Friday, October 28, 2011

My 28th Year

So you may know that I really really like birthdays, like really. I'm known for throwing myself parties and for celebrating a birth month, rather than a birthday. My friends know all about it- my BFFA Ruth always texts me on the first day of October, and Anna is sure to mention it all month long, giving me good reasons for treats that I need (ok, want) and I even get Facebook bday posts about how it's my month... not just my day (Thanks for reminding me and the world, Cami!).

My husband is not so much a birthday person- or a special occasion person actually. He doesn't remember dates, he doesn't make a big deal out of things, and although he has been doing good in the card department on all special occasions in the past year, I'm pretty sure it's due to my constant nagging and not due to the love for those occasions.

(Note to Chad: keep up that cards regardless of your reasons behind them.)

So you can imagine my horror when on Tuesday, the 25th of October and my first day as a SAHM, I looked at our family calendar and noticed that it was still on September. I had missed the month of October, my birth month! My real birthday was just mere hours away and I had forgotten to incessantly mention it at every turn, I had missed all opportunities to beat it into the heads of my loved ones, and I was pretty sure this monumental national day of celebration was going to go unnoticed.

I could not have been more wrong.

Last week, I was sitting on my bed with my computer in my lap, like I do most evenings after the boys go to bed. Chad mentioned that he had gotten my birthday present that day. I was a little shocked-- to be honest, he doesn't usually do the present thing-- not out of meanness, he just doesn't know what to get me, he's not the shopping type and he's kind of busy owning a business, being a husband, being a Dad, etc.... now this has been a bit of an adjustment for me because my own Dad is just the opposite-- he shops, he thinks about gifts, and he picks "the perfect one". He's known for it. So I paused for a second and then just smiled. He went on to ask if I wanted it right then. I said no, and went on working. A few minutes later, he busted back into the room with a big back, ripping a package out of it while saying "I just couldn't wait, i just couldn't stand it".  And he gave be a Brookstone lap computer desk thingie. Um, was this my man paying attention and getting a great gift?? YES!

But with this, I was pretty sure my actual birthday would be kind of brushed over.

It wasn't.

So yesterday morning, I got an early wake up call from Max, yelling in his bed at 5:30am that he wasn't sleepy and he needed his birthday party cake. The night before, while I was out at a ladies event, him and Uncle Eli had made me this (Both of my brothers and my parents call me "Lou"):

My favorite confetti cake and icing with peanut butter M&M's to decorate... my other favorite :)

So after trying to coax Max back to sleep to no avail, we rolled out of bed and I saw this on my dresser:

Every girl's dream!  It was a pair of diamond earrings from my husband. UMMMMMM, seriously??????? I was ecstatic. And he was at the gym, so I couldn't even squeal in his ear!

So naturally, Max and I had cake for breakfast:

Then this woke up and beckoned me with this face:

(I got to see it because I'm a stay at home mom!!!!!!)

Then, we had a really fun play date at our house-- but those details require their own post :)

Then Wednesday night, I headed to youth group to spend the evening with my group of middle schoolers and then last night, Uncle Eli graciously kept our boys so we could go on a hot date! To Stoney River. (Aka my favorite restaurant with the best steak, ever. )

And the next night I went to Pappasitto's with some of my best leading lady friends-- it was a wonderful night, which included cupcakes and cheese dip-- and I had such a great time.

I received so many calls, texts, Facebook messages, and cards. I was loved on and encouraged and spoiled rotten. All for my birthday. With no pomp and circumstance on my part. Now, that's what I call a perfect birthday! And I can't help but dwell on how blessed I am.

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