Friday, February 26, 2010

Helping Hands

Let me just say as a completely unbiased source (NOT) that if you don't have a 6 month old, you MUST get one.  They are out of this world incredible and loads of fun- so much so that I told Chad this week that I wanted to have 10 kids.  He tried to remind me how much I hated being pregnant and how sleep deprived I was in the beginning, but none of that matters.  THIS is why women do the whole pregnancy thing to their bodies over and over again, and THIS is why the bags under my eyes are "pretty", and THIS is why snot slimed, drool-covered sleeves on all my shirts are worth it.

Look at my THIS:

Max hasn't quite shaken his sickness, so we spent a couple nights together this week.  Apparently he thought 3am Mommy-bonding was necessary.  The poor guy doesn't so much enjoy not being able to breathe or the stuffy head, huge coughs, chest rattle thing.  So he'd sleep until he just couldn't do it anymore, then he'd scream until I'd run in and pick him up right, and then he'd fall right back asleep.  You're thinking oh that's easy no problem-- except he'd only sleep upright, so I'd have to sleep standing up?!  Well, I finally figured out that with the correct wall of pillows, I could position him in my arms, with both of our heads on pillows, and then we could both sleep, albeit upright.  But first, before sleep, I got these sweet little sleepy eyes gazing at me, before the zzzz's found him.  It was magical. (Prior to this sickness, we've never "allowed" baby/ parent sleeping because we didn't want to set a precedent- but I'm kind of thinking we might've missed out on something! I'm glad he's always been in his bed, in his room, but..........)

This week, Max also "helped" me a lot.  He's a lot more attentive to whatever I'm doing, and less thrilled to be left to his own.  So he was invited to participate in the daily activities of a wife and a mom, and he was quite good at it.  Check it out:

Max helped me clip coupons.  

Max helped me do laundry.

Max helped me pick up his toys.

Max helped me (un) make the bed.

Max helped me wash his grit and grime away.

Max helped me cook breakfast and clean the kitchen.

And the picture at top is Max helping me at work.  I get things done in about 4 times as much time as it used to take me to get things done.  And I have a lot more to do, too.  But let's go back to my point at the top-- these things are AMAZING and more than worth it.  Especially if they are willing to help :).

Friday, February 19, 2010

Half Way Around The Sun

At exactly this time, 6 months ago to the day, I wasn't feeling so hot, but we were minutes from seeing our precious boy's face for the first time.  That's right, today Max is 6 months old.  It's mind boggling for me, because I feel like I just got him.  I can't believe how time has flown, how much he's grown, and how much I love him.  Here's a brief re-cap of the past 6 months....

Day 1: Born August 19th, 2009, at 8:41am, 7lb 4oz 19.5 inches long

Max spent the first month sleeping and eating.  I wasn't so good about the resting aspect of being a new mom-- I wanted to be "normal" again.  So me and Max hit the town.  We visited Target daily, checked in on friends, had lots of family stopping in, and did a lot of laundry.  Having a new born is hard, but it flies by so quickly- too quickly actually.  I was warned I would feel this way but I didn't listen.  Max was never a fussy  baby, he was good about sleeping, he loved being held, and he would cuddle.... at this age.

Happy 1 Month: September

On his 1 month day, he boarded a plane and headed in Indiana (with his mom!).  We headed north to surprise my Mamaw at her surprise birthday party.  It was the first time she got to meet Max, her first great grandson. When she showed up at the door and I answered, she said "What are you doing here?"  Later in the party, she also patted my new- Mommy gut and asked, "What is this?"  But we'll discuss that later.

Chad drove up to Indiana to pick us up, so Max also had his first road trip too, during his first month.  He took the 8 hour drive like a champ, sleeping most of the way.  And when we arrived home, our county, along with much of the rest of Georgia was flooded.  It took us 2 hours to drive the 2 miles to our house once we exited the highway, because apparently our road was the only road NOT under water.  

The next morning, we got bad news that Chad's grandmother, Grandma Donatto's health was failing quickly and that the cancer was numbering her days.  So we did laundry, packed suitcases, and got on the plane to head to Texas.  It was a blessing that Chad, Gabe, Max and I all got a chance to say goodbye.  We also enjoyed seeing the family and showing everyone our new baby Max. 

Month 2: October
Month 2 was great.  We ushered in fall and even had our first blast of cold weather.  Max was on a great schedule, which did NOT consist of sleeping through the night...

