Sunday, November 28, 2010

TMI: You might be pregnant if

You Might Be Pregnant if:

1. Your favorite passtime is going #1

2. Going #2 is the hardest thing you do all day

3. You require a nap daily

4. When you arrive home, you rush in the door so you can put on sweat pants

5. You drink water like you may never be able to find another drop again

6. Every episode of The Bert Show on Q100, Grey's and Private Practice makes you cry-- but the normal cry stuff makes you merely shrug your shoulders

7. You go to bed by 9pm and fall fast asleep within .0675 seconds

8. You have teenage acne all over your 27 year old face

9. You think in terms of "weeks"

10. Being nauseous is a normal part of everyday-- and you have to choose between eating really bad for you things that settle your stomach, or skipping the calories and the lbs and puking.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Girl stuff

Gabe wants "it" to be a girl and us to name her Alexis because Alexis in his class has "really long hair and gorgeous eye lashes"-- I kid you not.

So then I asked the obvious question-- when you get older (like in 25 years), will Alexis be your girlfriend?  He responded immediatly with "No, Kelsey from my kindergarden class- she has beautiful curls."

Well duh.  And then he went on to tell me that he hasn't talked to her since Kindergarden- aka 2 years ago.  And he's still pining after her and her hair??  Um, we may have a problem on our hands.... when the boy crushes, he crushes hard!

But what can I say, at least he has his priorities straight-- I mean, ALWAYS pick a girl for her hair-- it says a LOT about her.  And I always talk about his curls and Chad's curls and how much I love them.... so I know how he feels!
When Gabe prays, he asks God if it could be a girl this time.

And then he asked if I would just not tell him if it was a boy- he didn't want to know.

Poor kid-- doesn't he know that Bowmans always have boys??

Monday, November 22, 2010

Read My Shirt

So Max has an announcement:

That's right, Max is going to be a big brother and Gabe is going to be a big brother again :)  We're very excited about this news and pray for a safe baking process in the oven.  The ETA of the newest Bowman is June 23rd.  And I have about 3 more weeks left in this darn first trimester... yay!

My original appointment was with the doctor that delivered Max- and it was last Thursday.  Due to a last minute conflict, Ruth came with me,  instead of Chad.  This is her showing her married status since it appeared as though we were "together" together.  BUT after waiting for 2 hours and many other horrible disasters, I left the appointment after missing work, Ruth missing work, and paying a sitter for NOTHING- like seriously, nothing.  So I found a new doc, and we went today and got to see the heart beat.  It was fabulous.

Today Baby Bowman's (BB) heart rate was 174.  And BB measured right at 9 weeks and 4 days.  We're so very grateful for our newest blessing- Praise Jesus for this new life!

Friday, November 19, 2010

My 15 month year old

Oh my Max, you're 15 months today.  You're more full of life and curiosity then ever!  (And trouble too!)  You like to run away from me when I call you, and you think "the look" is funny... I think you get that from your Daddy!  You're saying words often... although never on command... because you're stubborn... I think you get that from your Mommy! This week, you've mastered Gabe: GAaaae!  Again: Geen!  Water:  Wa-wer  Socks: Kocks  Cheese: CHeeeese  and that's all I can think of right now.

You really like singing songs- or rather, when I sing songs.  The sillier, the better.  Recently, I've been singing Ho-Ho-Ho-Hosanna, Ha-Ha-Ha-llelujah, He-He-He-He saved me, I've got the joy of the Lord!  And that is big fun.  And because of that, you go around fake laughing all the time.  Let's just say that we spend most of our time cracking each other up.

We went to the doctor today and you weigh 24.3 lbs (5oth percentile) you're 31 inches (50th percentile) and you're head is 19 inches.... 75th percentile.  You also had to get 2 shots-- and although most babies get more than that per appointment, because I spread them out, I cannot handle it.  And you're so tough, and you don't cry for more than 15 seconds, but it still makes me feel so mean!

