Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Say What?! Dumber than a 2 year old

The first started about a week ago.  When I'd ask/ tell Max to do something that he didn't want to do he'd respond with "I can't do it"-- make sure you read that in your best 2 year old whiny voice.

My Instructions: Max, clean up your toy.
Max's Response: I can't do it!
My Instructions: Max, let's go take a bath.
Max's Response: I can't do it!
My Instructions: Max, time to head home.
Max's Response: I can't do it!

Are there any words that make a mother's skin crawl more? Oh how I cringe at that statement.

So I started explain, "Max, it's not the you can't do it- you can- you just don't want to.  You need to say "I don't want to".

(Obviously I wasn't thinking when I was teaching him to sass me- but I was trying to get him to understand the difference, not to back talk me. But if he does say it, I may just respond with "well you're not the boss!" just for kicks. No?)

Anyway, so after this round and round of him telling me that he can't and me responding that he could but he just didn't want to, he found a fix that trumped it all:

My Instructions: Max, pick your cup up, it's spilling on the couch.
Max's Response: I can't want to
My Instructions: Max, eat your sandwich.
Max's Response: I can't want it.

At that point, I realized I was dumber than a 2 year old. I had no come back for the kid- I mean at least he was honest-- he clearly couldn't bring himself to want to obey.

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