I had my first birthday as a Mommy, and I realized that life was a lot less about me- which was totally ok, thanks to those eyse and that darn chin dimple.  We visited the pumpkin patch and took our 2nd family picture- the first was in the hospital, and well, I hope to never see it again!  

During month 2, I went back to work and Max began wrapping his Courtney around his finger.  She came to our house 2 days a week and got to learn this baby, right along with me.  Between the two of us, we figured out just how to hold him to get him to sleep in no time.  Max slept on his side, had to be swaddled, and had to have his sound machine.  But he was so stinking cute that it was worth the extra effort!  

He also celebrated his first Halloween, and borrowed his buddy Hudson's pumpkin costume.  We celebrated at Aunt Ruth's and Uncle Jonathan's Halloween Extravaganza, and we even learned to skype our Granny Annie, too. 

(Note: Granny Annie is my mom.  Once Max talks, we're thinking it will just be Annie.  Why, you ask, since her name is Vicki?  Well we just couldn't find the right name, and I read a fiction book about the time he was born where a character in the book was Granny Annie, so I started calling her that, and well, it just stuck.  Lucky for us, her middle name is Anne, so we can pretend?!?!? And for those of you wondering, yes my Dad still wants to be "Uncle Dan" and hasn't been convinced otherwise.) 

My Dad came to visit towards the end of the month.  He even babysat so I could work for a few hours.  It was great.

Month 3: November

During Max's 3rd month,  he came with me to a girls weekend in Gatlinburg with my college friends.  He held his own as the only male :)  This month was busy for us-- my parents and brothers stayed with us for Thanksgiving, and our whole extended family was together.  LOTS of Noblitts!  We had our parent commitment service at church, and Max had his first on-stage experience.  His friend Haven was born and thanks to Kellee's encouragement, he started organic rice cereal too.   

(But no, he still wasn't ready to sleep through the night................................)

Month 4: December

So month 4 consisted of his first Christmas, his second trip to Indiana, his second trip to Texas, watching Grant and his team win the State Championship, and Max's Uncle Eli babysitting him for the first time.  (I think Eli was exhausted afterwards!)

Lucky for us, Max came with plenty of clothes and supplies and his grandparents have made sure it stays that way.  My job is to feed him, and everyone else has decided that it is their job to spoil him.  I think it works well for him!

Month 5: January

We started off the year with a bang... and baby food!  Now that our travels were over, I began introducing him to food and I also decided that making all of it myself would be better for him.  And it's pretty easy with the handy dandy food processor that Max got for Christmas.  I like it because I can make sure he gets the best, freshest food there is- but on food making days, it would be easier if a tornado hit the kitchen than cleaning up the mess that's left! Let my publicly thank Chad for his help in disaster management on these days.  

Max now eats bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, butternut squash, and today, he'll try green beans!  He loves all food and grunts until you get a spoonful in his mouth.  It's adorable.  

In January, Max also switched sitters and now he sees Maggie 3 mornings a week. When I come home, they are both sitting on the floor giggling and playing.  She also dresses him so cute- I just love it!

Max went to his first wedding in January, a very wonderful wedding!  His Aunt Ruth made Jonathan McCord the luckiest man in the world by marrying him on January 23rd.  I was in the wedding and my mom came into to take over Max duties so I could enjoy the wedding weekend.  I'd like to announce that days before Ruth's wedding, Max decided that I had earned a HUGE reward for being such a great mommy and began sleeping through the night.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, bliss. 

And now, today, it's his 6th monthday.  And as my boss put it yesterday, I only have 35 more 6 month spans before he leaves me for bigger and better things, agh!  This month he's already experienced his first snow, his big brother's 7th birthday, and he got his first Valentine and his first sickness.  His first tooth has begun poking through, he claps if you say "yay", he knows meal time is over when we sign "all done" so he stops grunting, and he even sits up- if he feels like it!

Max Ryan Bowman has been a blessing to our family and has brought more joy to my life than I thought was possible.  It's been incredible to see how much other people, besides us as his parents, love him.  His milestones have been so fun to watch, and I can't wait to see what the next half of the ride around the sun brings!  I am honored to be his mother, and so thankful that Chad is his Daddy.  We pray that God captures this boy's heart at a young age, and we thank Him daily for entrusting us with the gift of Max for 6 whole months.  

