Monday, December 5, 2011

Little Baby Morgan

In August, when we were at the beach, Chad and I were on a breakfast date when I started telling him about my dream- we had kept Reed at our house while Matt and Danielle went to an ultrasound and found out they were having a girl. Considering they weren't even pregnant, Chad didn't take this dream too seriously, so I decided to text Danielle and tell her the news. She responded that in about 16 weeks, I could keep Reed while they went to find out... she had just taken a pregnancy test and had just found out they were expecting baby #2!

So fast forward a couple months-- Matt and Danielle decided to have a gender party to reveal if Reed would be getting a brother or a sister-- they invited all their family and close friends over and we were to dress the part-- were we team girl or team boy?

Naturally, after my foreshadowing dream, we were all team girl:

Does Jack make a pretty girl? Chad came down the stairs and said "Who is she, and what is she wearing?" And Eli kept calling him Jackie... but I thought he was cute :) No, we don't own any pick shirts, unfortunately, but we borrowed them from Lizzy and Evie because the Bowmans were team girl, for sure!

Earlier in the week, during the 20 week ultrasound, the ultrasound tech had written on a card whether the baby was a boy or a girl.  Then the Morgans dropped the note, along with a big empty box off with friends who would handle the reveal... and the wait was on!

Once everyone arrived at the party (and in between the first and second quarter of the SEC Championship, Go Dawgs!) everyone headed out to the yard...

Reed is having a.............


We're so excited about baby girl Morgan-- and we can't wait for her arrival in April-- but for now, we just pray for her safe baking... and thank God for this little blessing!

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  1. So fun! Wish we had done something sweet like that with our kids! Maybe we'll get another shot with grandkids one day! ;)