Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Great Play date

You may remember that I mentioned a great big fun playdate a while back-- on my birthday actually. And I promised that details would be forthcoming, but let's just say that things got crazy-- Chad went out of town, my Dad came in town, then me and Jack went to join Chad in Texas, pshewwww, it makes me tired just typing it. AND I'm not sure how I kept up with laundry when I was working, but apparently it's my favorite pastime-- seriously, my people make a full load everyday- how is that even possible?

So about the playdate-- on my birthday, we planned a giant playmate at my house. My brother said something like "only a mother would invite 10 little kids to her clean house, before noon, on her birthday"- which just made me chuckle. My oh my how things change when you add small people to your brood :)

So around 9:30, birthday morning, the minivans and SUV's began arriving:

Danielle and Reed (plus baby Morgan in utero), along with cupcakes and birthday cake batter rice krispy treats (yum!)

Lisa and Haven, and baby Calder is utero.

Emily and Cole, Gavin, and Kendall plus baby in utero

Anna, Elizabeth Grace, and Evie

And my new friend Sara and her daughter Sadie. We randomly met at our local park and God SO wanted us to be friends- we're like the same and we kept running into each other until we changed contact info!

Meet the kids-- ALL 3 years old or under!











We played inside, we played on the driveway with our riding toys, we picnicked in the back yard, and we had a little birthday party :)

Here are the before and after pictures.... my house before playtime:

(that stain is courtesy of Max)

And here are the after pictures :)

And once everyone left and my babies went down for their naps, it only took me like 20 minutes to clean up. It was such a fun time, with fun moms and adorable children. We hope to keep doing it! 

P.S. This is NOT an exclusive group, so if you live nearby, let me know if you want an invite to the next play time :)

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  1. Lauren, it was so much fun meeting everyone and playing at your house! Sadie and I had a BLAST! I definitely think that God had a plan when we met and I absolutely loved everyone that I met at your house. What kind, Godly friends you have :-) Can't wait until we all hang out again.

    Much love,
    Sara and Sadie