Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TMI: The Projectile Vomit Edition

Yesterday started off with a conversation with Courtney, our sitter that went something like this:

"Max slept 12 hours and doesn't seem like anything is wrong or hurting but something is off.  He won't eat breakfast, he didn't eat dinner last night, and he doesn't want to play."

Courtney followed up throughout the day just affirming all of that- he seemed fine, continued napping well, barely ate, but didn't even shoot basketball.

Weird!  But it's not like I could call the doctor and say "he's not playing basketball today" and expect them to take me seriously!

So then at dinner time, as Chad and Gabe were stuffing their food in before soccer, we stopped to pray as a family for friends who have gone into pre-term labor.  While we were praying (and everyone's eyes were closed) Max grabbed Gabe's water bottle and began chugging.  After the prayer, I put Max in his chair, hoping he was now hungry.  And all of a sudden he threw up.  But it was just water- so I assumed it was because he drank too much too fast.  The only times Max has thrown up was when he ate too much too fast- so I thought that probably applied to drinking too.

Of course the throwing up scared him and made him cry, so I picked him up and set him on my lap at the table and he was ok. For a minute.  And then he began the projectile stuff-- everywhere-- all over him, all over me, all over the table and floor- over and over and over.  I don't even know where it all came from- because again, he didn't eat all day! Gabe disappeared to his room and shut the door (smart boy!) and Chad who was getting dressed for soccer practice began bringing me rags and wash clothes while trying to tuck in his shirt and tie his cleats.

I of course, responded like any helpful, encouraging, mature mother would- I started bawling-- sobbing, really.  Suppportive, I know.

So Max was scared, stuff was flying out of his mouth and nose, he was dry heaving and looking at me with sad, confused eyes, unable to understand what was going on, and his mother was crying.  Hard.  After several minutes of this, Chad and Gabe has to head out (Gabe used the front door to avoid the crime scene- again, smart boy!) And it was all I could do to get us both stripped out of the puke clothes and get Max to the tub.  Max was very upset that he had gotten stuff all over me- he kept saying "On Mommy" and pointing to my covered, splattered, and chunked clothing.

It took a long time to get everything cleaned back up- including two loads of laundry... and the rug is still hanging over the fence as of this morning, hoping the GA rain and storms will wash it clean.  And honestly, it was all I could do not to puke myself.

Max is now on the BRAT diet-- bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast-- they are supposed to be easy on your stomach.  And we were up many many times together throughout the night.  Lovely.  But it seems as though the things that are going in, are now staying down, and we can move on with our lives. Although, I am pretty scarred by this.  And I'm sure Max is scarred as well.

I think we've been lucky to make it 20 months without a stomach virus- which was obviously God knowing that I would not handle such things well.  It is/ was absolutely horrible to see my child like that- unable to help or alleviate the problem.  And really, unable to even explain it at all.  I just held him all night, rubbing his back, and telling him it was ok, while choking back my own pathetic tears.

This mom has had enough fun for one week- and it's only Tuesday.  Yikes!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys...

On Monday, mere moments before Gabe was heading out to soccer practice, he and Max decided to play in the mud puddles in our backyard.  Unfortunately, I was on the phone with insurance handling the pre-payment for Jack's birth and could only watch as it all unfolded.  Once I finally hung up, I instructed Gabe to get Max and carry him over to the door.  From there, Gabe has step by step instructions on how to remove his shoes and head to the nearest bathroom.  And I did the same for Max and placed him straight in the bathtub.

Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of Gabe, because time didn't allow it before practice, but let me assure you that it took 2 rags worth of scrubbing on just his legs, 4 different rounds of soap on his arms and hands and a new pair of soccer socks before he headed to soccer.  AND he did go to practice with plenty of mud all over the remainder of his clothes that didn't have time to be changed.

Max just stood in the bathtub the whole time saying "Mommy, water on, Mommy water on!"-- and repeating it louder and louder until I followed his instructions.  But again, Gabe was the priority, so by the time I was able to strip Max down and turn his bath water on, the people in the next county were surely hearing his demands.

And when all was said and done and the child was finally clean, Max looked at me VERY PROUDLY and said "I make mess!"

Why yes child, that you did!