And here he is right now, with his big brother-- bed head and all!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I’m A Cheater

I have many great things going for me—all of them are God things, not Lauren things.  Check it out:

1.     Chad- I have an incredible husband that is laid back, easy to get along with, very funny, quite nice to look at, and an incredible partner in crime.
2.     I have my Max- a wonderful little bald bundle of blue eyes and giggles.  He’s so much fun and he’s also so much work!
3.     Gabe, my stepson, who brings his own perks and challenges.  He’s filled with life, and ideas, and excitement.
4.     I have a great job and an awesome boss that offers a place for me to do the things I’m good at, in an environment that I love, while allowing me the flexibility needed to be a wife and a mom.
5.     We have an incredible small group that meets weekly to press God issues and marriage issues into our hearts and lives, so that we are constantly learning daily to reflect and glorify Him.
6.     I have a boatload of wonderful, amazing friends, and a great (BIG) family that is very entertaining, encouraging, and loving.
7.     I have a great little house that offers us comfort and warmth and shelter, and requires daily upkeep.
8.     We go to a very well rounded church that allows many many different avenues to get plugged in and volunteer, and I get to hang out with 3rd graders weekly.
9.     I have several different free lance writing opportunities that allow me to use my gifts and my creativity to teach children the word of God and ideally, make people laugh.
10. And I have a sweet, sweet Jesus who craves my time and who is so worthy of my praise, adoration, thoughts, and attention.

And without rubbing my blessed-ness in your face, I’ve got to tell you that this is just a very brief list of what I have going for me right now. 

I grew up going to North Point church and heard a sermon series when I was younger by Andy Stanley called “Choosing to Cheat”.  I have since read the book, and loved both of them.  The idea is that someone/ something is always being cheated.  For instance, if work is getting the majority of your time, your family isn’t, and vice versa.  And this is where the guilt and my guilt comes into play.

My list is incredible- just writing it all out makes me heart swell.  But it also makes me sweat and my blood pressure rise a bit too.  I constantly feel guilty.  Whichever aspect of my life I’m concentrating on at any given moment is full of joy and stress simultaneously. This is because I’m cheating. When I’m at work, I feel guilty that I’m not with Max.  When I’m with Max, I feel guilty that I’m not working.  When I’m spending a few quiet minutes alone in my car, I’m also feeling guilty for not using that time to catch up with friends and family.  When I go to bed early to rest of for the next day’s adventures, I feel bad that I’m not hanging out in the living room with Chad.  When my list of things to do is getting checked off early in the morning, I feel guilt for not spending that time with my Jesus. I could keep going on and on with such scenarios, but I’ll spare you.

So what gives?

I don’t know the answer.  If you do, please feel free to comment.

But I have found a couple aspects of Truth that I can hang my hat on.

God gives me strength according to Psalms 41:10.
God  promises that His spirit is upon me, all the time, in Isaiah 61:1-4.
God promises to answer my prayers in John 16:24.
God assures me deliverance in 1 Corinthians 10:13.
God promises me forgiveness in 1 John 1:9.
God offers me guidance in Proverbs 3:5-6
And thankfully, God promises me rest in Matthew 11:28-30.

I think the guilt comes with being a perfectionist, with being a mom, with being a control freak, and with living in my flesh.  But I am a new creation, and have been washed in the blood of Jesus and saved by grace.  So it is my prayer, and my goal, to put off the guilt and live in peace, founded on The Savior of the Universe. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TRUE LIFE: Chad listens to Mariah Carey Christmas Year ‘Round

But don't take away his man card quite yet.  It is not his choice.  Nor is it mine.  Max, our 6 month old, with no voice or ability to harm us in anyway, makes this decision for us.

In Max's younger day, he was an incredible car sleeper.  He might've just got up from a nap, but put him in his seat and start the car, and he was out again.  But as he's matured, he likes to fight it.  And much to my dismay, he's very vocal about this.  

I love running around with him.  He makes running errands fun.  (There is nothing like pushing a cart around a store with those wonderful eyes staring back at me and a priceless grin telling me I'm the funniest, smartest, prettiest, best person he knows.) So when we're driving, it starts as sweet little coos, then changes to a small whimper.  This is the warning.  It says "Turn on Mariah Carey Christmas, Track 2, All I Want For Christmas, or you WILL regret it."  If I obey, I have a sleeping child within minutes- but if I don't, a cacophony of wails emerge from the back seat.  Chad and I have both worked very hard to find other songs, with similar beats, instruments, and tempo that can replace this song that has been playing on repeat in our car since early November, but to no avail.  Max will not be coerced in loving, liking, or even tolerating another car lullaby. 