You still love playing ball more than any other game and you mostly ignore your other toys.  You will sit in my lap to read a book or two, but otherwise, you're way too busy for anything stationary.  You LOVE being outside.  I open the back door and let you play in the fenced in backyard by yourself-- I've been leaving the door open while I'm in the kitchen or  working at the table, and you play for over an hour.  When I come out to check on you, you ignore me.  BUT if we're inside, then you insist I hold you.  Somehow you know if you don't have my full attention, even if I'm trying to pretend like you do.  And I'm not sure you know this, but you weigh 24.3lbs.... that's a lot when you're trying to unload the dishwasher or carry laundry or cook.  But when I try to put you down, you shake your head back and forth and wrapped your legs around me.  And have you seen your cute face?  I fall for it every time.  I'm so proud of you and I love your personality.  But you've also mastered temper tantrums... which make me think that these next several months are going to be an adventure!

When we pray at night, you hold very still-- which is super unlike you.  I hope that this is because God already has a hold of your one year old heart.  He loves you more than I do-- enough to give His own son for your life.  That's a love that's bigger than this mom can understand.  Daddy and Gabe love you like crazy too, but if you add my love, and their loves, and your grandparents love, and your uncles and your aunt all together-- it still doesn't even begin to add up to the love God has for you.  I know you don't get that- yet- but I'm hoping that God uses me to teach you all about that.  I love you my little bubba, my BEST bubba!  You make life SO fun, that when I think about it, my heart swells and I just think I'm going to bust- like there's not enough room in my body to hold it all.  I love you, happy 15 months... I'm SO glad you're mine!  (and as you're Daddy reads this, he's saying "OURS!" :) )

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gabe's morning

Gabe loves structure- a lot!  He likes to know how things are going to go down, and when he does, he thrives!  I think this is why me and him get along so well.  For instance, after running errands, as we're pulling in the driveway, we work out a plan:  "Gabe, I'm going to take Max to his bed for a nap, and then we'll carry in the groceries.  I'll put them away if you'll wash the grapes and pick them off the stems, then we'll make the cookies."  And as soon as we're in park, he is ON it!!

His mornings look a lot like that too.  He has a white board in his room with a list:

1. Shower and get dressed

2. Brush your teeth and hair

3. Make your bed

4. Eat breakfast

5. Put your lunch and snack in your bookbag

6. Be at the bus stop by 7:15

7. Have a super day! (added by my mom :) )

So at 6:30am, Gabe's alarm goes off. He immediately jumps up and heads straight to the bathroom and runs through his list--  without fail. Sometimes he's a little faster and sometimes he's a little slower... but regardless, he's at the bus stop by 7:15, looking sharp, with a smile on his face.  :)

We've got a good thing going on here, I know this.  But you also know from this blog, that I have a hard time with how fast everything happens in the life of these kiddies.  I swear, it was just last year that I met Gabe-- he was three but told me he was 5 for the day.  His eyes were huge, as were his cheeks and his puffy wavey hair, and his hands still had the baby knuckle dimples.  And now, he gets up on his own, he has his own alarm clock, and he gets himself ALL ready. Gulp.

Well one morning last week, I looked outside and he was standing at the bus stop without a coat.  And it was in the low 40's. Problem!  So I called him back to the front door, ran upstairs to get his coat, and put it on him.  Then he headed back to the end of the driveway (his bus stop) and I went back to my morning routine.  Well, about 5 minutes later, Gabe came back in the house and told me that a neighbor drove by and told him the elementary bus had already gone by.  Gabe was NOT happy about this-- he was convinced that the bus flew by him while he was on the sidewalk putting on his coat.  This cracked me up, because the bus is so loud, it's bright yellow, and it has a large blinky light on top... I was pretty sure it didn't fly by us without us noticing!   I figured out pretty quickly what had happened-- this was the first day after daylight savings time-- and he always uses the microwave clock to determine when it's time to head outside-- and he goes out right at 7:15 because the bus comes by 7:17-- so obviously, whoever changed the clock, didn't make it exact, which would cause a glitch in the bus stop timing.  I asked Chad what time his phone said:  "7:25" and then I looked at the microwave:  "7:22"... so his missed the bus way before the whole coat incident.

But Gabe would just NOT take this explanation.  I got Max dressed and drove Gabe up to his school, by this time we were also about 3 minutes late for school, so we had to sign him in.  The lady at the desk greeted Gabe, and he didn't make eye contact or respond.  So I bent over and whispered to him, "Gabe, when an adult speaks to you, you need to make eye contact and answer them clearly.  That is how we show respect."  So he looked up, and started to tell the lady about the morning's saga:  "Good morning, but for me, it wasn't a good morning, because while I went to get my coat, the bus flew right by me, and I didn't even know it even though I was outside.  Then this lady stopped her car and I thought she was going to steal me, so I started running to the house, but really she just told me that I had missed the bus.  Can you believe she (pointing to me) made me put on my coat and miss the bus?"

