Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome Lil Pumpkin!

I've got lots of new babies that I'm really looking forward to in the  next couple of months... and none of them are growing in my own womb, thank you Jesus. (We'll hopefully do some more growing in the future, but for now, me and my womb are on extended leave.)

In April, my wonderful friend Danielle (Reed's mom) is having a baby... gender to be determined this weekend at their gender party!!
In March, Angela, Gabe's mom, is welcoming a little girl: Kimbrel Lynn-- Lord know we needs some girls around here!
In February, sweet Lisa (Haven's mom) from our small group, one of the most "would do anything for you people" in this world, is bringing sweet Calder into this world

In just a few weeks... maybe a few days... or maybe even a few hours with how quick she likes to pop babies out, my dear friend Jill, will be having sweet Grant Henry-- and I canNOT wait for his arrival. I've mentioned his big bro Hudson a time or 29 on this blog- I've loved that kid since his conception and his personality and how sweet he is to Max just makes my love grow and grow- and now, I am so eager to meet the next Spiva baby that I get tickled and giddy just thinking about it! I can already smell him, yummmm!

Obviously, as these little people arrive, I will gladly supply you with pictures so you too may gawk, but for now, check out the cute baby shower we had for Jill and Jonathan and baby #2... it was thrown by the Porton Posse ladies (minus Caroline who had another engagement) and took place on a crisp (ok downright freezing) fall night. I even got a little crafty, which hasn't happened that much since I brought my own small people into the world.

Here's the entrance:

Setting the stage... can you tell what our theme was?

We served chili, the fix ins, apple cider, and pumpkin cupcakes... naturally!

Here is the drink station

And last but not least, the fire pit, the eventually roared and kept us all cozy while we chatted and hung out

Of course, there were s'mores as well.... and maybe Ruth and I ate 10 (each) but hey, you only get to have a Welcome Lil Pumpkin shower for baby Grant once, so let's live it up!

And last but not least, mainly because I forgot to take a picture of the adorable pregnant lady, here is a picture of the hostesses (without the guest of honor, ha!)

It was a wonderful fun party-- I think everyone had a blast-- but now all that is left is the birth, wahoo!

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