If you don't believe me that this song works like a charm, every time the child starts fussing in the car, you're not the first.  My mom, my brother, and even Chad have tested this theory.  And it has been proven that the child can tell if you're playing another song, and he will increase the volume and the pitch to make sure you are aware of his distinguishing abilities. Max's will is strong, yes stronger than mine, and he has "broken" me, Chad and Gabe- the baby wins every time.

Prior to having children, when I thought I knew everything, I swore I would never be "that" parents who gave their child what they wanted.  I even said crazy things like, "When I'm a parent, I'll never ________, and When I'm a parent, I'll always ____________."  HA!  Let's just say parenting does indeed build character, and in this case, the baby is teaching us humility. I, Lauren Marie Bowman, am not above anything, and I will do what it takes, including listening to Mariah Carey Christmas Year 'Round, soley because the baby wants it, if it ensures peace in the car. (FYI, if there is not peace in the car, everyone arrives mad, flustered, sweaty, and grumpy.)  So as pride does cometh before the fall, I'm just putting it out there now, that even though I've said otherwise prior to giving birth, I will indeed hand my child greasy french fries in the car, if it makes him quiet.

So whether it's on the way home from church (when Max misses a nap every week), running errands, driving to small group, or driving to a family outing, the Bowmans are listening to Mariah Carey Christmas.  And do you know what the worst part is?  Once the baby falls asleep, we fail to recognize that we can indeed turn off the CD. So once we finally pull in the driveway,  we realize we're on track 9, and we can't blame Max anymore, because he's catching some z's.

Just me and Max were running errands about a week ago on a fluke pretty day, when the temperatures had almost reached 60 degrees.  We pulled into Target, windows down (because Max likes to wear his hat even if it's not cold) music up, and I got stares.  Lots of stares-- people stopping to stare.  And the thought entered my mind- "Do I have a flat tire?  Is there something hanging off the front of my car?" No!  I'm the weirdo listening to really loud Christmas music two months after the holiday has passed.  

(Max in Target, with his hat on, apparently overcome with boredom)

So yes, my manly man does listen to Mariah Carey, and he does listen to Christmas music year round, and he does like it.  But only because it bring peace and love and harmony to our family. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Atlanta’s Hunger Walks

Dear Family and Friends,

Our family recently accepted the challenge to raise funds to support Atlanta Community Food Bank at Hunger Walk 2010. Gabe wrote a letter about this-- I've attached it for you all to read. He colored the pictures himself and came up with the wording himself as well :)

Please help support us in the fight against hunger by contributing generously. For information about Hunger Walk, you can visit

It is faster and easier than ever to support this great cause by making your tax-deductible donation online using the link below. If you would prefer, you can send your contribution to the address listed below.

Whatever you can give will help - it all adds up! We greatly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.

To make a donation online, visit our personal page:

To send a donation, mail to:
Chad Bowman
140 Timberland Street
Woodstock, GA 30188-3928

Make all checks payable to: Atlanta Community Food Bank

Thanks for your love and support!

Chad, Lauren, Gabe and Max Bowman

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snowy, Lovey, Party weekend

This was a great weekend in the Bowman house.  We started Friday afternoon with a birthday party for Gabe in his class.  We took cupcakes and Max was a sweetie.  We pulled in the driveway just as it started snowing... and as you may know, in Georgia, this is a BIG deal.  By 8pm, we had several inches, aka a blizzard.

Max's friend, Elizabeth Grace (an older woman) came over too-- don't worry, she had a runny nose herself, so they didn't give each other any new germs... they just shared the ones they had. They weren't super sure what to think of each other.  If one cried, the other cried too- and they kept their eyes on each other but didn't really want to share toys.  They've been around each other several times before, but this is the first time that they were aware of each other.  It was entertaining to watch, for sure!

On Saturday morning, we spotted a bear outside in the snow.

