Friday, November 19, 2010

My 15 month year old

Oh my Max, you're 15 months today.  You're more full of life and curiosity then ever!  (And trouble too!)  You like to run away from me when I call you, and you think "the look" is funny... I think you get that from your Daddy!  You're saying words often... although never on command... because you're stubborn... I think you get that from your Mommy! This week, you've mastered Gabe: GAaaae!  Again: Geen!  Water:  Wa-wer  Socks: Kocks  Cheese: CHeeeese  and that's all I can think of right now.

You really like singing songs- or rather, when I sing songs.  The sillier, the better.  Recently, I've been singing Ho-Ho-Ho-Hosanna, Ha-Ha-Ha-llelujah, He-He-He-He saved me, I've got the joy of the Lord!  And that is big fun.  And because of that, you go around fake laughing all the time.  Let's just say that we spend most of our time cracking each other up.

We went to the doctor today and you weigh 24.3 lbs (5oth percentile) you're 31 inches (50th percentile) and you're head is 19 inches.... 75th percentile.  You also had to get 2 shots-- and although most babies get more than that per appointment, because I spread them out, I cannot handle it.  And you're so tough, and you don't cry for more than 15 seconds, but it still makes me feel so mean!

You still love playing ball more than any other game and you mostly ignore your other toys.  You will sit in my lap to read a book or two, but otherwise, you're way too busy for anything stationary.  You LOVE being outside.  I open the back door and let you play in the fenced in backyard by yourself-- I've been leaving the door open while I'm in the kitchen or  working at the table, and you play for over an hour.  When I come out to check on you, you ignore me.  BUT if we're inside, then you insist I hold you.  Somehow you know if you don't have my full attention, even if I'm trying to pretend like you do.  And I'm not sure you know this, but you weigh 24.3lbs.... that's a lot when you're trying to unload the dishwasher or carry laundry or cook.  But when I try to put you down, you shake your head back and forth and wrapped your legs around me.  And have you seen your cute face?  I fall for it every time.  I'm so proud of you and I love your personality.  But you've also mastered temper tantrums... which make me think that these next several months are going to be an adventure!

When we pray at night, you hold very still-- which is super unlike you.  I hope that this is because God already has a hold of your one year old heart.  He loves you more than I do-- enough to give His own son for your life.  That's a love that's bigger than this mom can understand.  Daddy and Gabe love you like crazy too, but if you add my love, and their loves, and your grandparents love, and your uncles and your aunt all together-- it still doesn't even begin to add up to the love God has for you.  I know you don't get that- yet- but I'm hoping that God uses me to teach you all about that.  I love you my little bubba, my BEST bubba!  You make life SO fun, that when I think about it, my heart swells and I just think I'm going to bust- like there's not enough room in my body to hold it all.  I love you, happy 15 months... I'm SO glad you're mine!  (and as you're Daddy reads this, he's saying "OURS!" :) )

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