Monday, September 5, 2011

Say What?! What??

Several mornings ago, I was in the kitchen working on breakfast with a toddler underfoot and a baby in my arms, overwhelmed by the piles and things to do that were surrounding me.  Chad walked in and I put him to work by asking him to put the water bottles I had just bought into the fridge. He must've seen the harried look on my face, because he didn't say a word.  He just got to work.

And then I turned around to see this:

And I just stood there gawking. (Luckily the camera was STILL on the counter from vacation so I could capture this moment)

And Chad looked at me and said, "what?"

Really Chad?  This situation deserves a "what?"  Do I really need to explain?

At the time, it was purely his means of getting the job done that caught me off guard, not his black shorts, blue LONG SLEEVE shirt (in August), brown stripped slipper socks that were his mom's (truth!) or his river shoes. But thank goodness that I got this pictures to take it ALL in.

Yep, that's how my man rolls!


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  1. Think he's a pretty smart man, who wants to sit on the floor? That's totally Chad. :-)