The bear made snow angels:

But he didn't really enjoy that-- it brought out the not-so-angelic side:

So then we decided to bring the bear in, and we spent the whole day in pajamas.  Chad and I had our Valentine's Day Date planned for Saturday night, but we thought lazying around all day sounded like a good plan.  We took naps when Max napped.  And when he played, I did laundry and dishes and such.  Chad (aka Cupid) had to run out for a Valentine's Day card after I threatened him with what would happen if he showed up on our date without one.  Max got a bath and went from one pair of pj's to another-- he'll value these kind of days more when he gets older. Then we dropped him off at Elizabeth Grace's house (her parents were there too, to supervise) and went to dinner.  

It was really yummy and somehow I managed to get Chad to reminisce on the funny and sweet things that had brought us together.  He has been my Valentine for 4 years now-- and I wouldn't trade him in for anything- not even a newer model :)  We both had lobster tail for the first time, and we ordered dessert to go so that we could eat it at home with our own coffee.  (You know you're an old fuddy duddy when....)  Chad even watched a romantic comedy with me- no arm twisting required.  And his card was PERFECT.  Just the right amount of sweetness- like he had written it himself.  If I didn't know any better, I would've thought that he had it picked out for months.

And then today we celebrated Gabe's 7th birthday.  His party was supposed to be yesterday, but due to inclement weather, we had to move it to today.  Much to all of our dismay, he wanted to have his birthday at Chuck E. Cheese- but it was his party, so we all followed suite.  

His favorite show right now is "Dinosaur Train" on PBS-- and that child can tell you anything there is to know about Dinosaurs-- including how to pronounce each and every one you show him.  So of course, his birthday was dinosaur themed.  His mom made the volcano on top of his cake and he was so proud- It looked awesome.

They did a whole song and dance for the birthday boy, but he wasn't too into it. Probably because it's aimed at younger children.  And Gabe could've danced circles around Chuck E-- but he was kind of embarrassed that everyone was starring at him, too!  Uncle Chris got to come with us and baby brother Max was there too- adorned in a "best baby brother in the world" shirt that Gabe got him for Christmas :) 


7 great things that happened in the life of Gabe this year (according to his step mom... his list might look different!)
1. Gabe learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels in 20 minutes
2. Gabe got a new house with a red wall just like he wanted
3. Gabe got his own dog this year and then graciously gave him away when his pregnant hormonal step mom couldn't take it anymore- he decided his baby brother was a better deal anyway!
4. Gabe started 1st grade
5. Gabe traveled to Indiana, Texas, the beach, the mountains, and met LOTS of my family he had never met before at Thanksgiving-- he's a well traveled little boy and doesn't forget a thing he experiences along the way
6. Gabe became a big brother
7. Gabe accepted Jesus as his personal Savior in October and will be baptized on May 16th 2010.

7 things I love about Gabe
1. His big blue eyes that are the same color as his Dad's and Max's
2. His ability to protect me from monsters (like Chad when they wrestle) 
3. His unbelievable memory that makes mine look ridiculous, and his love for learning.  His brain is an incredible gift from God
4. His soft, sweet, kind, heart that cares about people-- enough so to stop me in my tracks
5. His honesty and transparency
6. His big brother-ness.  I thought he'd be a good big brother, but he blows me away, continuously.  He is never annoyed or impatient with Max or the care he requires, Gabe is so proud of him, and he will run to help Max out anytime, regardless of what he is doing or watching.
7. His heart belongs to Jesus, and he loves singing praise songs

So after this weekend, the Bowman's are counting their blessings.  Gabe won 1250 tickets at Chuck E Cheese, he has lived 7 great years and changed many lives in that short time, Max's smile brightens all of our days, and I am one blessed girl with the husband of my dreams.  

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Germs Stink REALLY Bad

My 7th grade math teacher, who was phenomenal BTW, told us the first day of class that she hates the word/ phrase "this sucks" and to please use "stinks really bad" in her class. That stuck with me-- it gets the same point across YET it's not quite as crude. (I should also mention that my mother despises that word as well, so even as an adult, I feel like it is a "bad" word.) Hence the title of this blog post.

But I digress.

Last week, Gabe was sick. Like fever, didn't move much, just laid around-- and for a 6 year old, especially this 6 year old, that is a BIG deal. Chad stayed home with him the first day and when I got home from work, I noticed that Gabe wasn't being treated "properly" according to my rules of sickness. You see, in my house growing up, if you were sick, my mom made you a "bed" on the couch in front of the tv, with blankets all around you, your pillow from your bed, a drink with a straw, and control of the remote. But I decided that I didn't really need to bring it up since I was going to stay with sicky the next day, and I could "right" the wrong.