But here is the best part:

About an hour later, when Chad got home, I told Max to tell Daddy what he did.  Max said, "I make mess" with a grin and walked off.  So then I explained the mud fiasco to Chad and he looked at me and said, "That's bad right?" And I nodded.  Then he asked if Gabe got in trouble and I said, "Yes, Gabe got 'the look' ".  So then he asked if Max got in a trouble and I said, "Yes, he got the look and was carried like a sack of potatoes to the bath."  And Chad nodded and walked away.

And it dawned on me, Chad saw NO problem with the boys playing in the mud- and without ruffling my feathers, was making sure I didn't scare them out of doing it again... and I'm pretty sure that Chad hopes he's here for the next round of mud pies so he can join in!

So, boys will be boys, and I'm out-numbered, so it's pretty obvious who's going to win the playing in the mud battle.... and the more I think about it, the more obvious it is that that is NOT a battle worth fighting.  Bring on the mud boys.... just keep the worms outside!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Before Jack Arrives

I have a list on the counter called "Before Jack Arrives".  It's things we need to get or buy or borrow or set up before he comes. Honestly, it's really short and easy-  most of it is things I don't really need or just a couple $5-$10 items that I need to pick up from target.  Mostly because we had a boy 20 months ago, and mostly because we're blessed by friends and family who showered us and our baby with lots of gifts the first time around!

Here is the list:

1. Double stroller (want)

2. Video monitor (want)

3. Rail for Max's big boy bed

4. Moby wrap (want)

5. All new accessories for my pump

6. Nursing pads, Medela micro sanitize bags, and Medela storage bags ($30)

7. A diaper bag with "Jack" on it (want)

8. Nursing clothes

9. Borrow bassinet from Danielle

10. New bibs- no child should have to wear the ones Max destroyed!

11. New burp clothes that don't say "Max"!

12. "Jack" letters for the wall

13. New bumper made by Mom

14. Set up swing, car seat, and bouncy seat.

So super easy, right?  I've already re-done the closet that Max and Jack will share and it's gorgeous.  I've already washed everything in dreft and have it put away perfectly... and labeled of course :)  I've already gotten a second sound machine and even thought to buy a new tube of vaseline for the poor boy's circumcision :(  Basically, I could go have a baby tonight and be a-ok.... not that we're doing that, I'm just saying!  My point is, we're so beyond set when it comes to this little man.

Well other day as I was glancing over the list, I noticed Chad has made his own special note at the bottom:

15. Plant money tree

This cracked me up!! The man must not have known the long long long list of stuff we needed before Max was born-- or even the long long list of stuff I bought!  But his little note made me giggle for two weeks now!  I have since transferred the list to another place but still keep the original on my desk for the laugh.

Lastly, Chad informed me the other night that he really likes the name Jack- and that he didn't at first.  Um, hello..... don't you think you should've told me that about 7 months ago??  Men!  One this is for sure, they're always entertaining!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break 20-11

Ever heard of a baby-moon?  Apparently it's a rip off of your honey moon, except it's right before you have a baby- it's a leisurely, lovely, relaxing get away with the one you love, right before the arrival of chaos, I mean a new baby.  Anyway, I keep getting email articles about taking a babymoon... and so I did... kind of.

I went to Indiana!  Every pregnant woman's dream.  And I took my one year old.  And I left my husband at home.  And my good friend Danielle came too... and her one year old, ha!  Doesn't that sound relaxing and romantic?

Ok, so maybe it wasn't a babymoon- but it was most definitely Spring Break 20-11 and as wild and crazy and you could imagine :) I decided that a few days away, before the real hugeness and achy-ness set in would be ideal and of course seeing my parents and letting them spoil Max while I was semi-off duty was ideal for me as well.  And Danielle's grand parents live just outside of the city and so she decided to ride along.

Max and Reed enjoyed their back seat time together, but they preferred our stops for food, diapers changes, candy, and other treats along the journey:

Reed got fussy before his morning nap, and Max got fussy pulling in to town because he had had enough car time, otherwise, the two were delightful and Danielle and I got to chat and gab the whole way there!

