Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Adventures With Dad...

Do you remember way back, when Chad put Max in the bathtub with his socks on? Like he filled the tub, put him in, THEN noticed that the child still had his socks on?

Well, he was at it again last week when he put his dinner, Lasagna, right on his place mat... you know, no plate!


But if I'm honest, there is just some things that Dad's do that a mom (or this at least this mom) would never do... for instance, building a fort!

A couple weeks ago, as I was heading out for a girls night and leaving Chad with all three boys for the evening, they were dragging out every blanket and pillow that we owned. Naturally, the control freak/bossy pants in me wanted to give them a few pointers, such as:

1) Scotch tape, really? On my finished chair?

2) Why use my perfectly nice and breakable flower pot for weight when there are 100 other choices?

But really, who can argue with such great fun? And only with Dad, would you lay in here, and play with your toys while carrying a flashlight and wearing a head lamp.

And they were even sweet enough to make a space for baby Jack :) No boy left behind!

And that is why boys needs Dads... to show 'em fun stuff and totally goof up and do it "wrong" so that they'll know that despite what Mom says, doing it "wrong" isn't necessarily the end of the world-- and even with Lasagna NOT on a plate and even with socks in the bathtub, you might still learn a thing or two... and you'll definitely have fun!

Now you want to know why boys need moms? Obviously there are 700 million billion trillion reasons,  but in this case, they need moms to fold all the blankets up and put everything away the next morning, because that task is obviously not enough fun or excitement for dads. That way, everyone is ready for the next time that a fort is necessary :)

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