any suggestions?  For some reason, in the moment, I always end up singing or humming "Deep and Wide"- but I don't really even like that song, and the words don't speak or apply to Jack like I want them to.  So why is that what comes to my mind? Oh my brain is such a conundrum! I've considered "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow" and I've also considered "I Love you Lord" but I think that's the one Chad always sings to the boys when he's rocking them. (I only know this from overhearing them... or eavesdropping...whatev!)

I'd love to hear your suggestions for my sweet, cuddly, adorable baby boy!

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