Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beach Vacation: 2011

We've finally settled back in and gotten back into the swing of things after a great, weeklong, family vacation to New Smyrna Beach, FL. This trip was planned back when I was still pregnant with Jack and set up so he would be about 6 weeks old... ha!  Instead he was 12 weeks old.  That meant that Gabe had to miss a week of school, and he had to take some homework with him, but I think he'd agree that it was worth it!  

Jack's age also made for a great trip- he traveled very well because he still naps a lot and we only had to stop twice for him to eat, each way- which worked well with food and potty breaks for the rest of us.  Our swagger wagon was packed out: Me (front seat driver), Chad (the real driver), Eli (my bro, who viewed the car ride as birth control) and then our three boys: Gabe, Max, and Jack.  My parents and brother Sam, and my Dad's bro and all of his children all flew into Orlando and then drove over. And my dad's parents and sisters drove down together as well.  It was a beach full of Noblitt's, that's for sure-- I'm sure that those who married into the family have some things to say about that :)

Anyway, it was Jack's first beach trip, of course!  He was a delight. I went and bought a cheap bouncy seat while we were there and that is how he joined us down at the beach. I personally don't love sand all over me so I think I inflict that on my kids- assuming they don't want sand on them either! He also needs lots of naps, so he did spend a lot of time in the condo, but it was right on the beach with about 20 steps to the pool and then just crossing the sand to the ocean, so people could go in and out.  Chad, my mom, my brother, and my grandpa all took turns sitting with my babe so I could enjoy the sun, sand, and surf, too.  Of course I was the only one who could feed the baby man, so I at least made trips in and out every 3 hours.  But again, a condo right ON the beach makes that NO problem- and it's a perfect time to refresh my drink and sunscreen too :)

Max went to the beach last year, but he wasn't really old enough to appreciate it.  This time, it was love at first sight.  Whether it was the pool or the ocean, he was happy.  He took early morning walks with my parents, where he would chase birds, then he played hard all morning, napped 3 hours every afternoon and then was ready for dinner and the evening festivities.  He also slept in my parents bed and on a pallet on the floor because he is way too big for a pack n' play :)  We did celebrate his birthday, he was introduced to matchbox cars, and he discovered how fun it was to jump off the edge of the pool.  He was fearless when it came to the waves and they were pretty calm until the last day, but even then, he loved being out there with Pop. Lucky for me, I had bought a really good life jacket before we left, so he could wear that in case he and his carrier went down in the waves- it put me at ease for sure, although my brother chastised me for being overprotective. But water is scary with little ones, and I'm a worrier by nature, which means that I will always choose to be safe over being sorry.  (And when he's a Dad, he'll be nutty over certain things too, even if it's not water, so his time will eventually come and I will chastise him in return :) )

Gabe is a beach bum- but unfortunately he lives in the middle of GA. He could/ would be in the water all day if possible.  He would go out in the morning, covered in 55+ sunscreen, and a swim shirt, and come in for lunch and a reapplication and go back out until he was drug in at the end of the day. He was pruney, his eyes/ cheeks would be red (from sun/ goggles) but he was not ready to be done. He was already super tan went we got to the beach, but came home about 6 shades darker and his hair about 4 shades lighter. He was so worn out from waking so early and playing so hard that we had to make him take a nap one day. He also found lots of treasures on the beach and in the water, and even sold them to a souvenir shop on the beach. What a little entrepreneur! Let me just say that if that boy ends up living beside the ocean one day, I will not be the least bit surprised!

Chad got to golf 2 times and he rented a surf board and taught himself and Gabe to surf- they were both naturals. While we were there, he daily tried to talk me into retiring there-- I'm afraid that if I don't agree, that we may have his and hers retirement homes- not because he doesn't love me, but just because of how much he does love the beach! And although it's really lame, I got to sleep and read 2 full books and enjoy some me time.  I also got to watch the ocean and enjoy the sun and it was so great. While I'm in this toddler phase of life, there is nothing better than such downtime. And as crazy as it is, the little things like my mom helping with laundry and washing Jack's bottles, my parents heading out for a walk with Gabe and Max when they woke up, and having so many hands wanting to hold/burp/ feed a baby was such a huge help.  Right now, that is what I call vacation- beach or no beach! (Although the beach is certainly a plus!) Chad and I both really enjoyed the downtime and time away from the hustle and bustle of life, work, raising our boys, and our other commitments. We all came home really refreshed.

