Monday, April 18, 2011

My Day With Max...

On Fridays, I get to spend the whole day with Max.  It's the only day all week when I don't ever go to work but Chad does and Gabe goes to school- so it's just Max and Mommy.  Every Thursday night when I'm putting Max to bed, I tell him "Tomorrow is Max and Mommy.... Mommy and Max!"  (I won't hold back- it's actually a made up song that I sing...) And I think he's finally starting to get it because now it brings a shiny smile to his face.  And he loves our day too... although I must say that he is way more whiney and needy with me than with anyone else.... oh the joys of motherhood :)

Well this week, Max was quite full of himself and said and did some things that I hope to never EVER forget....

First of all, we started the day in my bed, after the big boys had left.  I was about to open my computer but decided to snuggle him a bit... bad idea.  Max was NOT in the cuddle mood, and so he thrashed his head from side to side, looked at me, and sternly said "No!  My Max!".  Mr. Independent.  I wanted to use the line "I brought you into this world, and I can hug you if I want" but the look I was getting let me know he was serious.  How does a one year old already know to assert his independence?  How is he already his own?  Heart- breaking, to say the least, but at least he didn't tell me that I wasn't the boss of him... I still have a year or two before that, right?

Later that morning, Max and I were in the car headed to his friend Haven's house.  I had a meeting at work (ironically on my not go to work day, ha) that I wanted to sit in on, and Haven lives just across from the office, so I was going to drop Max to play for an hour.  Right before we turn on their road, Max pointed to a billboard and said "Mommy and Kitty Cat!"  He was excited, he said it over and over again- and bless that child, he was referring to the Hooter's billboard.  I, 8 months pregnant, am obviously a close match to the Hooter's waitress, and Max thought the Hooter's owl looked a lot like a kitty cat.  Prior to this occasion, I have never aspired to be compared to a Hooter's waitress- but when my one year old confuses my big belly-ed, waddle-y, haggled self with the tall, slender, voluptuous beautiful blonde waitress, I just couldn't deny the fact that the child loved me.... and that love in most definitely blind!

After my meeting, we headed home for nap time, after a stop for lunch and a walk through a consignment store.  As soon as we walked in the door to the store, Max spotted a "baseball".  And obviously the child loves balls.  He walks over and starts playing with the baseball-- except the baseball isn't really a baseball-- it's a baseball potty!  I explained that it was actually a potty, and since Max is currently obsessed with pottying, he thought this was great news!  He wrapped his arms around the potty- and no, they couldn't fit all the way around- and started carrying it over to the door.  I asked him if he wanted to take the baseball potty home and he said "Uh huh, show Daddy."  So I paid the $12 for the baseball potty THAT HAD BEEN SOMEONE ELSE'S and we headed home.  I doused it in bleach and had Chad hose it off several hours later.  We shined it up and it proudly resides in the boy's bathroom now.  And Max loves it so much, that he bring it out in the hall a couple times I day and just sits on it.  With and without clothes on.  The best part?  When you flush his potty, which is obviously not a flushing potty but rather a mommy/daddy dumping and cleaning potty, it cheers, like cheers a lot, like a whole stadium full of people, all proud of the "duty" Max will someday take care of on that potty.

Oh I love that boy-- To many more Max and Mommy days :)

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