Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Too Legit To Quit

I didn't realize what a big part of our lives music was until recently.  One of Max's first tricks was dancing-- I'd sing a little diddy that I made up and he'd start grooving- now he's advanced and he's too cool for my song, so he'll just look at me like I'm a nerd when I sing it. But when any other song comes on (it doesn't matter what genre) he'll start bouncing along with the beat.  How a 10 month old can pick up the beat to any song is beyond me, but it's adorable if I do say so myself!

That brings me to Gabe.  He's a dancing fool!  He's had a love for music as long as I've known him (4 years) but his love for dancing has increased since he started going to school and meeting people in his class with new moves.  Then when Michael Jackson passed away, Gabe became very aware of him and his dancing abilities, and has since acquired some new "skills".  When we were at the beach a couple weeks ago, and someone turned on the radio, Gabe went crazy!  He informed us that his favorite song is "Get Low" and he even dropped it like it's hot on his brother.... check it out:

I hope you enjoyed those moves as much as we have-- we keep watching that video over and over- completely shocked, yet tickled every single time.  But let me assure you that me and his father have never danced in front him- especially like that- and the media is to be blamed for it.  That leads me on a totally different tanget- knowing that it is our responsibility to protect his purity as long as he lives under our roof, but I'm not sure my heart can handle that discussion today... so we'll stick with the light-hearted post and come back to that later when the Holy Spirit finished prodding at my heart.

The point of this post is to tell a funny Chad story that I never want to forget-- but in order to do that, you had to know the back story-- which is Gabe and his dancing video.

So last weekend, when we were at Carlton and Trisha Estes' (OMG!) wedding, the DJ busted out some great tunes after dinner.  Me and the rest of the Porton Posse (PP) were on the dance floor immediately!  Now I would never claim to be a "good" dancer, but I love dancing nonetheless, and spent the rest of the party on the dance floor.  Chad isn't normally the dancing type- not as in the wallflower type of person, but more of the meeting new people and taking funny pictures of people who are dancing tyoe of person.  That being said, I dance with my girlfriends, and then grab Chad for the slow songs.  It works well for us.

Before I go any further, I want to point out that although Chad had his wild party days before meeting our sweet Jesus, he has since put those ways aside for good.  I know drinking and christianity is a controversial issue.  With that being said, we have decided that a drink or two, in moderation, is ok, as long as it doesn't compromise our relationship with Christ, or someone else's relationship with Christ (Romans 14:13-18). So on this occasion, Chad had one beer-- and at the time this story took place- I'm not even sure he had finished it.

So back to the dancing... I was on the floor with the PP, doing our thing, when all of a sudden, Chad appeared out of nowhere.  He was doing moves I had never seen and slowly everyone began making a circle around him, watching as he shook what his mother gave him.  It was a mix between the Roger Rabbit, 70's disco, Michael Jackson, some of my old cheerleading dance moves, 80's hip hop, the cupid shuffle, line dancing and the hokey pokey. It was unbelievably awesome and a sight to be seen.  I wish I had captured it for the world, but I'll have to settle for my mind's picture that I replay... and replay... and replay.  It lasted for quite some time- and once everyone had finished laughing, we were all joining him and trying to move like he moved.  I couldn't quite get over the awesomeness of the moment, so I just stood in awe, in the center of the floor, while he bounced and grooved all around me.  He looked at me and said, "I'm channeling Gabe right now."  At this moment I started laughing hysterically- unable to control myself.

Our good friend Jonathan Spiva pointed to Chad and looked me and said "I love this guy" and all I could say was "He's ALL mine!"

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