Thursday, November 17, 2011

Max is funny

Exhibit #1: He loves his vitamins and he tells me that he "needs" one everyday... except that he calls the spidamins... and anytime he sees his Spiderman slippers, it reminds him of his spidamins... but they don't have Spiderman on them, they are Flintstone Vitamins!  Funny!

Exhibit #2: I usually strive for a healthy pantry but sometimes Publix puts things on sale that make me buy them... like say Chocolate Lucky Charms... but they promise whole grain, that counts, right??

Anyway, Max eats them, dry, on the couch, and he picks out all the "flashmillows"-- yep, the flashmillows. And he leaves the chocolate part. Who leaves chocolate?

This guy!

He's funny!

Exhibit #3: One of Max's favorite things is his bicycle. He rides it pretty much anytime he's awake and home. But when he gets sent to bed or nap, you can always find funny things in his trunk-- check out the random junk in his trunk:


Exhibit #4: In true Noblitt form, Max loves shoes. He gets this from me and I got it from my Dad. It's hereditary-- the boy can't help it. All his shoes have names and purposes, and he'll tell me which ones he "needs" each day, depending on the activity. And when he gets new shoes (usually from my Dad, which makes them "Pop shoes") he is very proud and point his toe and twists and turns his foot to display them to anyone who will look. He also likes to wear any shoes that he finds lying around, and if I'm feeding Jack on our bed, without fail, Max will head into my closet and try on all my shoes-- mainly the high heels. And his favorite ending point for the shoes that he is currently in love with is at the base of my shower... again, Funny!

And I pretty much find myself cracking up all the time... even though I've threatened to put him up for sale lately, I think I've decided to keep him :)

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