Then he took the pass she had written for him, and walked to class.  Instead of saying anything, I just chuckled and left too.

A couple days later, I went to bed early feeling sickly.  And I also went to bed without fixing Gabe's lunch or his snack.  So the next morning, when he got to step 5 on the list, there was nothing in the fridge to put in his bookbag!  So Chad talked him through packing his own lunch.  And his own snack.  And after everything was said and done, Gabe looked at his Dad and said, "Now that I know how to do this, and fix my own breakfast, I don't even need to see you all in the morning." He was NOT disrespectful at all when he said this, he thought this was a great plan.

And as if that wasn't enough, this morning, Gabe came in our room is his handsome brown boots, navy cords, and a striped rugby shirt with a collar and I told him he was looking so good that he might get a girlfriend today.  Do you know what he said to me? He said he already knows who he likes.  Excuse me.  EXCUSE ME!  Not too long ago, I was his girlfriend, and anytime that word was mentioned, he would let anyone know that-- but not today.  No, the words 'Lauren is my girlfriend' didn't even enter his mind, instead, it was Kelsey.  Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey.

This caused me to flair up- it caught me totally off guard... he's really growing up.  He not only gets himself ready and can fix his own lunch, but he also helps unload the dishwasher and takes care of Max while I fix dinner.  He forms his own thoughts, and troubleshoots to find a better way to do things-- he speaks to adults well and explains situations clearly, effectively, and usually with humor!  And he wants to do things on his own-- he's ok with the idea of not seeing an adult in the morning-- he's ok being Gabe, and he's very comfortable and confident in his abilities.  And he likes a girl. GULP!

Dear Lord, teach me to let go and let him grow up accordingly.  Teach me to encourage independence from us and the world and social norms, yet point him towards dependance on You.   Guide us on how to train him and equip him to be a responsible, respectful man with impeccable character. And God, help me to love ole what's her name, all the what's her names to come, in a manner that shows respect for Gabe and leads him to make wise choices about relationships and his heart. But God, if you want to keep all girls from him for about 20 more years, maybe even rekindle his affections for his first girlfriend (me!)- one that promises not to break up with him or lead him on or manipulate him, or any of those other nasty things girls do- then that's fine by me! Amen!

Friday, November 12, 2010

It's the thought that counts...

This morning, my sweet, precious, adorable baby woke up at 6am.  I've got to say, at 6am, he was a lot less sweet, precious, and adorable.  Especially on a FRIDAY.  Friday is my "sleep in" day-- my alarm goes off at 6:30, when Gabe's does, and I don't actually get out of bed until about 6:45, once Gabe is done showering.

So although it was only "early" by about 45 minutes, it was EARLY because it was my day!

But when life hands you lemons..... so we headed down for breakfast.  As Max and Gabe ate, I scurried around putting laundry away and doing all the first of the day things that are easier to do withOUT little hands "helping".... We got Gabe out the door to the bus and then my "good" idea hit me.  I got Max dressed for the day and we played a bit until the first signs of "fussy"-- since he woke up an hour and a half early, he was ready for his morning nap early, too.

As soon as I saw the first eye rub/ fussy combo, I scooped him up and we went into his room.  I gave him his snuggle and his passy and positioned him on my lap just right, as we sat in the rocking chair-- and then I began singing.  You see, my idea was to sit and rock and sing praises to Jesus until Max fell asleep.  What could be better than worshiping Jesus with this sweet baby? Max was really into it... at first.  He stroked my face and cuddled up and just listened as we sang.

I was on my 5th song when the wiggling started... next came the flailing... but I kept on singing... I just had to "overcome" him... he'd give in and relax again for sure if I just kept going.... then came the screeching paired with the flinging himself backwards.  I tried to act like this wrestling match wasn't effecting me... with hair in my face and my knuckles turning white, I kept on smiling and singing and gazing at my "precious" boy....

At this point, as my hands started to cramp up, so I decided I was losing this battle.  So I put in my last ditch effort- I stood up, cuddled him up in the "newborn" hold and started swaying and shushing... and he went silent.  His eyes began to roll back in his head as he rubbed his snuggled on his cheek.  It was working!! I was going to win!!