When it was time to pack up and head home, no one was ready.  Gabe slept in so he wouldn't have to leave, I drug my feet on packing (and we all know I like to pack WAY in advance) and Max cried to go back to "Pop's beach" for days. We are so grateful to my parents for this wonderful vacation- I don't think there is one thing any of us would change... except maybe making this a yearly tradition, hint hint..............

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Say What?! Manners

Yesterday during potty training day, my boy was full of manners:

I walked into his room first thing and snatched him out of his big boy bed and gave him a huge hug.  He responded to the hug by saying "I love you" and squeezing me-- what a what to start the day!

Then later, when helping me with baby Jack, I said, "Thanks Max for your help" and he responded "welcome!"

Anytime I would hand him something or get his milk for him he would give me a resounding "Thanks!"

While we were enjoying some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the couch I sneezed and Max looked at me and said "bless you Mom!"

While helping him build a tower (with his pizza no less) I gave him a suggestion and he said "that's a great idea!"

BUT when I asked him to say please, he responded "I can't do it, I can't do it Mom".

Eh hem.... stubborn... eh hem.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Guess What We're Doing This Weekend...

15 pairs of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse underwear

One baseball potty

One jar of m&m's

One sheets protector (and extra sheets!)

Lots of liquids and popsicles

Big boy booty wipes

AND NO PLANS FOR THREE DAYS.... that's right, it's potty training time for the Max-man! And all the diapers have been thrown out...

Say a prayer for us all :)

Since this is my first child and I have never potty trained anyone before, I will tell you all about it afterwards, once I have some experience and actually know what I'm talking about!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


As you know (because I've said it 3048 times) Max turned 2 on Friday while we were at the beach.  Well you know how everyone says (before they have kids!) that "we're not going to have big birthday parties every year, we're just going to do family parties"-- well this year, we actually did that! Max was celebrated by us and his brothers, my parents and my brothers, my aunts, my uncle and his family, and cousins.

When it came time for the "Happy Birthday to you" song, it was quite loud- I thought Max was going to freak.  His face looked like he was about to crumble- and I couldn't blame him!  All of these people starring at him while he's at the head of a long table and we all blast him with a song... and we're not the best singers! But he held it together. Halfway through the anthem my throat got tight- I couldn't believe this little guy was 2, I was so proud- I was pretty sure I was going to cry, but certainly that would be crazy, so I looked to Chad for support- he was on one side of the table videoing, while I was on the other snapping pictures- and Chad had tears in his eyes.  At that moment I was even prouder- my tough man so in love with his boy, that he was touched by his 2nd birthday as much as I was :)

Max is one loved little boy.  And he was showered with sweet gifts- my parents got him several books, beach toys, and this lion rolling backpack that he pushes all around all day.  Uncle Eli provided him with many new pool balls, dive sticks, squirt guns, and other fun water stuff... can you tell that Uncle Eli would like for Max to be a swimmer? And my cousins got him a frog pillow pet which he calls his "peel-yow" and this swirly light thing that is a hit, so I keep it hidden in the diaper bag for emergency situations- you know like boredom in public that reduces the child to squealing or causing some sort of scene that makes mom's cower.

Chad's parents got Max 2 adorable motorcycle shirts, and 4 new motorcycles which is one of his current obsessions.  Since he got them, I've stepped on a motorcycle at least 47 times a day because he carries them EVERYWHERE!  I even stepped on one in the garage! The garage, really?

We got Max a new bicycle- he got to pick which one he wanted and honestly I tried to sway him towards a fancy two-wheeler with training wheels and lots of lights and sounds- even a working turn signal!! But he would have nothing to do with it- the boy knows what he wants and picked out an adorable radio flyer trike that he rides all over the house... including on TOP of baby Jack (not exaggerating, but we'll have to address this a bit later once my heart recovers a little more). And he also got a new golf club from us- I believe it's an iron.  He calls it his "big boy golf club".

And lastly, after being obsessed with a hot wheels collection that was at the beach condo, I used his money from my Grandma to get him a carrying case and 10 new cars.... those also must be out and carried everywhere we go and all over the house.  Max is a boy through and through!

