Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The End of Monthly Check-ins (kinda)

Did you noticed that yesterday was a 19 day and I didn't post a Max blog? What you're not obsessed with his month days like I am and you didn't even notice? Shame on you!

I kid.

But there won't be monthly updates on the Max-man anymore. Mainly because he's passed 2 now and I have to draw the line somewhere, otherwise I'm be saying thing like: Today Max is 142 months- he goes to 5th grade, pee pee's in the potty, wear size 10 pants.... and we all know that isn't cool. AND let's be honest, once you cross over into toddlerhood, there is a lot less change happening from month to month- for instance, I think he might wear a 2T for the next 12 months and do you really want to hear me say that 12 times?? I didn't think so. AND with toddlers, the good stories happen day to day, and you all know I'm obsessed with my boys, so there will be no lack of stories and/or pictures.

So now that I got that off my chest. I'll proceed.

Seeing that Max is now 2, he's hilarious! He says funny things and uses his words correctly so often that it catches me off guard. He's a bossy old thing and stubborn as the day is long. He also can't pronounce his L's which makes for some of my favorite things out of his mouth:

Yook Mom! I put him in my yap! (Look Mom! I put him in my yay!)
He also likes to sleep on pee-yo's. (Pillows, duh!)
He wears beans, not jeans, and I have no idea where this came from- probably his obsession with the letter B.
I also love that he eats Pop-bi-cyles (which are popsicles of course) and I'm afraid to correct this one, because anyone who blends popsicles and bicycles, into one word, is clearly onto something and probably speaking about thing over my head. I don't want to infringe on his genius level.
And when he eats these, I make him go outside, because he is "Max-make-a-mess-Bowman" for a reason. But he wants to go out and eat them alone (I do it myself!) so when I peek out the window to spy, I find him like this:

He's so grown up, pondering the ways of the world, enjoying some alone time, melting my heart.

Max is quite generous too- he went out of his way to share is runny, snotty, booger nose cold with Jack, and myself. I've been up with a stuffy-nosed child every night for 8 nights in a row. Thank you Max.

He also loves me and wants to be where I am all the time. And after 25 months (not that I'm mentioning how many months old he is or anything) I still love it. Keep following me baby, you're my best side kick! But he loves to tell me "I be right back" so he'll climb up on my bed when I'm feeding baby Jack, get situated for 2 seconds, then climb back down, saying "I be right back Mom" and goes out of the room for a swig of water or to say "hi" to Chad and then comes right back, climb back on the bed, and repeats. I think he likes feeling important and busy.

And speaking of busy and important, I'm going to ween myself off the monthly stat updates gently- so we'll go with quarterly through his second year and maybe by the third, halves, but I'm not making any promises. Ok, so that last statement had nothing to do with being busy or important, blame it on my lack of sleep. I'll see you on the 19th of November for the next edition of my love letters to Max.

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