Sunday, September 4, 2011

Potty Training: Part 2

If you missed our experience, you need to check it out here:

But now, I wanted to give you the scoop in the method we chose. First off, after much research, I decided to download Lora's 3 Day Potty Training ebook available here:

I read it cover to cover and then asked Chad to read it cover to cover and he did. We both felt really good about it, loved how positive it was and felt like this was a method that would really be great for Max- a child who loves positive reinforcement and flourished under it. When then picked out a time to do it, after our vacation because who wants to ride in the car on a long car trip with a pottier in training, and that was that.

The method is for any early age if your child shows certain signs laid out in the book, and then anyone, signs or not, at 22 months of age or later.  This is even for kids that sleep in a crib. She also offers personal one on one mentoring, great words of encouragement and suggestions, and a step by step for the 3 days.  She does not believe in the use of any diapers for any reason once you've started the method (even if your child sleeps in a crib) and you never use the words "no" or "don't" during training-- it's only encouraging and loving. It's all about keeping your cool, regardless of how many accidents there are, which was what led to my exhaustion, ha!  You also don't take your child to the bathroom every few minutes or make them try- you actually never even ask if they have to go- you only teach them to figure out for themselves when they have to go and then get them to communicate that with you. This is even the case of they can't talk- they can just learn to communicate through other means with you. Believe me when I say that any excuse you come up with on why this won't work for you, she argues otherwise and it makes SO much sense.

It kind of sounds crazy, but it worked! And I'm a better mom for it, I can tell you that.  I don't know Lora, I've never spoken to her or anyone who knows her, and no one asked me to endorse her, but nonetheless, I HIGHLY STRONGLY recommend at least buying the ebook and reading through it. There are so many nuggets of wisdom there, even if you want to go about it through a different method.

Also, we did start with the baseball potty and I just couldn't handle it- by Monday, I had to buy a toilet seat because the emptying of the potty grossed me out and just made another step in the already tiresome process.  And really, I just couldn't take one more thing the needed sanitized 40 million times a day!

So here is my list of things that are a must:

At least 20 pairs of underwear- at least! I thought this was over kill-- it was NOT!
A potty seat that fits into the regular toilet so there is no washing! And the child doesn't fall in- a win/win.
The hook to hang it on the potty so others can still use the potty
Kadoo wipes- or according to Max BIG BOY Wipe-its!
Rewards: M&M's, toys, and more M&M's for the trainers
More hand sanatizer and disinfectant spray than you think you need
And a travel potty seat for on the go- both potty seats below are the ones we have and they work wonderfully!  Same is true of the wipes and the hook.
Lastly, a step stool so they can get up on the potty!


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