And then of course, me and my Max continued our tradition of donuts the morning of his birthday.  If you remember, we started it last year on his big day, a mommy/ Max date- and since then, I've spent a year working on his love for donuts.  I've really succeeded- he loves them like I do- and they may possibly his favorite food like they are mine. But because we were at the beach, we invited Daddy and Gabe and Jack to join us too.  I think everyone loved that tradition :) (And in case you're wondering, I've begun telling Max that it's completely normal for your mom to come to your college and your job on your birthday, to take you out for donuts....)

His party was a hit!  And he was spoiled rotten.  I hope he knows just how loved he is!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Say What?! 2 year olds... ay yi yi

Someone must've given Max the message that he's two... which coincides with a major attitude!

In the last week, he's started a few new fancy sassy phrases:

When I tell him to do something, he replies "I not do that".  For example, "Max let's go get dressed so we can go run our errands. " He replies, "No, I NOT do that."

When asked how old he is, he insists that he's three, even though I tell him MANY times that he is two. Apparently he knows more than I do!

When help is offered for him he states (with a BIG attitude) "I do it myself". For example, we went to Target to pick out his new bike, and he had to ride is all my himself from the back corner of the store, to the opposite front corner of the store. And anytime I bent down to help, he would stare me down and say "I do it myself." This caused many people to walk slowly behind us commenting on how cute and funny he was- but really, they were all remembering when they had a two year old and they were all glad it was me and not them :)

Say What?! Livin the Dream

Last night, we went out for dinner because I didn't want to cook- thank you Chad! And by the time we got home, it was time to get everyone bathed and headed towards bed. Chad took care of Jack and then made his way to the couch to snuggle him and watch the Braves games. I bathed Max, chased his naked hiney around, got his teeth brushed, read his two books and plopped him in his bed. Then I headed downstairs and began to pick up toys when I looked over a Chad who had this big grin on his face. I looked to the tv and it was a really lame commercial so I asked his why he was laughing at it. He told me that he wasn't. So naturally I asked why he had that grin then. He motioned towards Jack who was asleep in his arms and he said, "I'm just livin the dream".

And he meant it! My heart smiled. We are so blessed!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 Years Old!

My wonderful Max man, I have had two full years with you- which is quite amazing because it feels like 5 minutes, 6 maybe, if I'm tired. Time is really flying, and you are so fun, but I really need to find that pause button that I've been looking for since you were just a couple months old. Your personality and your smiles are incredible- you light up the room, and my life.  You're my best big boy!

You're growing and learning so much each day- you communicate in full sentences full of adjectives, and you are very descriptive! You can count to 10 all the time and sometimes you can count to 14- if you so choose. You also know some of your colors: blue, black, orange, green and red- but not so much yellow.  And you're not interested in learning about the color pink, which makes me laugh, because you are ALL boy! You also recognize the letters in your name anytime you see them.  You're a smart cookie, that's for sure! You pick up on everything that is going on around you, and you remember everything.  You are very type A, emotional, opinionated and stubborn too.  There are days when I think I'm raising my father... and on the other days I realize I'm raising myself! We are so similar that we may butt heads in the future, but for now, you're still my little sidekick- anytime I can take you with me, I do, because you make everything more fun. And at least 10 times a day, I have to fake a serious, disciplinary tone with you, and then turn my head so you don't see me laughing.

Physically, you are strong, healthy, and handsome. Your blonde hair and blue eyes catches attention wherever we go. Your teeth come in really slow- your incisors that you've been working on for months just now poked through... maybe we'll see you two year old molars in the next 12 months, but I'm not counting on it! At your 2 year check up, you weighed in at 27.5 lbs and you're 33.5 inches tall.  That's right at the 40th percentile-ish for both.  Apparently you've plateaued in your height which correlates with your teething plateau and is completely normal-- who knew?! You're still in size 4 diapers, but you won't ever make it to size 5 because we're going to potty train really soon! You are wearing a size 5 shoe, and mostly 24 months clothes, although some 18 month shorts still fit. We haven't really ventured up to 2T yet- maybe this fall... although toddler clothing just seems wrong! Some days you look so skinny, but other days, you still have some chunk to you- which is a good thing, because it's common knowledge how much I love baby rolls! I look at your hands and feet all the time, I love them- but they're growing and losing their pudge little by little. They are also very busy hands and feet- and I can only imagine what messes they are going to get you into in the years to come- but also all the great wonderful things you'll do with them too.

