Friday, April 2, 2010

You Know You're A Mom When...

You Know You're A Mom When:

1. You take the time to dry and straighten your hair and then just pull it up anyway so that you don't get drool, snot, puffs, or other baby goo in it.

2. You have the same nail polish on your toes for over 2 months, it chips to almost nothing, and you don't even care enough to do something about it.

3. You tell your grown up friends that you're going to the "potty" and you'll be right back.

4. You automatically think it's an emergency when your phone rings after 8pm and don't think twice about it ringing anytime at 7am.

5. You sing about everything as you do it and can make up a song at the drop of a hat.

6. You do laundry every day.

7. You need a Uhaul to go away for the weekend.

8. You are aware of pooping schedules other than your own.

9. High chairs, swings, and toys are a part of your home's "decor"

10. Your pre-pregnant "fat jeans" are you now "skinny day jeans"

11. When someone asks "How are you doing?" you automatically start telling them about your child's latest antics.

12. Your car has a funny smell, even if you are a "clean" person.

13. You think it's normal to have conversations with 458674587 interruptions.

14. You can take a shower in less than 30 seconds- 45 if you have to shave.

15. You have permanent bags under your eyes during cold and flu season.

So now it's your turn... Whether you're a mom yourself, you're married to one, you were raised by one, or you hang out with one, I want to hear your additions to the list.

(And here is a picture of the boys just because I like them:)

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  1. -You catch throwup/spit up in your hands!
    -Kiss your baby all day long!
    -Talk in baby talk, and point out every little thing. Like airplanes, trucks, birds every single one!
    -Think of 100 ideas, of how a bathroom stall would be better if.....because you are carrying a child, a bag, a purse....and you just have to pee!
    -Say and do things to make your baby laugh instead of cry! Example: Listen to Chirstmas music all year long! =)