But then, I started to notice that my "newborn" weighed 25lbs instead of 7lbs, and the bounce and shush was making me really out of breath.   All of a sudden my back started aching and I started sweating... I looked at the clock and made a mental note:  "I'll do this for 5 more minutes, he'll certainly be asleep by then, but if not, I'll just lay him down".  It was my goal- I could do this for 5 minutes.  I put the muscle spasms out of my mind, closed my eyes and hummed.  I was really getting into it, rocking ever so gently and putting my sweet, precious, adorable baby right to sleep.

After many minutes, probably past my goal, I opened my eyes:  it had only been ONE minute and my little baby was starting straight at me- not even blinking- not even close to sleeping.

And it was at that moment that I realized I was "beat" by the one year old-- there would be no sweet cuddle with my baby while he sleeps lemonade out of this lemon-- Jesus didn't get near as many praises as I had planned-- and the boy was wide awake.  Darn it!  So I laid him down, wiped the sweat off my brow, and walked out.  Hmmph.

But it's the thought that counts, right????

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I've been such a slacker lately-- blame it on the weather, or our house guests, or daylight savings time, or maybe the really good book I'm reading, but basically, I work, and take care of the boys, keep them fed and their clothes clean, have some quality play time, and then veg.  It's a good life!

We're in the midst of a lot of changes right now in the Bowman house- some of them relational, some of the circumstantial, but anytime my worlds get shakin up a bit, God gets bigger.  I like that about him.  But I guess God is the one who is unchanging, while me on the other hand.... not so much!  I guess what I'm saying it that I just LOVE how God shows up just when you need-- just when you let him.  I've been in a dry season for a while, and I'm just so thankful to be tuned into His works and greatness again.  Like I said before, it's a good life!

Chad and I seem to connect more too.  It's like we remember we're teammates- we have great conversations, we work to stay on the same page, and we serve each other.  Our small group is reading Love and War, by John and Stasi Eldrege.  It's about marriage, and we all really like it.  But the crazy thing is that Chad is really into it-- and this has never happened before in our marriage.  He prefers things he can listen to on his iphone, not something that has to be read.  But for some reason, this book is really speaking to him.  His favorite thing, thus far, is a picture they paint about spouses be like soldiers who sleep back to back to protect each other-- Chad really likes the image of us being in the trenches together.  Anyway, that was a really long explanation to land back at my original point:  it's a good life!

We've had several big events happen as well, with picutes that have yet to make the blog, and I'm making it my goal to have them up by the end of the week, but in the mean time, I leave you with a few from pumpkin carving... I realize this is about 2 weeks late, but with Gabe our official designer, and Max as the guts getter, I decided that it's better late than never.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I just wanted to apologize for my forthcoming bragging but for some reason, God gave us the cutest baby in the universe.  Believe me, there is nothing we did to deserve it-- he wasn't a special order or anything-- he just came exactly like this!

Now did the Creator of the Universe know what he was doing when he made this little masterpiece or what??

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. Psalm 139: 13

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139: 14

And in case that wasn't enough-- just watch him as he walks and shakes his shiney hiney.... seriously, cutest baby, ever!

From the front....

From the back...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I know this is a day late, but I was so tired when we got home last night, and got the boys to bed, that I just couldn't bring myself to post pictures!!  SO I'll do a re-cap instead....

We went to church yesterday morning, and Max's friend, Haven came home with us while his parents went on a hiking date.  Both boys ate lunch and then slept forever-- they never even got to play together, ha!  But I'm so grateful that Max took such a good nap-- close to 3 hours!! Then he was all ready for his first trick-or-treating experience!!

The 4 of us headed over to the Prusa's, with our new garage sale wagon of course, to make our way through the street of t heir neighborhood.  They have a GREAT neighborhood for stuff like this and it's so family friendly.

We had a cow and a red dragon ninja and little Miss EG was a cute little bumble bee.  She buzzed and said "trick or treat" and Max would "mooo" but only when no one was around, ha!

It was a fun night, and we're grateful for our sweet friends.  Here's the play by play pictures....

Aren't they so cute???

Hope your Halloween was happy.... and now, onto November and Thanksgiving!!!!!