You are a very special boy, loved so much by your Daddy and me. We love talking to you and talking about you and we still fight over who gets to claim you from your room in the mornings. You're also a great big brother, offering kisses to your baby Jack all the time.  You've never gotten rough with him on purpose or shown any signs of jealousy beyond the first few days when you were learning to share me. You also think that playtime with Gabe is the greatest thing ever- and lucky for you, he thinks so too :) As of right now, I'm happy to report that I'm still your favorite person in the world, although I know my days are numbered and that before I know it, you will need less of my care, and your eyes will be on your Daddy, as you try to be just like him.  For now, I'll just soak up every second, before I hand off the reigns to him- but he's an incredible man (which is why I married him!), so I couldn't be happier that he'll be the one teaching you to be a man.

Each new stage with you is a blast, yet I'm still constantly fretting about how fast it's all going. I don't handle your minor boo-boo's too well, so I can only imagine what it will be like when "BIG" things happen to you. As I've said many times before, I absolutely adore you and I think that being your mom is the best job in the world- the funny thing is that it keeps getting better and my love for you keeps getting bigger- which really just blows my mind, because just when I think it's the best and the most, then it grows again. Kind of like you.

Although you are a very loved, very handsome, very smart little boy- none of those things will matter in the long run. Instead it's all about Jesus. And God gave you the love and the looks and the brain because He has great things planned for you- He wants you to do great things with those gifts for His kingdom. I'm praying for your heart and your future- that you'll let Him lead you and that you'll trust God with your life. And just remember, His love is bigger and better than mine- it's perfect, full of grace and forgiveness and sacrifice on your behalf.

Happy 2nd Birthday, my Max, my firstborn, my blessing.  I love you and I'm so proud of you already!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Police officers, Machine Guns, and Bullet-proof vests, Oh My!

Yes, we've just finished a fabulous vacation and yes my little Max-man turned 2, so there are lots of updates to be had here, but I  must interrupt the regular scheduled blogging program for an emergency... and it involves guns.

First a brief description of our neighborhood-- it's big and connected to another neighborhood, it's in 2 different counties and 2 different school districts and it's old.  All the houses are about 40 years old- our was build in 1973, and there are a lot of people who have lived there since their house was built.  So yes, most of our neighbors are elderly, with children my age!  And most of them take wonderful care of their yards- they probably hate us for the overgrown island that takes up half of our yard! The neighborhood also has some renters from all different ethnicities- this has not been a problem at all, and has actually given Gabe some great friends with different cultures than us, which is always great.

So yesterday, I was sitting on the couch feeding the baby, Max was in his high chair eating lunch in the kitchen, and Chad was also in the kitchen, fixing sandwiches for me and him.  I was looking out the window, which I do often, when all of a sudden a police car drove very slowly in front of our house.  Then another, and another, and another.  And they stopped.  I looked more closely and saw about 6 police cars and called Chad to the living room.  He took a peek out the window and saw a police man with a machine gun running towards our front door. I kid you not! So naturally he slowly open the front door when the officer yelled at him to get back inside. Chad replied "but you're in my front yard" and the officer told him he'd explain later and to shut the door.

At this point, I jumped off the couch- Jack's lunch will just have to wait!  And I join Chad starring out the window-- and I see 3, THREE, cops in our yard, hiding behind our trees with machine guns.  3 more in the neighbor's across the street, and 3 more behind another neighbor's car. By the time I was done counting, there was at least 14 officers-- ALL with GUNS DRAWN, and more coming down the street. Umm.... problem?!!! So I grabbed the boys and hid in the back of the house-- my mind was going nuts: "Um, what is going on, how many walls can bullets go threw before they stop? Are we safe here? Is there a safer place? Is someone going to die?  Why is Chad recording all of this on his iphone instead of hiding with me? What if this is how we die! This is not a good way to end our vacation...."

