Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh My Baby J

Today my baby man is 4 months old-- 4 months, already! And he's really coming into his own-- he laughs a lot, talks anytime someone will listen, loves to play with his own hands, will reach for stuff above his head when he's laying on his back, and will blow a gasket anytime you put him on his tummy.  He prefers to be carried facing outward, so he can take in the world. And when he gets mad, it's from 0-60 in .002 seconds, but he usually calms down in as much as well.

Recently, we've discovered that he likes the same exact schedule everyday-- I was just starting the day when he woke up each day, but after some encouragement from Laura, co-founder of MomsOnCall, we changed to the same schedule day to day and it's been great. He sleeps through the night, IN his own crib, IN his own room, that he shares with Max-- ahhhhh. (And then Max shared his cold with us all and made for some long nights, but what are brothers for, right?)

Jack's schedule:
7:00am- Eat
8:00am- Nap
10:30am- Eat
11:45am- Nap
2:00pm- Eat
3:00pm- Nap
5:00pm- Eat
5:30pm- Catnap
7:00pm- Wake up! Playtime!
8:00pm- bath, eat, cuddle, GOOD NIGHT!

Jack still wears size 2 diapers, and we haven't started any food at all. And the main reason for that is just that I'm busy and I'm not ready to bite that off yet, although I do get a little excited thinking about that right around the corner-- that is a super fun stage! Anyway, back to J- he also wears some 3 months stuff, some 3-6  month stuff, and just for fun, I put him in 6 mth clothes but they are really baggy. His spitting up after eating is so much better- 80% of the time, he doesn't even spit at all! And he's still a pro at switching back and forth between nursing and the bottle when I'm at work.

My favorite things about Jack are his 3 legs rolls (that's total: 1 on one leg, 2 on the other), his soft beautiful skin, his facial expressions when he's talking, that he's a cuddle bug, the last feeding of the day when the lights are dim and the house is quiet, and it's just me and him, and my most favorite thing: his breath. I stick my nose in his mouth, literally, ALL the time. Oh, he's just one big ball of heaven.

Jack, I really love being a mom, but being your mom is out of this world amazing.  You're easy and you love me back with all your cuddles and snuggles and I love thinking about you, talking about you, hearing about you from your manny, and really, anything that involves you! When I look at you, my breath catches because you are that precious and that beautiful. And you're even getting a couple hairs on that punkin head of yours! I'm really proud when we go somewhere together- I love that you're mine, and I love when people peer around your seat just to get a glimpse of your cuteness. And you just keep getting better every day! Thanks for being my boy and bringing me so much joy. In the evenings when I start to pray over you and for you, I don't get much passed just thanking God for you and the blessing that you are to my life. I am in awe of what kind of boys God has made and that he has entrusted me with them. You're a blessing little baby, and I love you like crazy!  I pray you let God steal your heart like you've stolen mine- He sent His son for you, because of how much He loves you! Know that.

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