Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Planners, Shoes, Impostors, Bags, and Love

Ok, so that is a really lame title, but these things do not go and they have been lumped together in one post, kind of like a run on sentence that doesn't even form a cohesive thought. That is because I have many things to say- especially coming off a most wonderful weekend at the Dotmom conference, but time is of the essence so I will elaborate on that in the next post, but for now, I will stick with the basics:

1) I got my life planner- but no I didn't pay full price, despite how much I love planning, my husband would croak if I spent $50 on a planner!!!! So I ordered when they were half off. The when I saw it on the front stoop, I shrieked and it's been love ever since.  I take it with me everywhere I got- even if I don't need it :) Isn't it cute? Order yours at http://www.erincondren.com That website is full of other wonderful stuff too!

2) I got TOMS for Gabe and Max. Gabe hasn't tried his on yet (he's been in TX for fall break) but Max in tiny TOMS is one of the cutest things I ever did see- and he loves his new shoes. Max loves shoes like his Mama loves shoes- he puts them on and then asks everyone if they like them :)

3) We had a kodak moment... it was a Max imposter... in Max's bed with his paci, buggle and his doggy, but it wasn't him.....

But he was just as cute!

4) I also reached a new low-- I ran errands without children and used a reusable shopping bag as my purse-- then I took it to work the next day as my purse. Really, Lauren? Really? I think this qualifies as "you know you're a super dork mom who drives a minivan when..." moment.

5) While I was gone this weekend, my Mom came in town to take care of my boy (we thought Chad would be working, and last minute he wasn't, so he got a golfing trip out of it instead) and my bro (our Manny) would send me picture updates all weekend and this on is my favorite... I think it's love, for both of them:

That is all for now of the riveting blog post, please come back tomorrow to learn all about the most amazing Mom conference ever and why you MUST attend next year and how it has changed my life- literally :) Happy Tuesday!

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