Max had his first trip to the zoo, too.... unfortunately it was chillier than the weather man said it would be and most of the animals were MIA, but Max did get to see elephants and giraffes and a polar bear, penguins and the dolphin show, which he loved!  Max and Annie even petted sharks-- but I just couldn't handle it-- they were small sharks and not scary for any reason, but it still majorly weirded me out, so I just took pictures :)

After we were done with our day o' fun at the zoo, we headed to the car and Annie changed Max's diaper.  She noticed that he had a huge booger in his nose and for some reason, Max prefers the boogers to stay IN his nose, so she didn't even try to pick it and handed him to me.  I strapped him in his seat and began the removal process.  The booger was HUGE- like begs the question, "how the heck did that fit in his nose?".  But I retreived it and flicked it outside of the car, ONLY to see that it had landed ON the hub cab of the car parked next to us and it was SO large that it might've left a dent:

(Yes, I am a horrible person and just left the booger there.)

The next day, we got to go meet my cousin's new baby- he is precious.  I think I sniffed him 357 times-- why can't they bottle that smell? Baby Hayden was 9 days old and my cousin Natalie was already out and about, looking great, with make up on and matching clothes- I was impressed.  (Did I mention that she has a 3 year old, too?) We got to see my other cousin, Nicole's house as well.  She's single, a nurse, adorable, the best aunt, super fun decorator, and Gabe's Indiana girlfriend.  (AKA top notch and famous in our house) She's also Natalie's sister :)  Anyway, we walked from her house, with the 3 kiddos- Addie, Hayden, and Max, to a yummy ice cream and soda shop for lunch.  It was delicious- I've been craving the turkey sandwich on pretzel bread since... and the ice cream brownie sundae that Max and I shared wasn't so bad either :)

Then on Saturday, Max continued to wrapped Annie and Pop around his finger.  That included a new baseball balloon, because seeing Annie means getting a new balloon, which is one of Max's favorite things.  (And yes, over a week later, the thing still lives on in our house, thank you Mother!)

And Max exercised with Pop-- why?  Because he wanted to and Pop doesn't tell Max no.  (Max  has a slight obsession with Pop- every time he picks up my phone he says "I talkin Pop" and when he sees his baseball in his room that my Dad gave him for his first Christmas, he says "Pop baseball".  He also has Pop shoes and a Pop shirt, which happens to have a tiger on it, because, clearly, when they see each other, the growl at one another.  It's their love language.  And the kid's face LIGHTS up when you mention Pop or he gets to see Pop on the computer.  Max will sit in my lap for 20+ minutes while I'm on facebook clicking through the same 10 pictures of Pop and every time I go to a new picture, he squeals with delight and screams "Pop!")  Now this picture should demonstrate why Max and Pop get along so well...

While we were in Indy, the Masters were on tv.  And so of course Max loved that as well!  He'd plant himself on Annie and Pop's shag rug, aka the putting green, and golfed for hours-- pausing to watch intermittently and yell "in the hole!" or "he missed".  And in case you were wondering, missed is actually pronounced "bissed!".  After a weekend of golf, Max now performs for us, slow motion, take his swing in a frame by frame motion.  Hilarious!

Reed and Danielle spent the night with us on Saturday- Max showed Reed all of his balls, and poor Danielle got to meet a little too much of my family, ha!  But then we got up EARLY on Sunday, to make the trek home to our men- the boys were ready for Daddy and we were ready to hug on them as well.  The drive on Sunday was even easier than our drive up, and the trip was a success.

We got to get away- check!

Babies got spoiled- check!

We partied hard, spring break 20-11- check!

And now I'm ready to have a baby- check check!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heavy Post, Hurting Mama

I know the world is full of sin- really, I do.  And I know that there are addictions and "fetishes" that I just can't comprehend. Luckily, blessedly, I also know that there is a God who saves, who redeems and who heals.  I'm trying to find rest and peace there right now, instead of where my flesh wants to go.

Let me briefly explain- this blog is obviously about my children- growing them, raising them, and learning from them.  It is my heart also- as you can tell, being a mom is such an incredible gift.  So when I write here, and post things here, I (naively) assumed that those reading and visiting would be like-minded-- either mom's, people who love me and/or my children, old and new friends, and other bloggers out there who love funny kid stories and adorable pictures.... if I do say so myself.

Anyway, I do watch my online data pretty closely- my blog hosting site tells me how many people looked at a certain thing in a day and what searches were used to find those things.  The norm are readers who come to the blog one of three ways-- 1) By my site, meaning they have it in their blog roll 2) Thru facebook, as any new post gets noted on my FB status and 3) Thru twitter, as any new post also gets tweeted-- these are the followers I want, thank you!

