Thursday, December 1, 2011

From Thanksgiving to Christmas...

Over Thanksgiving, we loaded up the minivan and headed to Indiana to visit my parents. It's an easy 8 hour drive (plus an extra hour for stops/meals/ potty breaks/ and feeding the babe) and the boys did great but they were sure read to exit the van by the time we arrived. We enjoyed our time with my parents- the boys were spoiled and loved and cuddled and held, and they were not required to sleep if they didn't want to, they even had Christmas with Uncle Sam since we won't see him in December. We visited the children's museum and then had a house full at my uncle's house for Thanksgiving-- my Mamaw and Papaw had all 5 of their children, all 9 of their grand children, and all 5 of their great grandchildren present and accounted for-- and naturally there was great food and dessert.

My post-Thanksgiving nap time looked like this:

I'm pretty sure it was my best one yet.

We came home on Black Friday when all you other crazies were shopping and managed to have the roads mostly to ourself and get Eli back home in time for his last week of LSAT class before the big test.... duhhnn duhhhn duuhhhhhhnnnnnnn!

Naturally, with a full weekend at home, full of nothing, it seemed like the perfect time to pull out the Christmas decor-- we got a wreath on the door, and Christmas mat to wipe your feet, the mantle is decorated, and of course the Christmas tree.  Gabe ran the decorating show, Chad taught Max how to hang ornaments, and I wrestled with my inner-control freak and watched in happiness as my wonderful and very handsome family scattered about.

Baby Jack slept through the actual decorating, so I did what any other mother would do and made some special time to decorate him! In cute Christmas clothes of course :) My Mom got that Santa suit before we even knew that Jack was a Jack... we've been waiting very patiently for this time of the year to debut it!

This year, I'm thankful for a lot-- and not just because it's Thanksgiving. I'm actually overwhelmed by my blessing my right-- and I'm just trying to practice living "here" and not looking forward or borrow trouble...

Here's the top 5 things I'm currently thankful for (I could go on, but I'll spare you!)
1) All of my boys-- their hearts, their brains, their strong bodies, and their health
2) My hard working husband and being a Stay-at-home mom... it's not easier than what I was doing before, but it's WAY better
3) The opportunity for my brother Eli to live with us right now-- it's fun and I wish I could build him a room off the back of my house to give him privacy and entice him to stay forever
4) My Dad's new job that's bringing him and my mom to Atlanta to live and be a part of our lives almost daily
5) My Jesus, His love, God's gift of salvation, and Grace

Praise God from whom ALL blessing flow!

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