Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We've had our baby J for 7 whole months!

My little Jack is 7 months old- and even though it pains me to admit it, I can't even pretend he's a newborn tiny tot anymore. He likes to sit on my hip when I hold him, he plays with toys, he'll entertain himself on his play mat or in his exosaucer for long periods of time, and he can sit up for a couple of minutes at a time. The only "tiny baby" about him is his hands and his sleeping schedule.

Jack is mostly bottle fed at this point, because he rejects nursing the majority of the time. He has to be really sleepy and mellow to nurse, otherwise, he needs a bottle so that he can look around. Sometimes it makes me frustrated, but I keep reminding myself that it's not my fault, it doesn't make me a bad mom, and that he had over 6 good months of the good stuff. Hopefully all the immunities are in place. Honestly, I think because I worked for the first 5 months of his life and he took pumped milk in bottles while I was away, he learned rather quickly that bottles were easier, less work, and gave him more freedom to enjoy his surroundings while eating.

Jack has also moved into three meals of solid food a day-- and he's doing great. He usually has a cereal feeding and orange veggie feeding and a green veggie feeding. And we mix fruit in there most of the time too, although the only veggie that requires fruit are green beans- they literally give him the shakes and gags if I don't mix in some applesauce, ha! I'm also making his baby food, like I did with Max. I'm going to do a whole opinionated post on that after the new year-- my goal is to convince all moms that is SO easy, SO much cheaper, and you're in complete control of what they're eating-- fresh, no preservatives, organic if you choose, etc.... but I'll elaborate on that soapbox later :)

Like I mentioned before, Jack's sleeping is less than stellar... naps are great, 2, two-hour naps during the day, the occasional cat nap around dinner time, but then night time in a whole other story.  For some reason, it's getting worse-- he's had ear infections, a throat virus, and tummy ache, and now he's teething-- plus several out of town trips and holidays and such- so I'm trying to just "get through" until the new year, but me and baby J see each other many times during the night--arrrghhhh! He's usually easy to get back down- but the poor boy, he slept better when he was 2 weeks old! But on the in-between nights, when he's not any of the things mentioned about, he'll sleep from about 7:30/8p to about 5am, and then with a little paci insertion, I can get him to go another hour or two. But honestly this mom just needs so sleep-- like more than 3 ours in a row.

BUT in all other areas, Jack is perfection. His smile, his personality, his roll legs, his laugh, his go with the flow attitude, his ability to "hang" with a busy big brother, his need for cuddles, and his love for his momma! His separation anxiety seems to be gone (for now at least)- I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and he does great, and he's becoming a regular in the church nursery too-- making it the whole time. His hair is long enough to actually stick up at this point-- but it's white and therefore see-through still.... but just get close and you'll love it. And his eye lashes are 47 miles long. Oh this baby is beautiful and happy and wonderful.

And loved.  A lot!

He's just now moving out of the 6 month clothes-- into the 6-9 month or just 9 months range. As soon as this batch of diapers are finished, we'll move to size 3 of those too, just because I feel like his man parts need room to grow ;)  I would love it if he would totally master sitting up so I don't have to lug his carseat around, otherwise, I'd like to freeze him right here for a couple years. This is honestly such a fun stage- there is so much light in his eyes and excitement for the world around.

Needless to say Mr. Jack, we think you are awesome. You are such an important part of our family and I just love the balance and chill you bring to my life. It's been wonderful loving on you through this Christmas season and putting myself in Mary's shoes-- it's so unbelievably amazing to be your mom, I just can't imagine how Mary felt bringing the Savior of the world into the world. I really hope you enjoy this first Christmas and that somehow, it plants a seed in your heart forever, to recognize the joy a certain little baby brought so many years ago- He came in human form for me and for you-- He came to save us from our sin. Having you as a baby really changed my world, but when Jesus came as a baby, he changed the whole world, FOREVER. Praise God, baby J, praise Him with your whole life!  Make Him your life! I love you!

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