Thursday, August 11, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

This week, I officially went part time at my job- yay!  It's great because I've got my cake and I'm eating it too.  When I'm at work, I've have great sitters at home with my babies and I get to do my job and get ready for my boss's new book that's coming out in October and when I'm at home, all I have to think about is my boys.  I even deleted my work email from my phone, so that I wouldn't be tempted or distracted.

We kicked off the first day of this new gig with Hudson coming over-- Hudson is a year and 3 weeks older then Max and he's wonderful. I've been one of his biggest fans since I first found out about him! God loved him, then Jill and Jonathan loved him, and then I was a close 3rd! He tall and handsome and sweet as sugar- and he's only 3! I'm sure his parents would say otherwise, but I don't think he has an ornery bone in his body.  And he calls me "Auntie Lauren"-- who wouldn't love that?

Anyway, back to the boys- they plan so well together and they are hilarious.  When Max would run laps around the house, Hudson would follow.  When Hudson would stop for milk, Max would stop for milk.  When Max took his shirt off to play outside, Hudson took his off too.  When Hudson picked up a toy, then Max needed that same toy, and vice versa. AND when Hudson is around, Max gets smarter... we've been working on Max's colors and he's doing great, but he likes to say "I don't know" when he does know... except that Hudson ALWAYS knew all the colors, and like magic, then Max knew too!  My favorite part is when they were jumping on the bed (yes, we allow that at our house) holding hands and counting to 20.  Some of those numbers in the teens were clearly optional, but adorable nonetheless!

These two are very manly men-- although very different.  Hudson is all tools, trucks, tractors, and mowers.  Max is all sports- and it better have a ball.  They both played outside forever, despite the GA heat, but with their respective tools of choice. And they wanted to play really close together, although doing very different tasks- it was great!

The best part of the day was when it was time to give baby Jack a bath.  Both Max and Hudson were there to help- but of course to Max, that baby was old news, so after a splash or two, he was off.  But not Hudson.  He stayed on helped the whole time- he kissed baby Jack and helped clean his feet.  And then he helped get him dressed and insisted that he needed his passy and put his blanket across him, even though Max was trying to get him to play cars.  It was precious- especially since Hudson is going to have a baby brother soon.  And before we knew it, Max was back, and in on the action again.

That's when I told Max that Hudson was about to have a baby brother too, like baby Jack.  To this Max screamed "No!"  And the Hudson put his nose to Max's nose and said, "Yes. I do have a baby brother." The two gave each other the look- the one that only men can do that says "I've had enough, we can go rounds or we can forget this ever happened".  And then, without anymore explanation from me- and with no punches thrown (ha!) Max said to Hudson "I have a brudder too!!"

And off they went, back to pulling out every toy we own and getting their mileage in! I love boys!

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