Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Down on Bowman's Farm...

About 2 weeks ago, we went to the Disney store to get Max a Mickey Mouse costume-- there wasn't one in his size and I was informed that I was about 2 months late if I wanted to get him that costume. Oops. (But honestly I don't feel bad for not thinking about Halloween in August!) So I showed him the wall of costumes and asked what else he wanted to be. He picked "Buzz Buzz" aka Buzz Lightyear- but again, not in his size. I tried to talk him into Woody, into Lightning McQueen, and many other Disney characters but to no avail. So we left and headed to Spirit Halloween.

All I heard from him was "I not be that." "I not like that." "I not Mom." Seriously? That place has like a million costumes and the child refused them all. So we left again, and I just decided that we may skip Halloween- he wouldn't really know anyway.

So we headed to Old Navy because all of a sudden it went from summer to winter in Georgia and the boy didn't have the right attire. While I was searching for the perfect winter coat,  I heard his little voice screaming "I NEED DIS MOOOOM, I NEEEEEED IT!" I look over to see him tugging on a chicken costume.

For real.

He was so proud!

When we got home, he put it on and rode through this kitchen on his tricycle. Then he played soccer. He didn't want to take it off. When we'd get ready to leave the house, he'd ask if he could wear his chicken costume.

Yes friends, Max was a chicken for Halloween, I kid you not.

But he was a cute chicken, that is for certain!

And our sweet baby Jack was a bear-- kind of!  He rode in the stroller in his winter coat, which happens to be a bear. I love this suit-- Max borrowed Hudson's and we loved it so much that we bought one to keep. Now I know I'm a bit biased, but isn't that a cute bear? My Dad, Pop, was in town as well, and he joined us for Trick-or-Treating.  Max talked about getting candy with Pop all day yesterday... and he's still talking about it now!

It was also our 2nd annual Halloween with the Prusas... Elizabeth Grace was Little Bo Peep:

And Evie was her cute little sheep :)

The big kids rode in the wagon and the babies were big time in the double stroller.  It got cold super quick but everyone was sweet as sugar-- maybe because they were collecting sugar.... but let's just say, it was a delightful Halloween.

Max didn't really appreciate the scary costumes so Pop had to tell him that they were funny monsters which made it all fun and games. He also didn't understand the whole say "trick or treat" to get candy bit, so Pop walked him up to every single door. But let's be honest, before I know it, me and Anna will be those haggard mom's running down the sidewalk trying to keep up!

All I can say is the Bowman farm has it's fill of chickens and bears and we couldn't be happier :) And Little Bo Peep didn't lose her sheep, psheeewwww! And Chad began enjoying Max's candy right away! Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

(P.S. Gabe was a Cowboy, but he trick-or-treated with his mom this year, so I'll post a picture from her soon!)

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