And then it happened, late Sunday night (around the time the Colts started losing) my head started pounding... my glands were noticeably swelling and I couldn't decide whether I was hot or cold.  One minute I was sweating, the next I was shivering... I was sick.  By Monday morning, I thought my head was going to explode.  Chad stayed home and took care of Max and I stayed in bed and slept.  Around noon, I decided I was hungry, and went downstairs to take my place on the couch, aka my sick bed.  But much to my dismay, Chad was sitting in the middle of the couch, and wanted me to "share" it with him.  It was time to explain the rules.  So I told him how you're supposed to act when someone is sick, and explained their rights.  I did a great job, demonstrating how one should be tucked in, and when it was appropriate to refill their glass and offer food.

And much to my dismay, he laughed, kept the remote in his hand AND stayed on the couch.  I pouted a little (he didn't care) but decided to save the fight for when I had more energy.

By Tuesday night, Max was a little "off"- and when I came home around 1:30 on Wednesday, he was going down hill fast.  Once Chad got home, we both hovered around our sick baby all night.  The poor baby honked when he breathed, his cry didn't sound like him, when he sneezed, we all need a bath.  Somehow his nose was stuffy and running at the same time, and HUGE coughs came out of his little body.  I decided that having my arms amputated without anesthesia would've been less painful that holding a sick baby that you can't help.  He had to sleep in his car seat, which we put in his crib, so that he could breathe.

(Now I know this is only a cold, and the first of many many sicknesses to come, but it's terrible and I hate it.)

So after all the sickness in the Bowman house, and therefore my sadness, I decided that this is one of my least favorite parts of parenting.  It's really hard not to be able to help- even after cleaning out the Rite Aid :( And regardless of the "rules" and all comfort measures, having sick kids sucks... I mean stinks REALLY bad.  

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Get yourself a Jill

Ok, my little man at 5 and half months is cutting a tooth-- yes, a tooth. And according to my googling, this IS early by about a month and a half. So yes, he's advanced. He's the smartest, bestest, cutest baby there is. And according to my mom, he is perfect.

As a first time mom, I'm still constantly learning and reading and asking questions. When does this happen? When should that happen? How much longer til.... etc etc etc, times infinity. And it gets very overwhelming- which leads to my point:

If you're doing this for the first time like me- being a parent- then you need a Jill. A Jill is someone who is a few steps ahead of you-- in my case 12 and a half months. So when I feel crazy, or like I'm a bad mom or I think my baby is broken, then I call her/ text her/ email her and she always says "that's fine" or "no big deal" or "oh yeah, that happened to me too". BUT let me stress that you need someone who is slightly ahead of you to calm you down after you googled and found really scary stuff or the pediatrician made you feel like an absolute idiot or you haven't slept.

Let me know tell you about my Jill. First of all, she LOVES being a mom, and her son is adorable and wonderful and smart and precious. And you're going to think I'm making this up, but if you compare pictures of Max and her son at certain ages, they look A LOT alike, which makes me very happy. Another plus is that she has a very similar parenting mentality as me-- scheduling, nursing, organic food, spending time with our children, what's important, etc. She struggles with doing everything perfectly and feeling guilty if any area of her life gets less than 100%- as do I. (Not that this is right-- we both are trying to work on our perfectionism- and the chaos that stems from it- BUT it's great to talk to her without having to explain and she gets it.)

Now let me briefly qualify and say that I have several friends who are incredible moms as well, and my own mom has been AMAZING through these first several months- helping me when I ask, and letting me figure it out when I don't. But Jill JUST did it, so she remembers, she has a boy, which is what I have, I can get in touch with her when I need something or have a question, and that's that, I trust her answers and I get piece of mind from what she says, I can be honest about what I'm doing "wrong," and I can move confidently forward, and get my undies out of a wad.

SO if you're a new mom, get a Jill, if you're about to be a mom, start thinking through who can be your Jill. And if you're like me, and have a Jill, thank God for providing people and community for this whole parenting thing. He is a GREAT GOD who not only gives us open access to Him, the Father and Creator of the Universe, but He also blesses us with people and community and family and Jill to help.