Monday, August 8, 2011

Things Change...

So on Saturday we're heading to the beach with my family for a week.  I absolutely canNOT wait- I can't wait for sun and relaxing and the ocean and even a nap and a book.  (In case you're wondering, I did not forget the lessons I learned last summer-- that mom's don't get a vacation- but my parents and brothers will be there, which means I can count on a nap or two and a date with my husband!)

But I've noticed something else this time around...

In the past, when preparing for a trip to the beach, I began at least a week in advance.  It included shopping for the perfect new sundresses and at least one new bathing suit.  I would get tanning oil and aftersun lotion- heaven forbid I use my bottles from the year before.  I would work on my base tan, too and of course get a mani/pedi that matched my bathing suit.

Now that I'm a mom.... things look a little different:

I have begun packing which includes laying out 2 sizes of diapers, SPF 50 in lotion, spray mist, and face stick and swim diapers.  It includes many loads of laundry, planning which baby toys are necessary, deciding the best time of day to begin driving to get the most sleep from the boys, and figuring out a time that Chad can take my car to have the tires rotated.  It's making sure I've thought through the trip for an 11 week old, a 2 year old, an 8 year old, and yes, I'm the one who'll pack for Chad, too. It's one of the reasons he married me. And then, if I'm lucky, I'll remember my own toothbrush at least.

After one look at my dining room table this weekend- I got a good chuckle-- my oh my how things have changed!  Forget a "base tan" leading up to the beach-- I haven't had any sort of tan since I began growing Max in my womb.  And I can guarantee you that I've never entertained the thought of tires and rotation as part of vacation, ha!

But one look at these pictures and I'm certain it's all worth it- are these faces adorable?  This time around, I'm headed into vacation knowing that there will still be laundry and middle of the night feedings.  Of course my people will still want to eat at least 3 times a day, and someone is sure to pitch a fit and need me right when I'm at a good part in my book.  Life as a mom isn't always glamorous- it doesn't usually include new sundresses and pedicures- but it's the best gig around, that's for sure!

(Pictures by JessicaV Photography-- check out her link on my blog roll to the left-- she's amazing and a wonderful friend from college.)

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