Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Ear Infection

You learn so many things when you're a mom- and my newest lesson was on ear infections.  I'll go ahead and say this has been one of my least favorite things to learn.  Shocking, I know.

Apparently when a baby has a cold for more than 5 days, there is a big chance it will turn into an ear infection because the fluid settles around their ears.  Why does this happen to infants and not us? Because we know how to blow our noses- who knew??

Anyway, at approximately 1:03am on Wednesday morning, Max woke up SCREAMING.  I ran in there and snatched him out of his crib and started trying to console him.  5 hours later, at 6am, I finally succeeded in getting him to sleep in his swing.  I had experienced many emotions in that time span- including wanting to make a Max-shaped hole in our front window.  But the poor little guy was in such pain and he would look at me with the most pitiful face and scream because he didn't understand what was happening, so instead, I kept him cuddled up to me, offering him anything I could think of to potentially make "it"- whatever "it" was, better.

I got about an hour and a half of sleep-- while Max slept in the swing- before starting to call the doctor.  I don't work at doctor's office, so this is not a fact, but I think they have a pile of "first time mom" folders, and there is probably a special phone number they give us, too-- mainly because everything is frantic and everything is an emergency when we call-- but in reality it's just a stuffy nose and/ or eczema.  They gave me a morning appointment anyway, though!

I'm such a bad mom, that when we were sitting in the waiting room, and Max started to play and clap and show off, I had the real thought that "I hope something is actually wrong with this child and he's not making me look like a fool again."  Now I do realize how evil that was- selfish- prideful-- all of the above-- but I genuinely had that thought!  But I was not a fool- he DID have an ear infection in the right ear with potentially on it's way to the left ear too.  So we headed to Target to get his first prescription filled.  He is the pitiful little man waiting at Target:

Pitiful huh?  It really was heartbreaking, but I was so tired that I was pitiful too.  (Selfish, much??)  But by mid-afternoon, he had drugs, another nap, a new outfit, and brighter eyes-- finally! (But he would NOT smile, just to let me know that he was still sick and still wanted extra lovin.)

So last night we all got some pretty decent sleep, the pink bubble gum amoxicillin is treating Max right, infant Motrin is my new best friend, and I predict that by tomorrow, my eyes will no longer be bloodshot from the sleepless night!  It's funny that I used to wake up several times a night to feed the little stinker and would function just fine the next day, yet in just a few short months I've already forgotten all that and what it was like to be sleep-deprived.  HA!

So what's the moral of this story?  Teach your baby to blow their nose as soon as they are born.

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