Sunday, October 2, 2011

Say What?! Sleans

On Friday, I had Gabe try on some new clothes that my mom had gotten for him. I thought I heard him call the pants "sleans" but I thought surely I was mistaken and went on.

Saturday rolled around and I told Gabe to go put on a certain pair of pants before we headed out the door and I could've sworn he said "sleans" again, but then I decided that it is my birth-month, which means I'm getting closer and closer to 30, so maybe my ears were failing me and I shrugged it off. Again.

Then Sunday morning, I was scurrying to get all the boys ready and Gabe came down the stairs in the clothes I had laid out for him and the jeans he had on (that he got at the very end of last season, that had been worn about 3 times total) were MAJOR high waters. So I sent him back upstairs and gave him specific instructions on which pair of pants he needed to put on so then he came into the kitchen holding the pants and said "You mean these sleans?"

I stopped dead in my tracks:

Me: What did you call those?
Gabe: Sleans.
Me: Sleans?
Gabe: Yes, sleans, why?
Me: Gabe, those are called jeans- how did you get to be 8 years old and not know what these are called?
Gabe: I thought they were called sleans- jeans for skinny people.
Me: Sleans? Gabe, you made that word up.
Gabe: Oh! I didn't know I did.

And he turned and walked away. At this point,  I couldn't contain myself- this is the same kid who has had a VERY extensive vocabulary since I met him at age 3! I was laughing so hard that he came back down the stairs. He looked at me for a second and then started giggling too.

Then once we calmed down, I told him that when I finished my diet that I was going to wear sleans too :)

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