Friday, September 2, 2011

SUYL: Favorite Mommy Blogs

Today on Kelly's Korner SUYL, it's a link up for favorite blogs... and I have many types of blogs I visit regularly:

- Prayer blogs
- Photog blogs
- Recipe blogs
- Blogs for my job
- Craft blogs

BUT MY FAVORITE are Mommy blogs... because they are just like me, only not, so I can learn so much or get some encouragement or laughter or ideas.... and of course, as all Mommy's like pictures of their kiddies, they include very adorable pictures of babies :)

My favorites right this very minute, although in no particular order (and this list is subject to change at any moment!):

1) Hold On To Your Hats
2) The Stanley Clan
3) E, Myself, and I
4) Baby Bangs
5) Joni's Joy
6) Good to be crazy
7) Promises and Secrets
8) The Farmer's Wife Tells All
9) Vicki Courtney

And if I'm honest, I only actually know 2 people on that list, ha! I love blog world :)

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  1. thanks SO much for linking to me... I'm honored!!