Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Golf Club Shoes

Before Max could walk, before Max even wore shoes, Angela found some barely worn, very clean white shoes at a garage sale.  She dropped them off for one day when Max would need shoes, and I put them in his shoe organizer, at the bottom, which is where his "shoes to grow into" are kept and didn't think another thing about it. Literally, they have been there for a year.

But the other day, while I was putting some clothes in the boys' closet, Max came in to help and walked up to his shoe organizer, grabbed these pristine white tennis shoes and screamed "My golf club shoes!"

He then walked over to his dresser and got out a pair of socks and sat in the middle of the floor beckoning me to put them on his feet.  (I'd like to point out that he never sits still when I want him to put shoes on!) As soon as they were tied, he was ready to be released into the backyard (his golf course) so he could play golf. And ever since then, he goes and gets his golf club shoes out of his closet every time he wants to play golf, which is about 42834774 times a day. I also got in major trouble yesterday for putting his blue shoes on his feet when we were headed out for errands because he needed his golf club shoes.

Now I don't even know where Max would've seen real golf shoes besides tv, because when Chad goes to play, he keeps his shoes in his bag until he gets to the course and my Dad's shoes are black. But the instant Max saw these shoes, they reminded him of golf shoes and it was very apparent to him that these were his golf shoes and that was the only reason they existed. These shoes are now his favorite shoes in the whole world- even better then the shoes Pop got him- and he's a better golfer because of them- just ask him!

I love that boy, his brain, and his obsession with golf. I love how he misses NOTHING and knew that he should have golf shoes and these shoes looked like some golf shoes that he has seen somewhere.  That little boys is ah-mazing. I love him.

(NOTE: These pictures were taken during potty training which is why the child is not wearing pants!)

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