Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making It Public

So today starts my lose 20 pounds diet.  Really, according to the scale, it's the lose 19 lbs diet/ life change to get to my goal weight, but if I aim for 20, then I'll be exceeding my expectations- and I always like being an over-acheiver, especially when it comes to a diet :)

Basically I'm still carrying a lot of unnecessary weight from having babies- and I didn't really get rid of it after Max, so most of it has just been a part of my life for a while, but I'm over it. To never like how your clothes fit really isn't cool.  Plus I have GREAT jeans from my pre-baby days and I need to wear them again!

20 pounds gets me back to my wedding weight plus 5 pounds- and don't tell me that's crazy, because I didn't lose any weight when we were getting married- I was in shape and happy and I worked out so I could eat what I wanted- you know, like cheese dip. So that number, plus 5 pounds is doable and healthy. And I don't need any of that you look great, you don't have 20 pounds to lose, 20 pounds is too much gunk either-- no matter how loving because I might just listen to you and that would be bad, because then I still wouldn't be wearing said-jeans I mentioned above! (And I'd still be whining about my baby bump, that's still bumpy post-baby.)

And when all this is said and done, there will be some shopping... but don't tell Chad, he doesn't know that part yet, but I'm hoping it coincides with my birthday if that helps...

So because of nursing I can't cut calories- but I can alter if the calories are good calories or not! And I figure if I put it on my blog, then lots of people are watching! And I'll post my progress from time to time- if the progress is good of course.

So here is where I'm starting:

Weight loss plan:
Effective 9/6/11

Goal: Lose 20 pounds

The plan:

Couch to 5K- 3 times a week on my non-work days before Chad leaves in the morning without any boys- aka workout time and alone time- 2 in 1!

Walking leisurely with the boys on other days, when it fits, mainly because regardless of the pace, a double stroller gets the heart rate up and the fresh air makes for a happy Max and Jack

I'm going to add in a couple days of the 30 Day Shred after about a month, but too much sudden exercise isn't good for my milk either.

Avoid sugar for the first month (not like in fruit sugar, but like in donuts, cake, and ice cream sugar)

Only drink water (I'm thinking I'll be cool with a cup of coffee from time to time, with no sugar in it of course, and I already always drink decaf, so it'll be fine-ish)

3 small meals, 2 small snacks per day-- cut down on quantity of food at meal time and cut off food at 7pm.

Keep a food journal, just so I realize what's going in... and this might just be in my planner because that's something I always have with me, but my friend Leah who has a very healthy lifestyle told me about the website Fatsecret and I have signed up for that as well.

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