Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beth Moore follow up

Due to a busy weekend, I'm just now getting around to my follow-up post.  But as suspected, it was awesome!  I've got to be honest that there wasn't anything that was "new" news, but Beth just has a way with communicating the Truth.  She can take God's word and say it just like you need to hear it, and all of sudden, your eyes are opened to things in a whole new light.

One of the things that struck me was something she said about guilt- she said that guilt is the most powerful tool that the enemy will use against us.  And that guilt breeds insecurity.  That's because, in order to be secure, you must know that someone unfailingly loves you.  That someone is God- but if you feel guilty for something in your past, to the degree that you can't believe that God loves you, in spite of you and has forgiven you- then you're missing his unfailing love and therefore you're missing out on being secure, as well.  And in that one insecurity, you give satan a foothold that can ruin your life.

This struck me for many reason- for friends dealing with turmoil, for myself processing through brokenness, but largely for my children.  I know of several people who feel guilt that there parents heaped on them- it's like their parents used "guilt" as a form of behavior manipulation- and it's stuck with them.  In adulthood, they've never felt guilt-free or accepted for that matter-- so they can't fathom that God can love them fully.

So, for me, as a mom, I've begun processing what this looks like.  How do I explain and teach our boys that God wants us to do the right thing and that it's important to do the right thing- but when we do NOT do the right thing, God still loves us?  I know our sin hurts God, but turning from our sin is reason for rejoicing.  So how do I explain that to a kid?  It's deep.  But I think it's important to live in Truth- 100% of the time, but also to know that when they abide in Christ, there is ALSO grace 100% of the time.  It isn't 50/50-- it's all truth (sin is wrong and hurtful) and all grace (but by the blood of Christ, you're forgiven and accepted) all the time.

Dear Lord, I pray that you use me to teach my kids that they are fully loved and accepted by you and that they begin to believe this and live this, at a young age.  I pray that they know your unfailing love before they are too old to over think it and bring guilt into it- and that they find freedom and security there.  And God, while I'm at- allow me to be in on those teachings so that I too, will live as your daughter, loved and treasured by you, the King of Kings- despite my many short comings!  Thank you for your amazing love.  Thank you for giving me a reason, the reason,  to be secure.

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