Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Say What?! 2 year olds... ay yi yi

Someone must've given Max the message that he's two... which coincides with a major attitude!

In the last week, he's started a few new fancy sassy phrases:

When I tell him to do something, he replies "I not do that".  For example, "Max let's go get dressed so we can go run our errands. " He replies, "No, I NOT do that."

When asked how old he is, he insists that he's three, even though I tell him MANY times that he is two. Apparently he knows more than I do!

When help is offered for him he states (with a BIG attitude) "I do it myself". For example, we went to Target to pick out his new bike, and he had to ride is all my himself from the back corner of the store, to the opposite front corner of the store. And anytime I bent down to help, he would stare me down and say "I do it myself." This caused many people to walk slowly behind us commenting on how cute and funny he was- but really, they were all remembering when they had a two year old and they were all glad it was me and not them :)

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