Friday, April 23, 2010

Cry Sessions

When I have a meltdown for no obvious reason, Chad calls it "getting my cry on".  He says that there are just pent up tears that must escape in the form of an emotional break down. Luckily, since going through child birth, those occurrence are a LOT less frequent and when they happen, can usually be attributed to lack of sleep, God working in my heart, something to do with Max, or a combination of the 3.  The best news is that it is rarely aimed at Chad anymore, and he usually escapes unscathed.

But in the words of my husband, do you need to get your cry on?

If so, follow these directions:

1. Put on some comfy clothes.

2. Put your child to bed. (If you don't have a child, use someone else's that you love dearly.)

3. Once said child is asleep, sneak in their room and watch them sleep for few minutes.

4. While standing there, recount all the many blessings that Jesus has heaped on your life through said child.

5. Leave the room, go to your computer and watch this video:

6. Cry and pray for said child.

7. Finish crying and blow your nose.

8. Go watch said child sleep some more.

9. Leave their room again, and write the child a letter about your prayers over them.

10. Cry a little more. Then be done.

Ok, so did you get your cry on?

I did.

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