Sunday, November 28, 2010

TMI: You might be pregnant if

You Might Be Pregnant if:

1. Your favorite passtime is going #1

2. Going #2 is the hardest thing you do all day

3. You require a nap daily

4. When you arrive home, you rush in the door so you can put on sweat pants

5. You drink water like you may never be able to find another drop again

6. Every episode of The Bert Show on Q100, Grey's and Private Practice makes you cry-- but the normal cry stuff makes you merely shrug your shoulders

7. You go to bed by 9pm and fall fast asleep within .0675 seconds

8. You have teenage acne all over your 27 year old face

9. You think in terms of "weeks"

10. Being nauseous is a normal part of everyday-- and you have to choose between eating really bad for you things that settle your stomach, or skipping the calories and the lbs and puking.

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