Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snowy, Lovey, Party weekend

This was a great weekend in the Bowman house.  We started Friday afternoon with a birthday party for Gabe in his class.  We took cupcakes and Max was a sweetie.  We pulled in the driveway just as it started snowing... and as you may know, in Georgia, this is a BIG deal.  By 8pm, we had several inches, aka a blizzard.

Max's friend, Elizabeth Grace (an older woman) came over too-- don't worry, she had a runny nose herself, so they didn't give each other any new germs... they just shared the ones they had. They weren't super sure what to think of each other.  If one cried, the other cried too- and they kept their eyes on each other but didn't really want to share toys.  They've been around each other several times before, but this is the first time that they were aware of each other.  It was entertaining to watch, for sure!

On Saturday morning, we spotted a bear outside in the snow.

The bear made snow angels:

But he didn't really enjoy that-- it brought out the not-so-angelic side:

So then we decided to bring the bear in, and we spent the whole day in pajamas.  Chad and I had our Valentine's Day Date planned for Saturday night, but we thought lazying around all day sounded like a good plan.  We took naps when Max napped.  And when he played, I did laundry and dishes and such.  Chad (aka Cupid) had to run out for a Valentine's Day card after I threatened him with what would happen if he showed up on our date without one.  Max got a bath and went from one pair of pj's to another-- he'll value these kind of days more when he gets older. Then we dropped him off at Elizabeth Grace's house (her parents were there too, to supervise) and went to dinner.  

It was really yummy and somehow I managed to get Chad to reminisce on the funny and sweet things that had brought us together.  He has been my Valentine for 4 years now-- and I wouldn't trade him in for anything- not even a newer model :)  We both had lobster tail for the first time, and we ordered dessert to go so that we could eat it at home with our own coffee.  (You know you're an old fuddy duddy when....)  Chad even watched a romantic comedy with me- no arm twisting required.  And his card was PERFECT.  Just the right amount of sweetness- like he had written it himself.  If I didn't know any better, I would've thought that he had it picked out for months.

And then today we celebrated Gabe's 7th birthday.  His party was supposed to be yesterday, but due to inclement weather, we had to move it to today.  Much to all of our dismay, he wanted to have his birthday at Chuck E. Cheese- but it was his party, so we all followed suite.  

His favorite show right now is "Dinosaur Train" on PBS-- and that child can tell you anything there is to know about Dinosaurs-- including how to pronounce each and every one you show him.  So of course, his birthday was dinosaur themed.  His mom made the volcano on top of his cake and he was so proud- It looked awesome.

They did a whole song and dance for the birthday boy, but he wasn't too into it. Probably because it's aimed at younger children.  And Gabe could've danced circles around Chuck E-- but he was kind of embarrassed that everyone was starring at him, too!  Uncle Chris got to come with us and baby brother Max was there too- adorned in a "best baby brother in the world" shirt that Gabe got him for Christmas :) 


7 great things that happened in the life of Gabe this year (according to his step mom... his list might look different!)
1. Gabe learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels in 20 minutes
2. Gabe got a new house with a red wall just like he wanted
3. Gabe got his own dog this year and then graciously gave him away when his pregnant hormonal step mom couldn't take it anymore- he decided his baby brother was a better deal anyway!
4. Gabe started 1st grade
5. Gabe traveled to Indiana, Texas, the beach, the mountains, and met LOTS of my family he had never met before at Thanksgiving-- he's a well traveled little boy and doesn't forget a thing he experiences along the way
6. Gabe became a big brother
7. Gabe accepted Jesus as his personal Savior in October and will be baptized on May 16th 2010.

7 things I love about Gabe
1. His big blue eyes that are the same color as his Dad's and Max's
2. His ability to protect me from monsters (like Chad when they wrestle) 
3. His unbelievable memory that makes mine look ridiculous, and his love for learning.  His brain is an incredible gift from God
4. His soft, sweet, kind, heart that cares about people-- enough so to stop me in my tracks
5. His honesty and transparency
6. His big brother-ness.  I thought he'd be a good big brother, but he blows me away, continuously.  He is never annoyed or impatient with Max or the care he requires, Gabe is so proud of him, and he will run to help Max out anytime, regardless of what he is doing or watching.
7. His heart belongs to Jesus, and he loves singing praise songs

So after this weekend, the Bowman's are counting their blessings.  Gabe won 1250 tickets at Chuck E Cheese, he has lived 7 great years and changed many lives in that short time, Max's smile brightens all of our days, and I am one blessed girl with the husband of my dreams.  

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  1. In case you were wondering, Max is ADORABLE! I'm talking one the top cutest babies of all time...and I know a lot of babies!