Then there is pounding on our door- Chad cracks it open and I stick my head around the corner. The officer wants to know if we've ever seen a certain kind of car in the driveway across the street. (I'm leaving those details for safety reasons.) And yes, we have seen the car there often, but obviously it's not there right now.  Shortly after that, the people across the street come out of their house-- maybe because there were 15+ guns pointed at them... they are told to put their hands up- they do. Then they are told to lift up their shirts and turn around, to make sure they don't have any weapons.  At this point, the cops all begin moving in closer to them.  I'm not sure what was said- there was a long conversation, then eventually they are allowed to put their hands down.  About 10 cops go in and search their house and come back out within a few minutes.

Then before we know it, all the officer are getting back in their cars and beginning to drive away.  Naturally Chad goes outside to get details at this point- apparently the guy who drive "the car" has had an altercation with his mother and they are looking for him. And we should let them know if we see him. And that is that.

Ummmmm.... so I've had an altercation with my mother before, and it did NOT involve machine guns... or any guns... or even the police for that matter.

According to  


  [awl-ter-key-shuhn]  Show IPA
a heated or angry dispute; noisy argument or controversy.

Who here thinks there is more to the story??? Um, me! But there were no more details. Every hour or so a cop would drive down the street, and that is all.  The people eventually left their house, while I stayed inside still scared that we were about to be part of a crime seen.  Altercation smaltercation!

So around 10:30pm, I headed to bed and Chad stayed on the couch watching tv.  I fell asleep quick, like I always do, but at 11:15 the power clicked off and woke me up. I felt for Chad and he wasn't there (at this point, I didn't know what time it was) so I began moving slowly down the hall to find him or my phone for light.  There was no storm/ rain/ wind/ or lightening, so this power outage was weird. Chad came up to bed and called GA Power only to have them saw that they knew about the outage and were working on it. Chad fell asleep almost immediately, but I laid awake feeling the temperature of the house slowly rise without the AC- and it was so dark, down our entire street and nothing worked, it really freaked me out. I was just sure that "the car" was somehow responsible for this and at any moment they were going to come bust down my door or something horrific. But instead, I just laid there sweating while the rest of my family slept, until 1:30am when the power kicked back on.

So I still don't know the details behind all the cops and guns, and I still don't know what was the deal with the power, but I can confirm that I have a wild, worry-filled imagination, and if this story hits the news, just remember... you heard it here first!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

3 months today!

Jack!  We rolled into town last night, after a wonderful week-long vacation, just in time for you to turn 3 months old!  You are 3 months today, 13 weeks yesterday, and your adjusted age is 8 weeks.  Time is flying- and in a good way.  You complete our new normal, and it is absolutely wonderful to have you as a part of our family. It's pretty obvious how sweet and good natured you are, and you love to be held-- thank you for that! And last night, you slept through the night!  I'm not sure if a) vacation exhausted you b) the car trip home exhausted you or c) you're perfect, but according to your Annie and Uncle Eli, it's C, and I think they're right!  Even if you don't sleep though the night again tonight (or tomorrow night for that matter) just know that I thoroughly appreciated a good night's sleep- and I didn't wake up once in a panic.

This month has been wild and crazy-- not only did you take your first vacation to the beach, but you took your first swim in the pool, and had surgery too.  I also had to use a suppository on you because you hadn't pooped for over 10 days and you were passing the stinky-est gas in the world.  Plus, we were about to get in the car for 8 hours and the last thing we needed was an explosion on the interstate :)  This is TMI, I know, but prior to surgery, you pooped once a day, in the afternoon.  And since surgery (which was 21 days ago) you've pooped twice.. and one of those was because of the suppository... which means it was mommy-induced! Yikes! And I started eating a tiny bit of cheese this week and you've not had any spit-ups or tummy aches (beyond the normal post feeding spittle) and I'm so happy! Just a couple weeks ago, your reflux was so bad, I called the doc prepared to put you on a medicine, but because you didn't show any signs of pain and were a happy baby, they decided that I should just give you small doses of Mylanta. And now, you've outgrown it completely-- par-tay!

