Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Dollar Theatre

Every now and then, I get wild and crazy.  And Friday night, I did just that.  I called my friend Anna and suggested that we go to a 9:40 PM movie. That's right-- go to a movie that starts at my bed time!  We are both moms, so we could get the kiddies to bed and hit up a chick flick- what a plan!

There is a dollar theatre close to our houses and so we picked a time to meet, Anna asked me to get some cash from my Hubby, and we decided to meet at a Kroger where our two roads intersect, a couple miles away from the theatre.  That way, we'd be in only one car so that we weren't both driving them same route, wasting gas, and missing out on girl time, etc...

The plan went off without a hitch and we got to the theatre just in time for the movie to start... but walking up to the counter I realized that I had left my cash in the car parked back at the Kroger.  Oh well, they'll take a credit card- and we'll just charge a dollar- not ideal, but whatever, we're wild and crazy!

"Two for the 9:40  movie, please"

"What, you don't take credit cards?  Cash only?  Umm.... ok, we'll be right back."

Neither of us carry cash-- and the cash I took from Chad is several miles away. So I start scanning for a nearby store where I can buy something (that I don't need) and get  cash back.  Anna starts scanning for someone she knows- certainly they'll let us borrow a couples bucks.

But to no avail.

Our plan is ruined.

There is no way we can get to the cash in my car and get back in time to see the movie.  I was so upset.  My big wild and crazy plan was slashed.  I was about to pitch a fit, throw myself on the parking lot and kick and scream to get my way-- my son seems to think that the best way to get what you want is to start hooping and hollering and screaming.  I was just about to try it when Anna suggested trying to round up enough change.  She dumped out her wallet and found 50 cents.  So we started digging through the car, and my purse, certainly there was more change in there!

(Side note:  For some reason that I don't know, the cost of a movie at the dollar theatre is $1.25, so we needed $2.50, total)

Eventually we found a dollar in quarters, a dollar in dimes, and fifty cents in nickels... without any leftovers!  It was meant to be!  We walked over to the counter and proudly handed the man our big handful of change in exchange for two tickets for the late night chick flick that had already started.  We were so proud of ourselves and thinking this was quite possibly the funniest thing that has happened in ages-- maybe even this decade.  We couldn't stop giggling but the man, he didn't even give us a smile.  Lame.

We walked into the theatre and hunkered down to watch The Back-up Plan.

All in all, it was a very successful out of the ordinary adventure.  Here's why:

1. We stayed up past our bedtime

2. We had a good girls night

3. We saw a cute movie

4. We laughed at JLo being pregnant

5. We got a really good laugh at our broke-ness

6. We proved ourselves resourceful in spite of #5

7. We stayed awake for the whole movie

8. We "participated" in a birth (albeit, fake) that didn't take any work from either of us

9. We saw that there is such a thing as cute maternity clothes

10. I (not we, even though I tried to convince her of it) found my new on-screen crush-- way better than Brad, Matthew, and Tom all mushed together.  Meet Stan, aka Alex O'Loughlin:

Hey yo!!

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  1. I enjoyed this story of your wild and crazy girls night out! Nothing like time with a great friend. Anna is a sweetie.