Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy 6 Months!

In all the hustle and bustle of having our small group over for Thanksgiving last week and packing for our trip to Indy to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, I never posted about Jack's first 6 months of life. But they were not forgotten!  He had his lovely visit to the doc and I kissed his sweet cheeks 6 months worth, all day long!

It's crazy to think that this little bundle who caught us off guard by arriving 5 weeks early, who came home so tiny and so full of reflux that he would projectile vomit all over me every feeding, and who caused me the most pain I've ever experienced in my life (I still hate the word and the thought of "thrush") would turn out to be the most sweetest, cuddliest, best baby. But that he is! My Jack is so laid back and easy-- I wish I could claim this trait as my own, but that wouldn't be further from the truth! He's full of laughter and smiles and he's always up for being held, rocked, snuggled, carried, kissed, and/or all of the above :)

His hair is finally coming in with a vengeance... but it's white and see through, so pictures make it look like I'm lying, but I do have witnesses that can attest to this fact. He loves playing on the floor, but will flip himself right back over and scream if he ever accidentally rolls to his belly. He loves overhead toys and batting them, he loves rattles on his wrists and shaking them, and he can scoot off any blanket, regardless of size and location in about 3 minutes. He has even ended up under the couch! But his favorite thing to do? Suck on his big toe-- seriously! Like for long periods of time-- it makes Gabe and Max (and me!) giggle every time. He can even get his socks off and his foot to his mouth when he's in his carseat. Now that's what I call flexible! And although his head is still big (that is my trait, sorry Jack!), he's losing a lot of his chub and rolls. His torso is very thin, but there is still a leg roll on one leg, and his cheeks are still full of goodness, Praise the Lord!

I love how more and more of his personality is coming out-- he wants to be part of the action and in this house full of boys, there is lots of action! He doesn't really want to be left alone, but doesn't need much attention if he's in a position just to sit and watch. But if something ever doesn't go his way, he has this scream that lets everyone know. It's not a cry at all, but instead this high-pitched pterodactyl-like noise. It translates to "fix this situation or give me what I want (aka food) right this very minute. And it cracks us all up. I usually look at him and say "AT-TI-TUDE!" and he smiles and my heart melts and we all live happily ever after.

On Jack's 6 month day, he was 26.5 inches long (50th percentile), 15lb 15oz (which has actually fallen to the 25th percentile) and his head was 17.5 inches (which is close to the 75th percentile). The doctor actually questioned if he was getting enough food-- then turned from her computer screen to glance at him and answer her own question with a grin-- then said "I guess he's just leveling back out!" He loves eating solids-- although I have to hide green beans among orange veggies because they literally give him the he bee jee bees! His favorites are acorn squash and butternut squash and anytime he gets in his chair and can see the bowls of food he starts dancing and cooing and whining from excitement all at the same time. He is nursing again in the middle of the night- it started with his last ear infection and has been part of his routine since- but he eats like he's starved around 3:30/4am so I'm not really fighting it. Plus, due to being a stay at home mom, if just doesn't feel like that big of deal, and it takes 7 minutes, tops, so I'm going with it for now. During the day, when it's time to eat, he gets very distracted-- he'll eat for a few then pop off to check out the world-- the only time I can tell if he's getting a full feeding is if I put it in a bottle- but he never cries for food early, so I guess he's good?! But honestly, I'm sure this newfound nosiness is the reason for the middle of the night feed. (Anyone have any secret tips for this??)

Jack still wears size 2 diapers- we'll be in those for a while! And he's still rocking the 3-6 month clothes, although the length is going to eliminate the 3's and send him just to 6 months within a couple days, for sure. Jack is also sucking his hands a lot and has had a couple low grade fevers over the past couple of days- so he may be getting ready for a tooth-- but who's to say for sure?!

Jack loves his brothers- I can be holding him on my hip and all of a sudden he's cackling-- I look up to see that Max or Gabe is doing something that is cracking him up. They both still ask to hold him regularly, Gabe will actually carry him around, and they both stop to give him kisses throughout the day too. Chad has started sneaking off with Jack, to a quiet room with a bed and laying there talking to him- I think he's taking in his coos and wonderfulness. Jack still prefers me, Chad, or Eli over everyone else- but he's doing much better with his separation anxiety. The past 2 weeks at church have been great and I'm going to take him to the gym today... we'll see if I make it through my whole class :)

Jack you are one loved little boy-- from the top of your mostly bald head to the bottom of your little clammy roll chubby feet. You make my heart swell with pride and gratefulness every time I see you. Your smile is absolutely amazing and your sparkling eyes continue to dazzle me daily. You are such a precious gift to me and our family that I seriously spend our prayer time every night solely thanking God for you and kissing your nose. Thankfully, God doesn't mind me pausing the bedtime prayers to kiss your sweet face. I keep trying to wrap my mind around the fact that He loves you even more than I do-- then I remember that He gave his son's life for you-- and that says it all. I couldn't do that. Just loving you reminds me over and over again what Christ did for us on that cross. God loves you immeasurably more than you and I will ever be able to understand, He gave of his son so that He can spend forever with you- and there is NOTHING you can do Jack that will make Him love you more or less. You are fully, completely, and wholly loved by the amazing and Holy God of the Universe.

I love you my Jack, sweet as sugar baby Jack, my Jay Bay! Happy 6 months!

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