BUT recently, some people have used some impure/ indecent searches and found pictures on my blog.  And then they keep going back again and again and again and again to view those pictures, in a day.  The first day I noticed this, I decided it was me, over-reacting, the second day I started to freak, and now, plainly, I feel like my son is being violated.  Precious baby pictures during bath time and his other funny bathroom stunts can no longer be public domain. I have removed those pictures, so if you see this note:  *NOTE: Certain pictures were removed after some disturbing online data-- that is why.

If you're a blogger, I want to urge you to consider every picture that you post- can it be distorted?  Can it be abused? Honestly, I despise feeling this vulnerable- but even worse, I despise feeling this stupid-- why didn't I consider this before?  I've seen the news, I've heard statistics.  But I'm thankful that God revealed this truth to me in a matter of days- not months or years- and in such a way that will open my eyes and evoke protection over my children's purity in a way that I wouldn't have thought of/ been able to before.

Readers, going forward, no naked pictures regardless of how adorable they are, but I promise all the funny stories will remain :) And to those of you who were abusing the pictures I posted, I pray that you know that there is a God who loves you and has already OVERCOME sin- He can give you the strength to do the same.

My 20 Month Old!

Here he goes, growing up on me, some more!  As if I hadn't already had enough-- now he wants to act like a small person, that Max!  Oh my goodness, he's just my favorite little buddy.  His personality is just getting bigger and bigger and his brain is just amazing.  When we get to the end of the day, and I start to pray before laying him down, I just have to take a huge breath because the amount of blessed just overcomes me again and again!

This month has been really fun- Max's communication skills grow by leaps and bounds, daily.  The things he picks up on are unreal and I couldn't even begin to make a list of all the words that he knows.  Max inherited his opinions from me- as in he has one, all the time, and it's rather hard to change, ha!  He likes certain shoes and certain shirts and there is a certain time for diaper changing.  He also wants what he wants- that boy!  And he's stubborn.  I can just ignore him, because I'm stubborn too, but him and his father-- well let's just say they've had a standoff or two- and it didn't end well for either of them. I'm not sure which of them shed more tears.....

Max is not really a risk taker- he never has been- he likes to be able to do something well before even trying- and this is still the case at 20 months.  But then he is a boy too.  So he does boy stuff-- like climb and explore.  AND he is very independent.  So his likes to climb and explore on his own.  This has led to many bumps and bruises this month.  But he is one tough cookie- there are rarely tears involved, and if he has any, it's very brief.  Yesterday morning, the boys were playing outside before church and we heard a loud crash-- I ran around the corner just in time for the wail that followed- I couldn't see anything wrong and after a kiss or two he was fine and ready to play some more-- but then as we're heading out the door for church, I notice the purple marks on his face and forehead-- the child had taken one heck of a spill without even milking it at all!  I had to assure the nursery worker that the fresh wound on his face was from an 8am play time in the backyard and not from any other form of abuse!

Speaking of independent, apparently it's cool to wash your own hair and body in the bath tub when you're 20 months old-- he grabs the soap and says "I wash" and starts scrubbing.  The same is true when it comes to brushing his teeth.  I ask for a turn but he says "My turn, Mommy."  So I forcefully have to take control at the end of every bath and every teeth brushing, and give him a quick scrub.  Oh my dear, already?  People tell me daily that he's my clone- and let me tell you, it's not just his looks!

This month also marked his first real interest in the potty- he tells us when he's gone and what kind of surprise he's made in his pants.  He loves to join us in the bathroom and give the play by play, "Mommy go potty....... Mommy wipe...... Mommy all done..... Mommy flush...... Mommy wash hands."  Potentially this month we're going to give potty training a go- I know he's a boy and all that other stuff you read about boys taking longer and trying to train them later, but he's so interested and he's so smart, that I don't want to miss it.  Also, if it stresses him out or it doesn't work, then who cares?!!  We'll just try it again later!

As of this point, Max still has his passy and his buggle-- with no end in sight.  He loves them.  And he's so easy- and I'm just not at a rock-the-boat stage of life right now.  I also read an article last week that children between 18-24 months who have a lovey sleep better, and tend to be brighter and more creative.  Sweet!  The catch will be if Jack is a passy baby too-- then we might have issues :)  But at this point, I'm not creating any problems for myself.  We'll figure it out when it happens.  And if we're going to move him (Max) to a big boy bed soon, and potentially potty train him, then the poor boy can have his passy and buggle!  I have been leaving it at home more and someday it will have to go away- but today is not that day.