This month, you got to meet your other set of great grandparents (Pop's parents) and some cousins too. You were cuddled by your uncles, as well as Annie and Pop, and your cuteness continues to steal the show.  You are so round and chunky- who would of thought of the tiny entrance you made into this world- but you have so many rolls, many many chins, and you're still growing... rounder!  I've loved chunky roll-y babies since I was about 5, so now that I have my own, you're a dream come true! I can't get enough of your cheeks and sticking my nose in your neck. You are wonderful!

You have a wonderful schedule, eating every 3 hours beginning between 6:30 and 7:00am, playing for about 45 minutes, then napping for close to 2 hours until your next feeding.  You are the fastest nurser ever- like 10 minutes, tops, and then you're not ever hungry early.  You also finally love your baths and you don't get cold as easily as you did.  You still love to be swaddled when you sleep, so we call you Paco Taco because you look like a burrito.  You also still sleep in your nap nanny.  You've taken a couple naps in your bed and bassinet, but they're not your good ones. You're in the midst of moving up to size 2 diapers right now, and you're were 0-3 month clothes, and you weigh over 12 lbs, but we don't go back to the doctor until 4 months, so I'm not sure of your exact stats. You smile anytime me or your Daddy talks to you, and you're starting to coo regularly too.  You know it makes me so excited, so you coo anytime I'm looking at you!

Jack, I just love being your mommy.  I love how you're so different from your brother, and how you're a new blessing everyday.  I love how my heart can completely love you and Max, without having to share any love.  You just made a whole new bushel of love inside of me.  And although there is lots to do around the house with all the messes you and your bro make for me, there is always time to cuddle you, because it's one of the greatest things in the world!  I am so grateful to God for you- for how He's taken care of you and protected you even though this month had some scary things- and I can't help but thanking Him every time I look in your direction.  Lastly, I'm going to remind you of this til my heart stops beating:  God created you perfectly, He has a plan for you, and He was willing to sacrifice His son on your behalf- that is a love so big and so perfect that we can't understand it-- but you don't have to understand, you just need to accept it as truth!  And while I love you a crazy ton amount, God loves you way more than that-- and speaking from my heart, that's HUGE! Love you my punkin pie!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

This week, I officially went part time at my job- yay!  It's great because I've got my cake and I'm eating it too.  When I'm at work, I've have great sitters at home with my babies and I get to do my job and get ready for my boss's new book that's coming out in October and when I'm at home, all I have to think about is my boys.  I even deleted my work email from my phone, so that I wouldn't be tempted or distracted.

We kicked off the first day of this new gig with Hudson coming over-- Hudson is a year and 3 weeks older then Max and he's wonderful. I've been one of his biggest fans since I first found out about him! God loved him, then Jill and Jonathan loved him, and then I was a close 3rd! He tall and handsome and sweet as sugar- and he's only 3! I'm sure his parents would say otherwise, but I don't think he has an ornery bone in his body.  And he calls me "Auntie Lauren"-- who wouldn't love that?

Anyway, back to the boys- they plan so well together and they are hilarious.  When Max would run laps around the house, Hudson would follow.  When Hudson would stop for milk, Max would stop for milk.  When Max took his shirt off to play outside, Hudson took his off too.  When Hudson picked up a toy, then Max needed that same toy, and vice versa. AND when Hudson is around, Max gets smarter... we've been working on Max's colors and he's doing great, but he likes to say "I don't know" when he does know... except that Hudson ALWAYS knew all the colors, and like magic, then Max knew too!  My favorite part is when they were jumping on the bed (yes, we allow that at our house) holding hands and counting to 20.  Some of those numbers in the teens were clearly optional, but adorable nonetheless!

These two are very manly men-- although very different.  Hudson is all tools, trucks, tractors, and mowers.  Max is all sports- and it better have a ball.  They both played outside forever, despite the GA heat, but with their respective tools of choice. And they wanted to play really close together, although doing very different tasks- it was great!

The best part of the day was when it was time to give baby Jack a bath.  Both Max and Hudson were there to help- but of course to Max, that baby was old news, so after a splash or two, he was off.  But not Hudson.  He stayed on helped the whole time- he kissed baby Jack and helped clean his feet.  And then he helped get him dressed and insisted that he needed his passy and put his blanket across him, even though Max was trying to get him to play cars.  It was precious- especially since Hudson is going to have a baby brother soon.  And before we knew it, Max was back, and in on the action again.

