Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TRUE LIFE: Chad listens to Mariah Carey Christmas Year ‘Round

But don't take away his man card quite yet.  It is not his choice.  Nor is it mine.  Max, our 6 month old, with no voice or ability to harm us in anyway, makes this decision for us.

In Max's younger day, he was an incredible car sleeper.  He might've just got up from a nap, but put him in his seat and start the car, and he was out again.  But as he's matured, he likes to fight it.  And much to my dismay, he's very vocal about this.  

I love running around with him.  He makes running errands fun.  (There is nothing like pushing a cart around a store with those wonderful eyes staring back at me and a priceless grin telling me I'm the funniest, smartest, prettiest, best person he knows.) So when we're driving, it starts as sweet little coos, then changes to a small whimper.  This is the warning.  It says "Turn on Mariah Carey Christmas, Track 2, All I Want For Christmas, or you WILL regret it."  If I obey, I have a sleeping child within minutes- but if I don't, a cacophony of wails emerge from the back seat.  Chad and I have both worked very hard to find other songs, with similar beats, instruments, and tempo that can replace this song that has been playing on repeat in our car since early November, but to no avail.  Max will not be coerced in loving, liking, or even tolerating another car lullaby. 

If you don't believe me that this song works like a charm, every time the child starts fussing in the car, you're not the first.  My mom, my brother, and even Chad have tested this theory.  And it has been proven that the child can tell if you're playing another song, and he will increase the volume and the pitch to make sure you are aware of his distinguishing abilities. Max's will is strong, yes stronger than mine, and he has "broken" me, Chad and Gabe- the baby wins every time.

Prior to having children, when I thought I knew everything, I swore I would never be "that" parents who gave their child what they wanted.  I even said crazy things like, "When I'm a parent, I'll never ________, and When I'm a parent, I'll always ____________."  HA!  Let's just say parenting does indeed build character, and in this case, the baby is teaching us humility. I, Lauren Marie Bowman, am not above anything, and I will do what it takes, including listening to Mariah Carey Christmas Year 'Round, soley because the baby wants it, if it ensures peace in the car. (FYI, if there is not peace in the car, everyone arrives mad, flustered, sweaty, and grumpy.)  So as pride does cometh before the fall, I'm just putting it out there now, that even though I've said otherwise prior to giving birth, I will indeed hand my child greasy french fries in the car, if it makes him quiet.

So whether it's on the way home from church (when Max misses a nap every week), running errands, driving to small group, or driving to a family outing, the Bowmans are listening to Mariah Carey Christmas.  And do you know what the worst part is?  Once the baby falls asleep, we fail to recognize that we can indeed turn off the CD. So once we finally pull in the driveway,  we realize we're on track 9, and we can't blame Max anymore, because he's catching some z's.

Just me and Max were running errands about a week ago on a fluke pretty day, when the temperatures had almost reached 60 degrees.  We pulled into Target, windows down (because Max likes to wear his hat even if it's not cold) music up, and I got stares.  Lots of stares-- people stopping to stare.  And the thought entered my mind- "Do I have a flat tire?  Is there something hanging off the front of my car?" No!  I'm the weirdo listening to really loud Christmas music two months after the holiday has passed.  

(Max in Target, with his hat on, apparently overcome with boredom)

So yes, my manly man does listen to Mariah Carey, and he does listen to Christmas music year round, and he does like it.  But only because it bring peace and love and harmony to our family. 

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