As for size, Max is still rocking the size 4 diapers, going strong in 18-24 month clothes, and size 5 shoes.  His appetite is still on the small side, but he eats veggies most of the time, and is growing right on target, and we just can't complain at all.  Max does get teeth slower than most kids-- he's working on his top incisors now- which is a super fun process..... joke!  That will make tooth number #13 and tooth #14.  His athlete's foot is pretty much gone, but we have to keep medicating to make sure it stays that way-- we learned that one the hard way!  Max is seriously the MOST messy kid ever- and it's getting worse, not better.  And he is very aware of the situation, coming to us with dirty hands and face saying "I make mess"-- this includes eating, drawing, and picking up stuff that he shouldn't-- the child can make a mess of everything! His hands are still chubby and dippley, he cheeks and belly are still round, he still gives great hugs and kisses, and he's is the cutest darn thing I have ever seen!

He's also quite the used car salesman-- he'll come over and love on me, without warning, laying his face on mine, wrapping his arms around me, planting kisses, and then pop up and ask for a cookie.  He also makes sweet grins and cheesy smiles to woo me before wanting candy or ice cream.  He's smart boy, that Max!  He also says "cheese" when I'm taking pictures, or if I leave the camera with his reach, he'll pick it up and pretend to snap pictures saying "cheese" over and over.

I still get a little anxious thinking about my days with just him being numbered, but it's for a good cause, I just know it!  We're looking forward to Easter this weekend, then Mother's Day and Uncle Eli's graduation- all during this 20th month.  I know he will teach me more than I will teach him, and I'm going to fall more in love with him while we're at it.  Needless to say, I'm looking forward to it :)

SO Max, let me just tell you, you're one of a kind and I love every bit of you.  Being your mom makes me better and continually opens my eye to the bigness of God.  Every second the I spend with you is time well spent, and it always leaves me wanting more. I know that I mess up sometimes, and I  know that I'm not perfect and that my love for you isn't perfect either, but let me assure you that my heart is completely full of love for you, despite all that, which can only mean one thing- God, the perfect Father and the perfect love, has so much love for you and for me and for all of his children, individually, that there is just no humanly conceivable way to wrap our teeny tiny brains around it!  You have been created by God, in His image, and you were sent here to do great things- I pray you'll see that- that you'll be that-- that you'll live that.  I thank my God for you, precious boy.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Day With Max...

On Fridays, I get to spend the whole day with Max.  It's the only day all week when I don't ever go to work but Chad does and Gabe goes to school- so it's just Max and Mommy.  Every Thursday night when I'm putting Max to bed, I tell him "Tomorrow is Max and Mommy.... Mommy and Max!"  (I won't hold back- it's actually a made up song that I sing...) And I think he's finally starting to get it because now it brings a shiny smile to his face.  And he loves our day too... although I must say that he is way more whiney and needy with me than with anyone else.... oh the joys of motherhood :)

Well this week, Max was quite full of himself and said and did some things that I hope to never EVER forget....

First of all, we started the day in my bed, after the big boys had left.  I was about to open my computer but decided to snuggle him a bit... bad idea.  Max was NOT in the cuddle mood, and so he thrashed his head from side to side, looked at me, and sternly said "No!  My Max!".  Mr. Independent.  I wanted to use the line "I brought you into this world, and I can hug you if I want" but the look I was getting let me know he was serious.  How does a one year old already know to assert his independence?  How is he already his own?  Heart- breaking, to say the least, but at least he didn't tell me that I wasn't the boss of him... I still have a year or two before that, right?

Later that morning, Max and I were in the car headed to his friend Haven's house.  I had a meeting at work (ironically on my not go to work day, ha) that I wanted to sit in on, and Haven lives just across from the office, so I was going to drop Max to play for an hour.  Right before we turn on their road, Max pointed to a billboard and said "Mommy and Kitty Cat!"  He was excited, he said it over and over again- and bless that child, he was referring to the Hooter's billboard.  I, 8 months pregnant, am obviously a close match to the Hooter's waitress, and Max thought the Hooter's owl looked a lot like a kitty cat.  Prior to this occasion, I have never aspired to be compared to a Hooter's waitress- but when my one year old confuses my big belly-ed, waddle-y, haggled self with the tall, slender, voluptuous beautiful blonde waitress, I just couldn't deny the fact that the child loved me.... and that love in most definitely blind!