That's when I told Max that Hudson was about to have a baby brother too, like baby Jack.  To this Max screamed "No!"  And the Hudson put his nose to Max's nose and said, "Yes. I do have a baby brother." The two gave each other the look- the one that only men can do that says "I've had enough, we can go rounds or we can forget this ever happened".  And then, without anymore explanation from me- and with no punches thrown (ha!) Max said to Hudson "I have a brudder too!!"

And off they went, back to pulling out every toy we own and getting their mileage in! I love boys!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You Know You're A Mom When...

1) You celebrate a poop explosion because your baby has been constipated for 10 days post surgery
2) You look forward to the 3 days of the week that you shower at 6am for work, because it's quiet then
3) You make the same sounds and funny faces over and over again, until your checks are sore, just for a smile
4) You find yourself daydreaming about what it would be like to sleep as late as you want... and through the night...
5) You consider ketchup a major food group- and a vegetable at that!
6) You get peed on or spit on and you don't change clothes and you find yourself saying things like "pee is sanitary" or "it's just a little bit"
7) You plan your day in 3 hour increments for feeding reasons
8) You can carry a toddler, a baby in a car seat, a diaper bag, a pool bag, and your drink- all at once
9) You buy a new wallet to match your diaper bag so that you don't have to carry a purse too- and it somehow makes you still feel 'stylish'
10) You consider paying bills and the weekly finance discussion with your husband a date
11) You realize that not only do you drive a minivan although you said you never would, but you also recommend that your mom friends get one asap because they're "so easy and roomy"
12) You only post on fb and twitter when your kids do something cute or funny
13) You have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse downloaded on your iphone
14) You can change dirty diapers in the dark
15) You point out motorcycles, big trucks, airplanes and ambulances as your drive
16) You say "what color is it? " and "how many are there?" more than 20 times a day
17) You don't want to call people between 1-4pm because you think everyone naps and has quiet time then
18) You point out how fast, kind, strong, brave, and sweet people are
19) You think 'rockstar parking' is the spot closest to the cart return, not closest to the store
20) You say 'I love you' 847,565,239 times a day and mean it each and every time more than you did the  time before

Monday, August 8, 2011

Things Change...

So on Saturday we're heading to the beach with my family for a week.  I absolutely canNOT wait- I can't wait for sun and relaxing and the ocean and even a nap and a book.  (In case you're wondering, I did not forget the lessons I learned last summer-- that mom's don't get a vacation- but my parents and brothers will be there, which means I can count on a nap or two and a date with my husband!)

But I've noticed something else this time around...

In the past, when preparing for a trip to the beach, I began at least a week in advance.  It included shopping for the perfect new sundresses and at least one new bathing suit.  I would get tanning oil and aftersun lotion- heaven forbid I use my bottles from the year before.  I would work on my base tan, too and of course get a mani/pedi that matched my bathing suit.

Now that I'm a mom.... things look a little different:

I have begun packing which includes laying out 2 sizes of diapers, SPF 50 in lotion, spray mist, and face stick and swim diapers.  It includes many loads of laundry, planning which baby toys are necessary, deciding the best time of day to begin driving to get the most sleep from the boys, and figuring out a time that Chad can take my car to have the tires rotated.  It's making sure I've thought through the trip for an 11 week old, a 2 year old, an 8 year old, and yes, I'm the one who'll pack for Chad, too. It's one of the reasons he married me. And then, if I'm lucky, I'll remember my own toothbrush at least.

After one look at my dining room table this weekend- I got a good chuckle-- my oh my how things have changed!  Forget a "base tan" leading up to the beach-- I haven't had any sort of tan since I began growing Max in my womb.  And I can guarantee you that I've never entertained the thought of tires and rotation as part of vacation, ha!

But one look at these pictures and I'm certain it's all worth it- are these faces adorable?  This time around, I'm headed into vacation knowing that there will still be laundry and middle of the night feedings.  Of course my people will still want to eat at least 3 times a day, and someone is sure to pitch a fit and need me right when I'm at a good part in my book.  Life as a mom isn't always glamorous- it doesn't usually include new sundresses and pedicures- but it's the best gig around, that's for sure!

(Pictures by JessicaV Photography-- check out her link on my blog roll to the left-- she's amazing and a wonderful friend from college.)