Thursday, April 21, 2011

Before Jack Arrives

I have a list on the counter called "Before Jack Arrives".  It's things we need to get or buy or borrow or set up before he comes. Honestly, it's really short and easy-  most of it is things I don't really need or just a couple $5-$10 items that I need to pick up from target.  Mostly because we had a boy 20 months ago, and mostly because we're blessed by friends and family who showered us and our baby with lots of gifts the first time around!

Here is the list:

1. Double stroller (want)

2. Video monitor (want)

3. Rail for Max's big boy bed

4. Moby wrap (want)

5. All new accessories for my pump

6. Nursing pads, Medela micro sanitize bags, and Medela storage bags ($30)

7. A diaper bag with "Jack" on it (want)

8. Nursing clothes

9. Borrow bassinet from Danielle

10. New bibs- no child should have to wear the ones Max destroyed!

11. New burp clothes that don't say "Max"!

12. "Jack" letters for the wall

13. New bumper made by Mom

14. Set up swing, car seat, and bouncy seat.

So super easy, right?  I've already re-done the closet that Max and Jack will share and it's gorgeous.  I've already washed everything in dreft and have it put away perfectly... and labeled of course :)  I've already gotten a second sound machine and even thought to buy a new tube of vaseline for the poor boy's circumcision :(  Basically, I could go have a baby tonight and be a-ok.... not that we're doing that, I'm just saying!  My point is, we're so beyond set when it comes to this little man.

Well other day as I was glancing over the list, I noticed Chad has made his own special note at the bottom:

15. Plant money tree

This cracked me up!! The man must not have known the long long long list of stuff we needed before Max was born-- or even the long long list of stuff I bought!  But his little note made me giggle for two weeks now!  I have since transferred the list to another place but still keep the original on my desk for the laugh.

Lastly, Chad informed me the other night that he really likes the name Jack- and that he didn't at first.  Um, hello..... don't you think you should've told me that about 7 months ago??  Men!  One this is for sure, they're always entertaining!

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