Friday, October 21, 2011

Jack is growing up!

Did you know that my sweet baby is 5 months old today? That's big time, folks. I know he's been in my heart and arms for a while now, but it just doesn't seem like 5 months at all. With Max at 5 months, I was so exhausted, I couldn't see straight. Mainly because that child had to eat around the darn clock. AND I had already been feeding him food for a LONG time. But things are different this go around....

Jack just rolled over for the first time, and I was sitting with him on the floor and thought it was coming, which means I was able to turn on my video camera and catch it-- this is the real deal, live, for the very first time!

He also had cereal for the first time. And he's doing really well BUT I'm having a problem working it into the daily routine. He's obviously getting inferior treatment because he's baby #2. But I'm also way more relaxed which works in his favor... you win some, you lose some, guess it's time he learns that now :) I've also made my first batch of baby food for Jack-- so hopefully I'll actually get around to letting him try them!  Although he is a second baby, he will still get all homemade baby food- and this time I'm even doing some with a dehydrator (Thanks Aunt Nancy!) so it will be easier to take on the go.

And I would tell you that we're going to avoid sugar at least through the first year, like we did with Max, except that his father gave him a taste of Menchies ice cream already. Yep, I about died and Chad heard about. Something to the tune of, "Oh my goodness, are you crazy? He could have allergies to eggs or dairy or anything and we don't know yet. I had tons of allergies as a baby and he was so sensitive to breast milk for the first 3 months of his life, oh my goodness what if what if what if, ahhhhhhhhhhh" to which Chad responded, "He's fine, he liked it." And that was it. Oh men! Especially mine, aka the MOST laid back man in the world. He might be the death of me. Not because he's going to murder me but because he never worries or raises his blood pressure over anything, so I raise mine twice as much to compensate.

This month, Jack has started talking and cooing a lot more (which I didn't know was possible)- but I think it's because he's trying to keep up with Max-- he knows he better start now if he wants to get a word in. He also still despises tummy time. Like a lot. Jack cackles when Chad puts his hands or his feet on his whiskers. And I know they say separating anxiety doesn't start yet, but this baby knows- if it's not me, Chad, or his Uncle Eli, he's not interested or happy. Which is so weird, because with us, he's the most laid back baby ever, to the point that we almost don't believe what the nursery workers are telling us! Jack is still the most cuddly baby, ever. He loves being held and snuggled and smelled and kissed-- he even gets so excited that he tries to eat you or suck on your cheek-- ahhh, what cuteness.

Jack's schedule is delightful- he eats between 7 and 7:30 am, at 10:30, at 2p, at 5p, and at 8p then he goes down for the night. He still wakes about 80% of that time at 5am, but I think it's just habit, because I don't feed him- I just lean over his crib, put his paci in his mouth, put my cheek beside his, we smell each other for about 30 seconds, then he goes back to sleep. It doesn't even make me tired. I just need to convince myself to actually stay awake after that- then I'd be rockin and rolling on my day and time with Jesus before I see the whites of any eyes. Now wouldn't that be something? (Like a dream.)

Jack still naps after every feeding, although after his 5p feeding, you never know what you're going to get. Bed time is much quicker if he doesn't sleep, but the evening is much longer too-- you know what I mean?

Jack went back to the doctor this month to make sure his ear infection was all better- it was- which means they stuck him like a pin cushion with those darn vaccines. Oh I'm so torn about those dumb things. It's one of those things that I really wish God would send me a text message about- just visibly confirming what He would have me do. Jack also went from 14lbs 10oz to 15 lbs 4oz--- ummm, yeah, he loves to eat :)  The lady at the grocery store deli kept saying "wow, he's healthy." Ha!  His 6 month clothes still fit great- so far, both boys have been right on track, clothing size wise. He still has precious wrist rolls and ankle rolls, he still has 3 thigh rolls, I still love watching his little chubby fingers work, and finally, he's starting to get a neck, some hair, and beautiful long eye lashes.

This baby is so wonderful that I'm already ready for more- I wouldn't even been sad or scared if I had twins (although don't tell my husband that!) You see I've been scared of twins since before I had my first-- doesn't that say something about Jack's sweetness? I'm addicted to that baby!

Jack, you are a joy! It doesn't get any better than sitting with you on my lap and listening to you coo. Your smile is electrifying-- and I love when I'm pushing you in the stroller or the grocery cart and you flirt with me. Just know, that I'm all about you! Both of your brothers adore you and your Dad is very guilty of taking you off to an empty room so he can enjoy you all by himself-- he's already started rolling you around on the bed getting you ready to wrestle. And even if your Uncle Eli is rushing out the door, he always has time to stop for you. You might think that you actually have 3 parents, because of how much we all fight to hold you and kiss you. Lucky for us, you love us all-- it's all those other people that cause you stress. I really wish you'd just stop where you are for a couple months. I love you with a love that you won't understand until you have kids... and even then, you might not understand, because you'll be a Dad, and there is just something about a mother's love that can't be put into words. But still- there is a bigger, greater love than mine- it's a love that is perfect. It's your sweet heavenly Father who created you and knitted you together in my womb- you're His masterpiece and He'd do anything for you-- He proved that already when He sent his son to die for you. I hope you accept that gift really soon. It will change you life and your heart forevermore. I love you my baby J. You're the best!

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