After my meeting, we headed home for nap time, after a stop for lunch and a walk through a consignment store.  As soon as we walked in the door to the store, Max spotted a "baseball".  And obviously the child loves balls.  He walks over and starts playing with the baseball-- except the baseball isn't really a baseball-- it's a baseball potty!  I explained that it was actually a potty, and since Max is currently obsessed with pottying, he thought this was great news!  He wrapped his arms around the potty- and no, they couldn't fit all the way around- and started carrying it over to the door.  I asked him if he wanted to take the baseball potty home and he said "Uh huh, show Daddy."  So I paid the $12 for the baseball potty THAT HAD BEEN SOMEONE ELSE'S and we headed home.  I doused it in bleach and had Chad hose it off several hours later.  We shined it up and it proudly resides in the boy's bathroom now.  And Max loves it so much, that he bring it out in the hall a couple times I day and just sits on it.  With and without clothes on.  The best part?  When you flush his potty, which is obviously not a flushing potty but rather a mommy/daddy dumping and cleaning potty, it cheers, like cheers a lot, like a whole stadium full of people, all proud of the "duty" Max will someday take care of on that potty.

Oh I love that boy-- To many more Max and Mommy days :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Ending of an Era

Remember a while ago when I mentioned that Chad was re-doing our bathroom?  And for some reason we thought it would be a quick process?  Well it wasn't.  But it is done!!!!

This is the ending of an era for many reasons- first of all, there is no trace left of the Brady Bunch bathroom that once infected our lives and our master bedroom.  I know Carol is grieving-- but no one else is!  Secondly, in order to do this kind of renovation, it requires your ENTIRE house to be covered in dust- construction dust- and no matter how  many times I dusted, and wiped, and sprayed and cleaned, the dust remained.  So I let it win.... for a time.  My sitters probably thought something was seriously wrong, and if you have dust allergies, be glad you didn't stop by- it would've landed you in the ER.  Seriously, it was that bad!  But the dusty phase is now over too.  And lastly, Chad can no longer say that he has never renovated a bathroom.  Because well, now he has!  We are done, and it is beautimous!

Our house was built in the 70's which apparently means the big bathroom is for the guests and the master bathroom should be so tiny that a pregnant woman canNOT fit in it. It also means that there should be no room for storage.  For the 2 years that we have lived  here, we have kept our towels in our closet and on the back of the bedroom door and the bathroom trash can was out in our room, beside the dresser.  So besides the shower and the sink, nothing else fit.  For real.

So let's start with some before pictures:

[caption id="attachment_1448" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="BEFORE"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1447" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The shower, in a lovely shade of green with accompanying faux glass doors, complete with mildew, mold, and fungus"]A lovely shade of green with a fabulous faux glass shower door- complete with fungus, mold, and mildew[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1449" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Our bathroom storage, courtesy of the over the toilet shelving from my college days"][/caption]

Now really, the original bathroom is probably just too much for you to take in.  You may even be wondering why we changed it.  I know, I know, a real tragedy to lose a masterpiece like this...

Here are some "during" pictures.... this might explain the ever-present dust and dirt:

Now, before I get to the grand finale, let me assure you that Chad has NEVER done something like this before- he learned every single step as he went, calling his Dad a million times, and asking some buddies a question or two from time to time.  We went to Home Depot and Lowe's 32,948,516,887 times- the cashiers know our children, and we had to return a thing or 20, too... BUT once you take a look, you're not going to believe any of that- you might even think a pro did it, but I assure you, the we... I mean Chad... did it.  It required late nights, and lots of ruckus, but it was all worth it for this:

(Unfortunately, the bathroom is still teeny tiny, so I couldn't fit all the way in to take good pictures... oh well!)

Now, I don't have to worry who else has been there.  Everything is spotless and we can keep it that way.  Our towels and trash and bathroom stuff all fit in the bathroom.  We love the color, we love the light, we love the shower, and we paid cash for every single bit of it-- yay!

So, do you think I should mention to Chad that I'm already planning the re-model of the boys bathroom.... or should I let him relish this finished project a bit more.....