Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Bud Light Dilemma

My parents live in downtown Indianapolis and my Dad manages to get tickets (usually good ones) to every sporting event within a 2 hour radius of the city.  This includes tickets to the Final Four, among other things.  The Friday before the Final Four games, my Dad and his buddy went to the "fan experience" while on a mission to find famous people.  Part of the fan experience was free gifts and hand outs, including these:

This wouldn't be a big deal except that we arrived for our Easter visit the same night that my Dad got the beads which means that Max inherited the beads.  And Max immediately took to the beads and wouldn't part with them. This would also not be a big deal- in normal circumstances- because babies sleep a lot and you can just get rid of things that you don't want them playing with during this time.  But Max LOVES necklaces- which leads me to my dilemma.

I am in the midst of re-claiming my body and my style, post-baby.  I'm doing the best I can not to wear mom jeans (EVER), and I'm aspiring to cut down on my weekly pony tail count.  Another things I'm finally doing again is accessorizing- which includes necklaces.  BUT I am a mom to a slobbery, teething, busy, little boy who loves necklaces.  And not just loves to look at them- if he spots me wearing one, he must be in my arms immediately, holding the necklace (choking me) and putting it in his mouth simultaneously. Did I mention that he's teething?

After a couple seconds of gnawing, there is a small puddle forming on my chest and it begins evolving into a lake at a very rapid rate. And I'm just going to be honest and tell you that sometimes I don't care at all and I have no shame in having a huge slobber print in the middle of my chest, in spite of how disgusting this might be to everyone around me, including my husband (a.k.a. the father of this child).  I've left church several Sundays in a row with one.  Mainly because I get to have good meaningful conversations, while holding my baby, if he's busy chewing on my necklace.

BUT certain situations do not allow for a grown woman to have drool on the front of her shirt.  So I kept the Bud Light necklace. (Don't judge me.) And I let Max chew on it- and I let him take it in public if I'm wearing a necklace that he can't chew on- and people give me dirty looks.  But I don't care- because I had a dilemma, I accessed the situation and decided that I could handle my 8 months on wearing blue and orange on a Bud Light necklace a lot better than I could handle him wearing another form of blue and orange and uttering some trashy statement like "Go Gators."

So enjoy the necklace big guy, it's the only blue and orange you'll ever own- and in the meantime, I'll appreciate my dry shirts.

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