Friday, October 7, 2011

The Vigilant Investor

Shortly after I got married, I began working at Investor's Watchdog for Pat Huddleston. Pat and his family went to my church and he was a small group leader with the youth-- which is how I originally met him. He owns his own law firm, Huddleston Law Firm, and also founded Investor's Watchdog out of a passion for protecting investors of all shapes and sizes. He hired me as the Director of Research and Development and since I've worked here, I have done PR, marketing, organizing, product development, writing, social media, receivership work, research, investigating, reporting, and any other crazy idea we came up with! But my biggest, most time consuming, most anticipated project has been The Vigilant Investor.

It started years ago when Pat began penning this book. He handed me a book on finding a book agent and assigned me that task. After sending many (MANY) query letters, we eventually found the perfect agent, Wendy Keller, and once Pat signed with her, she sent us down the road for a successful book campaign. First I edited and re-edited Pat's book proposal, I've researched thousands of ways to market a book and many "how-to" articles. Then I edited and re-edited each chapter as he wrote the manuscript. Once he had a finished product, Keller Media worked to get us a publisher and before long, Pat had signed with Amacom. From there, while Pat worked with Amacom's editor to get each page in "final" form, I along with all his staff, began working fervently to market the book. We came up with every category of person who would benefit from the book and planned ways to reach them. We built followings, booked speaking gigs and radio interview, and did everything we could to spread the word. I also went through each chapter, sentence by sentence, labeling each fact in the book, and then worked to prove each fact. With the help of the rest of the staff at Huddleston Law Firm and Investor's Watchdog, Pat turned in his final book manuscript in February.

At that point, all focus went to marketing and marketing alone. And not the cheesy "must sell the book for the sake of selling a book" marketing, but instead, "must sell this book to protect others" marketing. Pat is passionate about his work- and he is passionate about the help this book can offer to anyone who reads it. Whether your parents are close to retiring, have retired, or eventually will retire or if you ever plan to retire, then the book is a must read. Pat's experience and Pat's knowledge can save you, your wallet, and your nest egg from a heap of trouble!

So now, one year, and nine months after sending that first batch of query letters, the anticipation is over: THE BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE!

For more information on the book, visit the website:
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