Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there was a bowl of red and black beads on our dresser. They usually stayed out of sight and therefore never entered the mind of our two year old... until last week, when I sat him up on the dresser so I could tie his shoes and he spotted them and immediately fell in love with them and needed them. I paused momentarily, wondering how safe this was, and then decided he could handle it-- especially since he isn't really known for putting stuff in his mouth.

The two year old sat in the middle of our living room and lovingly transferred bead by bead to a glass jar. He sat there for a long time and I got to work on our Christmas lists. I glanced up and noticed him heading towards his ear with a bead-- so I stopped him and explained that we don't put beads in our ears, then I went on to explain that we don't put anything in our ears. He listened intently, nodded accordingly, and I smiled knowing that I had just performed my motherly duties for the day.

About 5 minutes later he came up and told me he hurt his nose, while pointing to his upper lip. I surveyed said boo boo, and noted that it looked absolutely normal. Picked him up to easy the whine and simultaneously answered a phone call from my Dad. I carried Max as I paced around the house, talking to my Dad for about 10 minutes. He never whined or winced or acted like he was in pain at all, so I just assumed it had been a normal bump and that he had already forgotten about it.

When I hung up the phone, I started to put him down, and he freaked, pointing to his nose again. AND it was at that exact moment that I knew. I pushed on the sides of his nose, lunged for the nearest flash light and took a little looksie... and low and behold, there was a bright red bead just far enough up his nose that I couldn't get it out. He blew his nose many times into a tissue, he even sneezed several big man-sized sneezes... to no avail. I contacted his pediatrician and they said I need to get in the car and head that way right away.

Max freaked. I mean hysterical, thrashing, and gnashing of teeth. It was so bad while we drove that I had to call Chad for reinforcements.

And then the child cried so hard that he fell asleep at 10:45 in the morning.

Chad beat us there and was able to get Max out of the car and into the doctor while I parked and lugged baby J inside. He curled up against Chad like he's a cuddly person... he is not. And he didn't want his Daddy to put him down. I also tried to bribe him with lollipops and his paci-- of which he took both but it didn't really settle him down. Once we saw the doc, she immediately informed us that this bead was just the right size that is if went the other way (up into his sinuses) that it would be BAD. And in the next breath, she told us she wouldn't be able to get it out and we would need to see a specialist.

They called and made us an appointment at an ENT just down the road. Once again, we waited for the doctor and Max was fine-- but as soon as the doctor actually walked in the room, all the crazies erupted once again. Chad had to sit with Max in his lap, and hold him down with his legs and arm. For obvious reasons, this made Max even more mad! That doctor wasn't able to get it either and had to call in the top dog-- who happened to be like 7 ft tall, and wearing a big contraction on his head- made for seeing in the nose better, obviously. He tried to fish it out, with the help of many tools and suction things, but it wasn't budging.

(You may be thinking that he looks happy in these pictures, that's because the doctor wasNOT in the room!)

Then he said the words, "If it doesn't work this time, we'll have to book an OR, but this is much preferred over an OR" (just in case I was confused?!?!?!?) And then like magic, he slid it out. Chad and Max were covered in sweat, and me and Max were covered in tears. The little bead that had been wreaking havoc for 4 hours was now out.

And we all lived happily ever after!

(Just in case you were wondering.... they told us several times that this kind of thing was normal and so I asked if it was more normal in boys and they said no-- it happens to girls just as often but that it usually Barbie shoes or lite bright pegs.....um, ouch!!!!!!!!!!)

And for good measure (and because he's cute) he is how Baby Jack supported us through it all--  by smiling and cooing!

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