Monday, November 22, 2010

Read My Shirt

So Max has an announcement:

That's right, Max is going to be a big brother and Gabe is going to be a big brother again :)  We're very excited about this news and pray for a safe baking process in the oven.  The ETA of the newest Bowman is June 23rd.  And I have about 3 more weeks left in this darn first trimester... yay!

My original appointment was with the doctor that delivered Max- and it was last Thursday.  Due to a last minute conflict, Ruth came with me,  instead of Chad.  This is her showing her married status since it appeared as though we were "together" together.  BUT after waiting for 2 hours and many other horrible disasters, I left the appointment after missing work, Ruth missing work, and paying a sitter for NOTHING- like seriously, nothing.  So I found a new doc, and we went today and got to see the heart beat.  It was fabulous.

Today Baby Bowman's (BB) heart rate was 174.  And BB measured right at 9 weeks and 4 days.  We're so very grateful for our newest blessing- Praise Jesus for this new life!

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