Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break 20-11

Ever heard of a baby-moon?  Apparently it's a rip off of your honey moon, except it's right before you have a baby- it's a leisurely, lovely, relaxing get away with the one you love, right before the arrival of chaos, I mean a new baby.  Anyway, I keep getting email articles about taking a babymoon... and so I did... kind of.

I went to Indiana!  Every pregnant woman's dream.  And I took my one year old.  And I left my husband at home.  And my good friend Danielle came too... and her one year old, ha!  Doesn't that sound relaxing and romantic?

Ok, so maybe it wasn't a babymoon- but it was most definitely Spring Break 20-11 and as wild and crazy and you could imagine :) I decided that a few days away, before the real hugeness and achy-ness set in would be ideal and of course seeing my parents and letting them spoil Max while I was semi-off duty was ideal for me as well.  And Danielle's grand parents live just outside of the city and so she decided to ride along.

Max and Reed enjoyed their back seat time together, but they preferred our stops for food, diapers changes, candy, and other treats along the journey:

Reed got fussy before his morning nap, and Max got fussy pulling in to town because he had had enough car time, otherwise, the two were delightful and Danielle and I got to chat and gab the whole way there!

Max had his first trip to the zoo, too.... unfortunately it was chillier than the weather man said it would be and most of the animals were MIA, but Max did get to see elephants and giraffes and a polar bear, penguins and the dolphin show, which he loved!  Max and Annie even petted sharks-- but I just couldn't handle it-- they were small sharks and not scary for any reason, but it still majorly weirded me out, so I just took pictures :)

After we were done with our day o' fun at the zoo, we headed to the car and Annie changed Max's diaper.  She noticed that he had a huge booger in his nose and for some reason, Max prefers the boogers to stay IN his nose, so she didn't even try to pick it and handed him to me.  I strapped him in his seat and began the removal process.  The booger was HUGE- like begs the question, "how the heck did that fit in his nose?".  But I retreived it and flicked it outside of the car, ONLY to see that it had landed ON the hub cab of the car parked next to us and it was SO large that it might've left a dent:

(Yes, I am a horrible person and just left the booger there.)

The next day, we got to go meet my cousin's new baby- he is precious.  I think I sniffed him 357 times-- why can't they bottle that smell? Baby Hayden was 9 days old and my cousin Natalie was already out and about, looking great, with make up on and matching clothes- I was impressed.  (Did I mention that she has a 3 year old, too?) We got to see my other cousin, Nicole's house as well.  She's single, a nurse, adorable, the best aunt, super fun decorator, and Gabe's Indiana girlfriend.  (AKA top notch and famous in our house) She's also Natalie's sister :)  Anyway, we walked from her house, with the 3 kiddos- Addie, Hayden, and Max, to a yummy ice cream and soda shop for lunch.  It was delicious- I've been craving the turkey sandwich on pretzel bread since... and the ice cream brownie sundae that Max and I shared wasn't so bad either :)

Then on Saturday, Max continued to wrapped Annie and Pop around his finger.  That included a new baseball balloon, because seeing Annie means getting a new balloon, which is one of Max's favorite things.  (And yes, over a week later, the thing still lives on in our house, thank you Mother!)

And Max exercised with Pop-- why?  Because he wanted to and Pop doesn't tell Max no.  (Max  has a slight obsession with Pop- every time he picks up my phone he says "I talkin Pop" and when he sees his baseball in his room that my Dad gave him for his first Christmas, he says "Pop baseball".  He also has Pop shoes and a Pop shirt, which happens to have a tiger on it, because, clearly, when they see each other, the growl at one another.  It's their love language.  And the kid's face LIGHTS up when you mention Pop or he gets to see Pop on the computer.  Max will sit in my lap for 20+ minutes while I'm on facebook clicking through the same 10 pictures of Pop and every time I go to a new picture, he squeals with delight and screams "Pop!")  Now this picture should demonstrate why Max and Pop get along so well...

While we were in Indy, the Masters were on tv.  And so of course Max loved that as well!  He'd plant himself on Annie and Pop's shag rug, aka the putting green, and golfed for hours-- pausing to watch intermittently and yell "in the hole!" or "he missed".  And in case you were wondering, missed is actually pronounced "bissed!".  After a weekend of golf, Max now performs for us, slow motion, take his swing in a frame by frame motion.  Hilarious!

Reed and Danielle spent the night with us on Saturday- Max showed Reed all of his balls, and poor Danielle got to meet a little too much of my family, ha!  But then we got up EARLY on Sunday, to make the trek home to our men- the boys were ready for Daddy and we were ready to hug on them as well.  The drive on Sunday was even easier than our drive up, and the trip was a success.

We got to get away- check!

Babies got spoiled- check!

We partied hard, spring break 20-11- check!

And now I'm ready to have a baby- check check!

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  1. I almost threw up looking at the booger BTW - that is amazing!