Friday, February 26, 2010

Helping Hands

Let me just say as a completely unbiased source (NOT) that if you don't have a 6 month old, you MUST get one.  They are out of this world incredible and loads of fun- so much so that I told Chad this week that I wanted to have 10 kids.  He tried to remind me how much I hated being pregnant and how sleep deprived I was in the beginning, but none of that matters.  THIS is why women do the whole pregnancy thing to their bodies over and over again, and THIS is why the bags under my eyes are "pretty", and THIS is why snot slimed, drool-covered sleeves on all my shirts are worth it.

Look at my THIS:

Max hasn't quite shaken his sickness, so we spent a couple nights together this week.  Apparently he thought 3am Mommy-bonding was necessary.  The poor guy doesn't so much enjoy not being able to breathe or the stuffy head, huge coughs, chest rattle thing.  So he'd sleep until he just couldn't do it anymore, then he'd scream until I'd run in and pick him up right, and then he'd fall right back asleep.  You're thinking oh that's easy no problem-- except he'd only sleep upright, so I'd have to sleep standing up?!  Well, I finally figured out that with the correct wall of pillows, I could position him in my arms, with both of our heads on pillows, and then we could both sleep, albeit upright.  But first, before sleep, I got these sweet little sleepy eyes gazing at me, before the zzzz's found him.  It was magical. (Prior to this sickness, we've never "allowed" baby/ parent sleeping because we didn't want to set a precedent- but I'm kind of thinking we might've missed out on something! I'm glad he's always been in his bed, in his room, but..........)

This week, Max also "helped" me a lot.  He's a lot more attentive to whatever I'm doing, and less thrilled to be left to his own.  So he was invited to participate in the daily activities of a wife and a mom, and he was quite good at it.  Check it out:

Max helped me clip coupons.  

Max helped me do laundry.

Max helped me pick up his toys.

Max helped me (un) make the bed.

Max helped me wash his grit and grime away.

Max helped me cook breakfast and clean the kitchen.

And the picture at top is Max helping me at work.  I get things done in about 4 times as much time as it used to take me to get things done.  And I have a lot more to do, too.  But let's go back to my point at the top-- these things are AMAZING and more than worth it.  Especially if they are willing to help :).

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