Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Carving and Other Fun Fall Things

Fall is flying by in the Bowman house and we've barely gotten a second to enjoy all the fun of it. Luckily, our friends the Waldron's planned a pumpkin party this past weekend, so we managed to get our pumpkin carved, even if it was only a mere 48 hours before Halloween! We enjoyed some quality family time, too.

Which of course meant some cute family pictures as well....

I know what you're thinking-- I have some really handsome men in my life, and it's true-- I do. And if you can't tell, it was game day, Go Dawgs, thank you for beating those darn Gators even if you did give me 47 heart attacks throughout the game. And yes, everyone got the wear Red & Black memo except for Chad... or maybe it was just that I dressed everyone except for Chad--- it was one of those ;)

Gabe was the brain behind our pumpkin-- he designed it himself. And he ever carved most of it himself too. It has ears, cheeks, and a chin on it's lovely face. One of the perks of having so many strapping men in my life: never having to carve the pumpkin or pull out the goo-- that's right-- it was all handled by Chad, Gabe, and Max-- I just stood by, watching in merriment.

So the next morning, when Chad headed to work, and all the little people woke up at the crack of dawn, I did what any mother would do... dressed them in coordinating outfits for festive pre-church pumpkin pictures.

Did you notice how certain people (person) didn't want to cooperate with Mommy? It's the new name of his game, it goes something like "I'm 2 and I'm going to act like it and give my mom a run for her money and cry when I don't get my way because I'm smart and cute and I know it"...

Here is the designer himself-- looking all 8 years old, going on 15...

And is it just me, or does Jack look like a chunkier Gabe??

So although November is officially here, we've decided to keep fall around for a while longer, appreciate the sweater without a coat weather, sip apple cider, and nap... which you can blame on the colds that have attacked all the Bowman boys... Welcome November, can't wait to spend extra time dwelling on all that we have to be thankful for-- we've got blessing coming out of our ears, that's for sure!

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