Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Girl stuff

Gabe wants "it" to be a girl and us to name her Alexis because Alexis in his class has "really long hair and gorgeous eye lashes"-- I kid you not.

So then I asked the obvious question-- when you get older (like in 25 years), will Alexis be your girlfriend?  He responded immediatly with "No, Kelsey from my kindergarden class- she has beautiful curls."

Well duh.  And then he went on to tell me that he hasn't talked to her since Kindergarden- aka 2 years ago.  And he's still pining after her and her hair??  Um, we may have a problem on our hands.... when the boy crushes, he crushes hard!

But what can I say, at least he has his priorities straight-- I mean, ALWAYS pick a girl for her hair-- it says a LOT about her.  And I always talk about his curls and Chad's curls and how much I love them.... so I know how he feels!
When Gabe prays, he asks God if it could be a girl this time.

And then he asked if I would just not tell him if it was a boy- he didn't want to know.

Poor kid-- doesn't he know that Bowmans always have boys??

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